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Mustered in 6 Feb 1865; mustered out 18 Sep 1865; rank, Private.

By Linda Fluharty.

     George "Lyman" Atkinson, born 19 Nov 1944 in Delaware County, Ohio, was the son of George Atkinson and Susannah Faris, who were married in Ohio County, (West) Virginia 19 Oct 1826.

     George Atkinson, the father, was the son of James Atkinson, born 26 Oct 1771 in Ireland, and Margaret Brown, born 1775 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. James died 31 Dec 1826. Margaret, the daughter of Josias and Hannah (Mitchell) Brown, died in 1816. Both are buried at the Old Tent Cemetery in Wheeling, Ohio County.

     Susannah Faris, the mother of the soldier, George Lyman Atkinson, was the daughter of William and Susannah (Curtis) Faris. James Curtis and Elizabeth Coffenberry were the parents of Susannah (Curtis) Faris, who died 28 Jun 1813 in Ohio County.

1850 Census, Brown, Delaware County, Ohio
George Atkinson, 47, Farming, $3000, b. Va.
Susanna, 44, b. Va.
Agnes, 22, b. Va.
Elizabeth, 21, b. Va.
William, 20, b. Va.
John, 15, b. Ohio
Eleanor, 13, b. Ohio
Nancy, 9, b. Ohio
Susan, 8, b. Ohio
Lyman, 6, b. Ohio
Hannah, 1, b. Ohio

1860 Census, Delaware County, Ohio
Susannah was apparently dead and George was with Eliza, William, John & Hannah.
Lyman Atkinson, a student, was residing in Oxford, Delaware County, in the home of Griffith Thomas, 73, and Eliza Thomas, age 30.

     Following the Civil War, George Lyman Atkinson married Emma Spencer on 31 Dec 1868 in Paxton, Ford County, Illinois. Emma was born 27 Oct 1849 in Fredricksburg, Ohio.

1870 Census, Patton, Ford County, Illinois
George Atkinson, the father, is found in this census, #42/43 with Elizabeth, 35; Eleanor J, 31; Nancy A., 29; and Alice, 6. Also in the home are newlyweds, Mahlon and Susan D. Kelley.
Next door is George L. Atkinson,25, who is the soldier, Lyman Atkinson. With him is his wife Emma E., age 20 and their 7 month old daughter, Isolam E., b. in Oct. 1869.

1880 Census, Dist 114, Patton, Ford County, Illinois
G. Lyman Atkinson, 35, farmer, b. Ohio
Emma, 30, wife, b Ohio
Ice, 10, b. Illinois
Herbert D., 9, b. Illinois
William F.?, 4, b. Illinois
George S., 4 months, b. Illinois

George Atkinson, the father, is found in this census, #39/39, with daughters Ellen J, 43; Eliza I., 56; Nancy A., 39; and Alice, 16.

1900 Census, Dist 92, Center, Norton County, Kansas
Lyman Atkinson, b. Nov 1844, 55, Carpenter, Married 30 years, OH VA VA
Emma E., Wife, b. Oct 1849, 50, 8 children/8 living, OH PA OH
Alma, daughter, b. Sep 1883, 16, IL OH OH
Elma, daughter, b. Sep 1883, 16, IL OH OH
Archie J., Son, b. Jul 1888, 11, KS OH OH
Ira R., Son, b. Nov 1890, 9, KS OH OH

1910 Census, Dist 112, Rock Branch, Norton County, Kansas
George L. Atkinson, Head, 65, M-1 45 yrs, Farmer, OH WV WV
Emma E., Wife, 60, 9 children/7 living, OH PA OH
Alma, daughter, 26, IL OH OH
Elma, daughter, 26, IL OH OH
Ira R., Son, 19, Laborer Home Farm, KS OH OH

1920 Census, Dist 120, Rock Branch, Norton County, Kansas
Ira R. Atkinson, Head, 28, Laborer Home farm, KS OH OH
Elizabeth, Wife, 27, KS, OH, NY
Geo. Lewis, Son, 6, KS KS KS
Myrtle, Daughter, 3 yrs 8 mos., KS KS KS
Ellen, Daughter, 1 yr 8 mos., KS KS KS
George L., Father, 75, OH WV WV
Emma E., Mother, 70, OH PA PA

1930 Census, Dist 21, Norton, Norton County, Kansas
Limon Atkinson, Head, $2500, 85, OH VA VA
Elma (obvious error), Wife, 80, OH PA OH

     George Lyman Atkinson died 8 Jun 1931 in Norton, Norton County, Kansas.

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