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NOTE: The original webpage was done about EMILY HOOPER ROSE, the daughter of Dr. Chapline's sister, Anne Hooper Chapline Rose. By accident, Noah Zane Chapline, a physician and a West Virginia Civil War soldier, was found in Kentucky records and then researched.

     NOAH ZANE CHAPLINE, born about 1817 in Wheeling, Ohio County, (W) Va., was the son of WILLIAM CATON CHAPLIN(E), born in Ohio County in 1785, and ANN HOOPER WHEELER, married in Wheeling 28 Jan 1813.

     The father of WILLIAM CATON CHAPLIN(E) was MOSES CATON CHAPLIN(E), 1754-1812, a Revolutionary War Captain from Maryland and one of the earliest residents of Wheeling, Ohio County, (W) Virginia. The wife of Moses was MARY CALDWELL, born in Ireland.

     MOSES CATON CHAPLINE was the son of MOSES CHAPLIN(E) and JENNETT CATON of Maryland. MOSES served as a militia Captain in the French and Indian Wars.

     These families, among the colonial families of Maryland and Virginia, owned large plantations.

     NOAH ZANE CHAPLINE is listed as a "resident student" at Washington Medical College sometime between 1827-1837. The list of students is found in Extinct Medical Schools of Baltimore, Maryland, by Harold J. Abrahams, published by the Maryland Historical Society in 1969.

     During the Mexican Wars, Noah Zane Chapline was probably the man of that name who served as a 2nd Lt. in Company "D" 4th Regiment, Kentucky Foot Soldiers.

     In 1850, N.Z. Chapline was residing with the family of Napoleon B. Barkley in Kentucky:

1850 Census District 1, Trimble County, Kentucky
Narpoleon B. Barckley, 37, Farmer, $100, b Pa.
Julia, 32, b Ky
Sarah E., 13, b Ky
Mary J., 11, b Ky
Emily V., 9, b Ky
Lucy R., 7, b Ky
Sophia C., 5, b Ky
Alice G., 10 months, b Ky
N. Z. Chapline, 35, PHYSICIAN, b Va.
Christopher Plemple, 23, Laborer, b Ger.

     On 2 Oct 1861, Noah Zane Chapline enlisted as a Private in Company "I" 6th West Virginia Infantry. From his pension application, 1884: "... and in the line of duty at New Creek, in the State of W. Virginia, on or about Feby 1863 his feet and legs were frozen. At Grafton, W. Va. in the Spring of 1863 he contracted Hepatitis from exposure." He was given a Disability Discharge, effective May 1863: "ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES - Certificate of Disability For Discharge - "PRIVATE NOAH ZANE CHAPLINE of Captain Charles J. Harrison's Company "I" of the Sixth Va. Regiment of United States Volunteer Infantry was enlisted by Captain C. J. Harrison of the Sixth Regiment of Virginia Volunteer Infantry at Wheeling, Va on the 2d day of October 1861 to serve three years; he was born in Wheeling in the state of Virginia, is Forty-four years of age, Five feet Six inches high, Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Light hair, and by occupation when enlisted a PHYSICIAN. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty -- days. He has not been fit for service for Six Months and do not think he ever will be. - Signed by James Neill, 1st Lieut., March 10th 1863, Clarksburg, Va. - "I certify that I have carefully examined the said Noah Z. Chapline of Captain Harrison's Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of CHRONIC HEPATITIS AND GENERAL DEBILITY FROM OLD AGE, FROM WHICH I THINK HE WILL NEVER RECOVER. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE ENLISTED. Discharged this twenty-fifth day of May 1863 at U. S. General Hosp., Grafton, Va."

     At the time of the 1870 census, Noah Zane Chapline was residing with his sister ANN HOOPER CHAPLINE in Milton, Dodge County, Minnesota:

A. W. ROSE, 49, Farmer, $7000, $2225, b VA
Ann H., 45, b VA
Emily H., 12, At School, b VA
Abraham P., 8, b VA
Alexander, 6,
Albert B., 3?, b Minn.
A. P. ROSE, 47, Farmer, b. VA
N. Z. CHAPLINE, 55, Farmer, b VA
S. OLSON, 26, Domestic Servant, b Norway
John B. OLSON, 21. Farm Laborer, b Norway

     By 1880 the family of Wheeler Rose had moved to Warren, Jefferson County, Ohio. Noah Zane Chapline was still living with them:

ROSE, Wheeler, 50, Farmer, WV MD MD
Ann, 50, wife, Keeps house, WV MD MD
Emily, 21, daughter, WV WV WV
Price, 18, Son, Laborer, WV WV WV
Alexander, 16, Son, Laborer, WV WV WV
Barclay, 13, MINN WV WV
CHAPLINE, Zane, 67, brother-in-law, Laborer, WV, MD, MD

     Noah Zane Chapline applied for a government pension in 1884, at which time A. Wheeler Rose served as a witness to his affidavits. For some reason, Noah didn't receive a pension certificate. His application seemed in order but he may have failed to complete some requirement. In any case, the death of Noah Zane Chapline occurred 10 Mar 1890 in Jefferson County, Ohio. He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling.

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