The bulk of what is contained in this book was written with a view to its forming a part of a book of the History of the 140th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. At the annual reunion of this regiment at Beaver, Pa., in 1903, it was decided to issue such a book of history under a regimental historian, with each company furnishing its individual part thereto, in such facts as pertained to any separate part as played in that dreadful war drama by a company, part of a company, or by an individual therein. This was in accord with an expressed demand for the placing of the regiment's heroic deeds and illustrious works in heroic record, so that the soldier's friends and successors may even have these before them, an inspiration and incentive to the continued progress of their country, through a faithful, devoted, loyal citizenship.

     But after more than two years have elapsed, it is found that but few companies have done their work and no one has been secured to serve for the regiment. And as Co. K. has for some time practically had its work done, and as much time and means have been required, and there is danger through death or other untoward event that what has been done may be lost, the company has concluded to publish a book itself, and to give a copy of this book to the regiment, so as thus provide Co. K's part to the history of the regiment, whenever the Book of History, as at first proposed, can be issued. The earnest desire of our company is that the Regimental History will yet be issued, and it stands ready still to do its part towards the same.


Boulder, Colo., January 2, 1906.