Lloyd M. Boyles

Company "F" 15th West Virginia Infantry

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The heart was the badge for the 24th Corps, which the 15th Infantry
served in during the Petersburg & Appomattox campaigns.

     Lloyd M. Boyles, the son of Andrew W. Boyles and Verlinda "Catherine" Wotring, was born about 1845 in Preston County, (W.) Va.

1850 Census, Preston County, (W) Virginia
Andrew Boyles, 31, Farmer, $1000, b VA
Violinda K., 31, b VA
Martha P., 7, b VA
Lloyd M., 5, b VA
Samuel W., 3, b VA
William H., 2, b VA

1860 Census, Upshur County, (W) Virginia
Andrew Boyles, 40, Farmer, $300, $175, b VA
Catherine, 39, wife, b VA
Lloyd M., 14, b VA
Samuel W., 12, b VA
William H., 10, b VA Sarah L.? E., 8, b VA
Chas. P., 6, b VA
John A., 4, b VA
Francis S. T. (female), 2, b VA

     Lloyd M. Boyles enlisted 27 Aug 1862 and mustered out 14 June 1865 at Richmond, Virginia. The 15th West Virginia Infantry served mainly in the 8th Corps. In March 1865, the 11th was assigned to the Army of the Potomac. The First Division of the Army of West Virginia included the 10th, 11th, 12th and 15th WV Infantries became part of the 24th Army Corps and formed the Third Division of that corps, until some soldiers were mustered out. The division was commanded at the end of the war by Brevet Maj.-Gen'l John W. Turner. The 10th, 11th and 15th Regiments made up the First Brigade of that division, under the command of Brevet Maj.-Gen'l Thomas Maley Harris, formerly colonel of the 10th Regiment. They fought in the battle that resulted in the fall of Petersburg, High Bridge, and at Appomattox.

     During the war, Lloyd M. Boyles sustained a fracture of his right clavicle when crushed between two ambulances as he was lifting the wounded into one ambulance. He received a pension based on that injury.

     On 9 Apr 1874, in Taylor County, West Virginia, Lloyd M. Boyles married Loverna N. Ward, the daughter of George W. Ward and Maria Earle. The Ward family owned "Ward House," a hotel in Grafton, Taylor County. Mrs. Ward died in 1877 and Lloyd and Louverna were living at the hotel at the time of the 1880 Census.

     The only known child of Lloyd M. and Louverna was Gatie M. Boyles. According to the 1900 census, she was born in August 1879.

     Following the death of George W. Ward, Lloyd and Louverna continued to live at Ward house. She and Lloyd gradually bought out her siblings shares of the hotel and property and they became the owners. However, a dispute arose among Ward descendants and a lawsuit ensued; the case reached the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. The case, with their surname consistently misspelled as "Broyles," was published in a book and can be viewed at http://books.google.com/books?id=3lwEAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA613&lpg=PA613&dq=%22ward+house%22+grafton+taylor+wv&source=web&ots=F3a_vU-zrf&sig=1C0fak6N1mGNtGDxLH73_Qx8z1Y#PPA611,M1_Qx8z1Y#PPA611,M1

     The case is difficult to follow but it is known that when all was said and done, Louverna Ward Boyles owned the house, although she was in debt. The case was decided 13 April 1895 and Lloyd M. Boyles died seven months later, 15 Nov 1895.

     Louverna and her daughter, Gatie, continued to operate the hotel, according to the 1900 census. However, Louverna died 9 July 1900. Gatie was living with a cousin in 1910 in a boarding house; perhaps it was the "Ward House." A short time later, Gatie married Leopold Mambourg, whose parents were born in Belgium. In 1920, Gatie and Leo were residents of Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio, where Leo worked as a manager in a glass factory. Their three sons were Lloyd, b 1912; Victor, b 1918 and Rolland, b 1920. Gatie's husband died in 1967 and her death occurred 11 Nov 1971.

     Lloyd M. Boyles was my first cousin, five generations removed. The soldier was the son of Andrew Boyles, the brother of my Daniel Boyles.

CHARLES BOYLES b. 1722 m. ---
GILBERT BOYLES b. 1772 Ire. m. (1) --- (m.2 Eleanor Goff)
DANIEL BOYLES b. 1791 VA/WV m. Elizabeth Wilson
ELIZABETH BOYLES b. 1826 VA/WV m. Daniel E. Shaffer
JOHN PETER SHAFFER b. 1842 VA/WV m. Elizabeth Jennings
GODFREY McCLELLAN SHAFFER b 1862 VA/WV m. Matilda Ann McIntosh
OSSIE MADGE SHAFFER b. 1899 WV m. Orval Allen Smith
RUTH ESSIE SMITH b. 1928 WV m. John W. "Jack" Cunningham
LINDA LEE CUNNINGHAM b WV m. Eugene Richard Fluharty