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Died 23 Jan 1864 of wounds received at Mine Run, Va.

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     Thanks to T. VERNON ANDERSON for making research simple by providing so many genealogy files to my Marshall County WVGenWeb site. The ancestry of George W. Alltop is found at http://www.lindapages.com/marshall/gbaker.txt

     GEORGE WASHINGTON ALTOP (also ALLTOP) served during the Civil War in Company "B" 7th West Virginia Infantry. He enlisted at Cameron, Marshall County on 7 Aug 1861, at age 20. He died 23 Jan 1864 at Grafton National Hospital of wounds received at Mine Run, VA, probably in November 1863. He was in the hospital for some time and died of infection - Pyemia (means pus in blood).

     George W. Altop was the son of George Altop and Lavinia/Lavina Baker. She was the daughter of Isaac Baker, a son of Captain John Baker.

     Following the death of her husband, George W. Altop, Sr., Lavinia married her first cousin, Isaac Baker. He was the son of George Baker and Sarah Beam. George was the brother of Lavinia's father, Isaac.

     George Altop, Sr. & Lavinia Baker also had a son, John N. Altop, who married Eleanor Baker, d/o Daniel Ernest Baker and Elizabeth Yoho. Daniel, also a son of George Baker and Sarah Beam, was the brother of Lavinia's husband, Isaac.

     My husband is a descendant of Captain Baker so he is related to this soldier:

CAPT. JOHN BAKER b. ABT 1737 m. Elizabeth Ann Sullivan
MARGARET BAKER b. 1761 m. Peter Yoho - (She was the sister of Isaac & George)
HENRY YOHO, Jr. b. 1781 m. Annabelle Buchanan
MARGARET YOHO b. 1815 m. Joseph Parsons
SETH J. PARSONS b. 1844 WV m. Virginia Clark
JOHN R. PARSONS b. 1869 WV m. Caroline Cochran
KITTIE G. COCHRAN PARSONS b. 1893 WV m. Grover C. Bucher
HILDA CAROLINE BUCHER b. 1921 WV m. Charles E. Fluharty
EUGENE RICHARD FLUHARTY b. 1944 PA m. Linda Lee Cunningham