Bill's Lineage

CORNELIUS ATKINSON - Mary (Stephens) Cross
JAMES ATKINSON - Margaret Templeton
LEANDER LOCKE ATKINSON - Elizabeth Jane Nestor
MARTIN ATKINSON - Mary Eunice Butcher
OMA CLEMETH ATKINSON - Hazel Kathleen Roberts
Linda's Lineage

CORNELIUS ATKINSON - Mary (Stephens) Cross
JAMES ATKINSON - Margaret Templeton
GEORGE ATKINSON - Sarah Agnes Britton
NETTIE ATKINSON - Wm. Grant Cunningham
JOHN W. CUNNINGHAM - Mary Angela Pearl



Lt. Cornelius Atkinson, Revolutionary Patriot, was born abt. 1732, possibly in England. Most records say he was born in Ireland, but at that time there was a quota set by the King of England on the number of persons that could leave England. Anyone in a hurry could go to Ireland and leave from there if they said they were born in Ireland.

Cornelius is said to have been the son of Robert Atkinson but there is no supporting evidence at this time.

Cornelius arrived in America about 1756. Soon after his arrival, it appears he served in a Pennsylvania militia unit in the area that became Northumberland County. (Northumberland County formed 1772 from parts of Berks, Cumberland, Bedford, & Northampton; all, at one time or another, were part of Lancaster County.)

Penna. Archives, 5th Series, Vol. I, page 59, "A Muster Rool of Capt. Shippen's Com'y in the First Regiment of Foot in the Pay of the Province of Pennsilvania. (d)" "April 3d, 1756. Cornelius Atkinson." (The ages of some of the men are given but not that of Cornelius Atkinson.)

Vol. I, page 65, "An Acco't of the Provincial Clothing, &C., Delivered out to the Soldiers of Captain Shippen's Company by Himself and the Several Commissarys of Stories at Different Times to the 1st Oct., 1756. (d)" Cornelius Atkinson received "1 Coat, 1 Leather Breeches, 1 White Shirt, 2 Pairs of Shoes, 1 Blanket."

Page 74: "Captain Joseph Shippen's Company - 1756-57. (a.) - [From Joseph Shippen's account Book of his Company in a Regiment of Foot in the Pay of the Province of Pennsylvania, under the command of Colonel William Clapham, 1756. The Regiment in Garrison at Fort Augusta, Shamokin.]" "Cornelius Atkinson, April 20, 1756." Then on page 80, "Account of Clothing, Etc..... Cornelius Atkinson, 1 Coat, 1 Breeches, 1 White Shirt, 3 Shoes." ("Shamokin" is in Northumberland County, Pa.)

In Lancaster County, Pa., Cornelius married Mary Cross, or Mary (Stephens) Cross, in January 1757. Where did this marriage date come from? Was Mary a widow? Or was her middle name Stephens?

Interesting among the names of the other men in the aforementioned roll of Capt. Shippen's Company, are those of Christopher Cruiss and Alexander Stephens. The latter is probably the same who married Catherine Baskins, of the family closely aligned with the Atkinsons. Catherine's sister, Elizabeth, is our direct ancestor, wife of Thomas McCoy. - And might there be a connection to Mary (Stephens) Cross?

Cornelius and his sons, James and Charles are variously listed in Penna. Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 23, pp. 245, 338, 711, 797. William is listed in the same volume, page 196.

Rangers on the Frontiers, 1778 to 1783 (Includes aforementioned pages 196, 245, 338):

[Prefactory Note: The list of Revolutionary Soldiers which follows is copied from a volume recently discovered of payments made to the individuals noted for services chiefly on the Frontiers as Rangers, between the years 1778 and 1783. As the majority of the names appear more than once upon the list, this is owing to the fact that they were paid for different tours of duty. It is to be regretted that the Company designation is not attached to each individual, for had that been the case the men might have been arranged into companies. No year is given for the specified service.]

Page 196: Rangers on the Frontiers, 1778-1783. "Robinson Volunteers - Wm. Atkinson."

Page 245: Northumberland County Rangers of the Frontier, 1778-83. "Cornelius Atkinson, Lieut." Charles & James are also listed.

Page 338: Northumberland County Rangers of the Frontier, 1778-83. "Cornelius Atkinson's Comp.- Cornelius Atkinson, Lieut."

Muster Rolls, Cumberland County Militia, 1780:

Page 711: "Second Class. Cornelius Atkinson." "Fourth Class. James Atkinson." (This is duplicated in Penna. Archives, Fifth Series, Volume 6, page 622, under "Muster Rolls Relating to the Associators and Militia of the County of Cumberland.")

Muster Rolls, Cumberland County Militia, 1782:

Page 797: Lieutenant Beatty's Company. Class Roll of Captain McCoy's Company, Made out by Lieutenant Beaty, the Captain Being Dead, for the Years 1781 and 1782. "Second Class. Cornelius Atkinson." "Fourth Class. James Atkinson." "Fifth Class. Charles Atkinson." (This is duplicated in Penna. Archives, Fifth Series, Volume 6, page 359, under "Muster Rolls Relating to the Associators and Militia of the County of Cumberland.")

Fifth Series Vol. IV. Depreciation Pay, Cumberland County Militia. Page 295 - "James Atcheson ... William Adkinson ... Thomas McCoy."

The Revolutionary War service of Cornelius, James and Charles has been accepted by the Daughters of the American Revolution. As yet, no one has applied for membership based on William's service.

D. A. R. Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, 1990:

Charles: B 1760 PA d 4-23-1834 OH m (1) Sarah McNight (2) Elizabeth Stevens Pvt PA
Cornelius: b 1732 IR d 4- -1815 PA m Mary Cross Lt PA
James: b c 1762 PA d 1845 OH m Mary Brown Pvt PS PA - (MORE ABOUT THIS FAMILY)

Legend is that in one battle of the Revolutionary War, Cornelius was wounded several times and survived. He lived out his days in Pennsylvania and died in April 1815 in Dauphin County, Pa.; Mary died in 1807. Both are buried in Halifax Township, Dauphin County.

Lt. Cornelius Atkinson and Mary (Stephens) Cross had the following children:

      i.    Charles Atkinson (b. 1760; m. Sarah McKnight; Eliz. Stephens;
                    d. 23 Apr 1834, OH)
     ii.    James Atkinson (b. 1762; m. Mary Brown; d. 1845, OH)
+   iii.    WILLIAM ATKINSON (born in 1763; m. MARY McCOY)
     iv.    Robert Atkinson (b. 1765)
      v.    Mary Atkinson (b. 1766)
     vi.    Margaret Atkinson (b. 5 Jul 1769; m. Mitchel Baskins; d. 9 Dec 1814)
    vii.    Isaac Atkinson (born 1771; m. Margaret Holmes; d. 1853)
   viii.    Jane Atkinson (born 1772)
     ix.    Keziah Atkinson (born 1774)
      x.    Rebecca Atkinson (born 1775)
     xi.    Mitchell Atkinson (born 1776)

From History of Monroe County, Ohio
H. H. Hardesty; page 219

ADAMS TOWNSHIP - Organized March 6, 1826

     "Atkinson's run, which drains the northeastern part of the township, and Hurd's run the southern, empty into Sunfish at Cameron."

     "Who were the first settlers of the township is not now certainly known. Of the five brothers Atkinson - Charles, James, Mitchell, William and Isaac - who settled at the mouth of Sunfish, about the beginning of the century, or before, Charles and James soon removed farther up the creek, James on the bottom, where the town of Cameron now stands, and Charles, the father of Stephen Atkinson, senior, on the farm now owned by Michael Boughner. Mitchell and Isaac removed to Seneca township. William is believed to have been, at one time, a resident of the territory now within the limits of Adams, but afterward removed to Greene, on the farm now owned by Christian Roth. Other early settlers were Gilbert and Mitchell McCoy, Elias Conger, senior, Christian Hartloine, Philip Noland, Robert Norris, Samuel Bracy, the Melotts, Powells, and others, whose names have escaped the memory of the writer."

     "The town of Cameron was laid out in 1837, by James Atkinson, and called Jamestown. It is situated on Sunfish creek, near the eastern border of the township. Stephen Atkinson made an addition to the town next to the creek. At this place was established the first postoffice, called Rocky Narrows. The names of the town and postoffice were subsequently changed to Cameron...."


Cornelius Atkinson - Frontier Ranger

A family history, compiled by William C. Hudson.



William Atkinson (Cornelius-1), Revolutionary Patriot, was born abt. 1763 in Pennsylvania. When he was 15 or 16, he joined the Federal Army, as a member of Robinsons Rangers. After the war, he resided in the area of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He married Mary McCoy in 1787 in Pennsylvania and their first three children were born there. Mary was the daughter of Lt. Thomas McCoy & Elizabeth Baskins.

On October 13, 1796, while on their way to Ohio on a flatboat, William and Mary's son, Charles H. was born. This date helps to define the time the family began its journey to Pennsylvania.

William and his family settled in what is now Monroe County, Ohio, along with four of his brothers. They lived along the Ohio River in the areas of Cameron (formerly called Jamestown, after James who laid out the town) and Clarington.

William left the river area in Adams Township, Monroe County, and moved south to Green Township, towards Washington County, where he farmed and raised his family. He was elected county commissioner for Monroe county. In his later years, he moved back to Clarington where he died. He was buried in an unmarked grave in the Old Atkinson Cemetery at Cameron, until the Sons of the American Revolution marked his grave with a bronze marker.

The Old Atkinson Cemetery is also known as the Revolutionary War Cemetery, Old Cameron Cemetery, and the Hartline Cemetery. (Photo) His wife, Mary, born abt. 1769, also died in Monroe County.


The SAR obtained and placed a marker on William's grave.
Photo provided by William S. Webb.

PHOTO 2 provided by Michael Atkinson & Dr. Bill Atkinson.

The SAR also placed markers on the graves of William's brothers, James and Charles, who also served in the Revolutionary War. JAMES ATKINSON MARKER - CHARLES ATKINSON MARKER - (Photos provided by Michael & Dr. Bill Atkinson.)

William Atkinson and Mary McCoy had the following children:

      i.   Cornelius Atkinson (b. 1788 PA; m. Mary Johnson; d. 1847)
     ii.   Elizabeth Atkinson (b. 1790 PA; m. Reuben Sturgeon; d. 1849)
    iii.   James Atkinson (b. 26 Feb 1792 PA; m. Sarah Atkinson, cousin)
   + iv.   CHARLES H. ATKINSON (b. 13 Oct 1796; m. NANCY HENTHORN)
      v.   Maria Atkinson (b. 1799 OH; m. John Smith)
     vi.   Rebecca Atkinson (b. 1801 OH; m. Eli Anderson)
    vii.   William Atkinson, Jr. (b. 31 Mar 1806; m. Mariah Baldwin; d. 1832)
   viii.   Thomas Atkinson (b. 31 Jul 1809; m. Elizabeth Brown; d. 16 Jul 1840)
     ix.   Jane Atkinson (m. James Skipton) - See Descendants of Jane Atkinson. 



Charles H. Atkinson (William-2, Cornelius-1) was born October 13, 1796 on a flatboat on the Juniata River, after the family left Cumberland County, Pennsylvania enroute to Ohio, where they settled in Monroe County. (The Juniata River is approximately 100 miles long and is the second largest tributary to the Susquehanna River.)

Charles married Nancy Henthorn on August 8, 1816 in Monroe County, Ohio. In the 1820 Federal Census they had two male children under the age of two. These would have been William (1817) and James H. (1819).

In 1836, Charles bought a grist mill at Fifteen Mile Creek in Lawrence Township, Washington County.

History of Washington County, Ohio
H. Z. Williams & Bro. Publishers, 1881; page 658

"The mill at the mouth of Fifteen was owned by George W. Reynolds in 1832. It came into possession of Charles Akinson in 1836. Charles was a grandson of Cornelius Atkinson, who was wounded seven times in one battle in the Revolution. Charles was born on the Juniata in 1796, and in early life learned milling and boatbuilding. His death occurred in Marietta in 1880. William, his oldest son, made an improvement on Bear Run in 1838, where he was still living. His first wife was Jane Templeton, daughter of Squire Templeton. He married for his second wife Theda Patterson, sister of Dr. Patterson. He is a prominent man in the community."


An error commonly found in Atkinson Family genealogies, is that Charles H. was married to Jane Templeton and Theda Patterson. The error is probably due to a misinterpretation of the above paragraph from the History of Washington County.

However, it was Charles' son, William, who was married to Jane Templeton (8 Mar 1838, Washington Co. Ohio) and Theda Patterson (4 Oct 1849, Washington Co. Ohio). The writer's reference to Charles stops with his death and the further account pertains to William.

Charles H. Atkinson and Nancy Henthorn had the following children:

      i.   William Atkinson (b. 3 May 1817; m. Jane Templeton; Theda Patterson)
  +  ii.   JAMES H. ATKINSON (b. 7 Jan 1819; m. MARGARET TEMPLETON)
    iii.   Elizabeth Atkinson (b. 2 Mar 1821; m. -- Anderson)
     iv.   Cynthia Atkinson (b. 12 Apr 1823; m. George Piles)
      v.   Mariann Atkinson (b. 14 May 1825)
     vi.   Nancy E. Atkinson (b. 25 Jan 1827)
    vii.   Leander L. Atkinson (b. 13 Nov 1829)
   viii.   Lafayette Atkinson (b. 15 Jan 1833; d. 11 Mar 1850)
     ix.   Washington Atkinson (b. 15 Jan 1833; d. 15 Jan 1833)  

In the 1840 Federal Census of Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio, Charles was living with his wife and children. Son, William, was already married to Jane Templeton and had one child. James H. was married to Margaret Templeton, sister of Jane. They were the daughters of Squire George Templeton.

Charles and Nancy's last birth was a set of twins, born January 15, 1833. One son, Washington, died in May 1833 at the age of 5 months. The other, Lafayette, died March 11, 1850 at age 17.

Nancy Henthorn Atkinson, born February 13, 1796 in Monroe County, Ohio, died on August 17, 1845 in Washington County. She was buried in the Atkinson Family Cemetery (Photo) located on the hill above the homeplace, now owned by Mrs. McGregor, at the junction of 15 mile Creek and SR 26, Washington County, Ohio.

Burials at the Atkinson Family Cemetery:

Nancy Henthorn Atkinson - (Photo). "In memory of Nancy - wife of Charles Atkinson - who departed this life - 8/17/1845 - Age 45" - Michael Atkinson & Dr. Bill Atkinson placed a new monument on the grave in 2012. (Photos of old & new stones)

G. M. Lafayette Atkinson, son of Charles H. & Nancy - "Born 1/15/1833 - Died 3/11/1850 - Age 17 years" - Son, Washington, twin of Lafayette, is likely there but his grave has not yet been located.

Cynthia Atkinson Piles (1823-1849), daughter of Charles H. & Nancy - (Photo) - "In memory of Cynthia wife of George Piles who departed this life August 2, 1849" - Cynthia Atkinson married George Piles, July 27, 1843.

Elizabeth Atkinson Snodgrass (1821-1845), daughter of Charles H. & Nancy - "In memory of Elizabeth - Wife of Henry Snodgrass - August 10, 1845 - Age 24 years". Elizabeth had a child, Eli Anderson, by an Unknown Anderson. She was married Oct 10th 1842, and her headstone lists her husband as Henry Snodgrass. So was she married to Unknown Anderson or did she have a child by him and marry Snodgrass later?

Cynthia Hanthorne [sic] (Photo), probably Nancy's sister. "Cynthia Henthorne - Born May 21,1799 - Died April 19, 1851 - Age 51 years"

Mariann Atkinson Hoff, daughter of Charles H. and Nancy - "In memory of Mariann, wife of Alfred Hoff, who departed this life, August 21, 1839, Age 14 years" - She was born May 14, 1825 and married Alfred Hoff, February 14, 1839, at the age of 13.

Following the deaths of Nancy & Elizabeth in 1845, Cynthia in 1849 and Lafayette in 1850, Charles H. turned the mill over to William and moved to Marietta in 1850.

Charles H. married Hannah (Rodgers) Humphreys, a widow, on July 17, 1851 in Washington County, Ohio. Hannah was born on October 15, 1811 in Washington County, Ohio. She died on January 14, 1859 in Washington County and is buried in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. (Photo)

Charles H. Atkinson and Hannah (Rodgers) Humphrey had the following children:

		i.	Mary E. Atkinson1 was born in 1852.
		ii.	Nancy Atkinson1 was born in 1853.

Charles H. was married to Mary Ann (Wood) Clogston, widow of John Clogston, September 1, 1859 in Washington County, Ohio. She was 45 and he was 62. Mary Ann had 2 children from a previous marriage but no children with Charles. Mary Ann was born on December 23, 1814 in Washington County, Ohio. She died in 1896 in Washington County and is buried in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio. (Photo)

On June 24, 1880, Charles H. died in Marietta, Ohio. He is buried between wives, Mary Ann and Hannah at the Mound Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio. In 2012, Michael Atkinson & Dr. Bill Atkinson put a new monument on his grave. (Photos of old & new stones)



James H. Atkinson (Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on January 7, 1819 in Washington County, Ohio. In 1837 he taught school.

He married Margaret Templeton, daughter of Squire George Templeton in Lawrence Township November 1, 1838. Margaret Templeton was born in 1816 in Washington County, Ohio.

They lived in Lawrence Twp., Washington County, on Duck Creek, a small tributary of Fifteen Mile Creek that empties into the Little Muskingum River. James was a farmer and carpenter; his father and older brother, William, were also farmers and ran the mill on Fifteen Mile Creek. James and Margaret lived there most of their married life, including when their three sons, Charles, William and George, went into the army during the Civil War. William was killed after serving less than a year.

History of Washington County, Ohio
H. Z. Williams & Bro. Publishers, 1881; page 283

Lawrence Township

Atkinson, Charles, age 20, volunteer, August 23, 1864, one year, Thirty-sixth regiment, company F, private, served eleven months, mustered out July, 1865.

Atkinson, William Templeton, age 22, volunteer, May 1864, one hundred days, One Hundred and Forty-eighth regiment, company G, private, died July 23, 1864; buried at City Point Cemetery, Hopewell, Virginia.

Atkinson, George Templeton, age 18, volunteer, February 23, 1864, 3 years, Thirty-sixth regiment, company F, private, served one year and six months, mustered out July, 1865. (Age is 20 in the Co. F, 36th Inf. Roster.)

James' family is listed in the Federal Censuses of Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio from 1840 (as James Ackerson) through 1870. Then, in the early 1870's, James H. and Margaret moved to Spencer, Roane County, West Virginia. James died on March 26, 1882 in Spencer; Margaret lived until 1897. Both are buried in Spencer Cemetery.

James H. & Margaret (Templeton) Atkinson
with youngest son, Leander Locke Atkinson

James H. Atkinson and Margaret Templeton had the following children:

     i.   Mary Ann Atkinson (b. 9 Aug 1841; m. James Stanley,
                John House, E. D. Washburn; d. 26 Sep 1933)
    ii.   William Templeton Atkinson  (b. 1842; d. 23 Jul 1864, Civil War) 
   iii.   Charles Atkinson (b. 17 Dec 1843; m. Sara Evelsizer; d. 30 Jul 1916)
                BRITTON; d. 20 Feb 1924)
     v.   James, Jr. Atkinson (b. 1848)
    vi.   Cyntha Atkinson (b. 1849)
   vii.   Nancy Atkinson (b. 1850)
  viii.   Elizabeth Ellen Atkinson (b. 1854; m. Bert Dalrymple)
    ix.   Sarah Atkinson (b. 3 Sep 1854; m. Thomas McGraw; d. 6 Apr 1928)
                d. 14 Feb 1942)



George Templeton Atkinson (James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on October 20, 1846 in Washington Co. Ohio. He was married to Sarah Agnes Britton on November 26, 1868 in Washington Co. Ohio. Sarah Agnes Britton was born on May 28, 1848 in Washington Co. Ohio, the daughter of Leonard Britton (first Postmaster of Fifteen Post Office) and Sarah Patton. Sarah died and Leonard married her sister, Catherine (Britton Family).

During the Civil War, George served in Company "F", 36th Regiment, Ohio Volunteers. He was wounded in action on August 12, 1864. The history of his service is memorialized in his pension application from the National Archives.

George & Sarah Agnes (Britton) Atkinson

Based on George's original pension application, dated January 29, 1879, he was "a resident of the vicinity of FIFTEEN, county of WASHINGTON, State of OHIO." By the time of the 1880 Federal Census, he and his family were residing across the river in Grant District, Ritchie County, West Virginia.

Sarah Agnes died on October 28, 1912 in Ritchie County, West Virginia. George died of pneumonia on February 20, 1924 in Combs, Ritchie County. Both are buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery, Ritchie County (posted on Linda Fluharty's Pleasants County, WVGenWeb site). (Photo)

The Ritchie County, West Virginia Cemetery book, published by the Ritchie County Genealogy Society contains inaccurate information about George. For some reason, information is added, indicating he served in "Co C, 13th WV Inf." during the Civil War. There was a George Atkinson in Company "B", 13th WV Inf. However, that George was married to Lucinda Moorhead and died in 1901 in Iowa. - Furthermore, George's grave in the Harmony Grove Cemetery has NO marker indicating this. Someone working on the Ritchie County Cemetery book apparently added this after seeing the name of George Atkinson in the Civil War roster. The service of this George Atkinson in the 36th Ohio Infantry is proven.

Other family members buried at Harmony Grove Cemetery are James L. & Margaret A. Atkinson, children of George & Sarah Agnes; Sarah Agnes' sister Barbara Ellen Britton Jameson & husband, Civil War veteran, James Martin Jameson; Effie Locke Atkinson, first wife of George & Sarah Agnes' son, Clyde; George W. & Gladys F. Atkinson, children of Clyde & Effie; Rebecca Bolinger Cunningham (Photo), m-i-l of George & Sarah's daughter, Nettie.

George Templeton Atkinson and Sarah Agnes Britton had the following children:

     i.    Fanny Elsby Atkinson (b. 6 Jan 1873; m. George? Bell)
                   d. 2 Nov 1944)
   iii.    Margaret A. Atkinson (b. 1 Nov 1875)
    iv.    Clyde G. Atkinson (b. 9 Apr 1879; m. Hattie Brown, Effie Locke)
     v.    James L. Atkinson (b. 15 Apr 1882; d 13 Sep 1905)
    vi.    Ada [Ida] Mae Atkinson (b. 28 Aug 1885; m. Douglass Ingram; d. 16 Apr 1928) - (Photo)

Leander Locke Atkinson (James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on July 20, 1858 in Washington County, Ohio. Although records say he was born in Meigs County, Ohio, no supporting evidence has been found. When his parents moved to Spencer, Roane County, West Virginia in the 1870's, Leander Locke went with them, along with his older brothers and sisters.

On November 14, 1880, Leander Locke married Elizabeth Jane Nester, born July 8, 1860 in Spencer, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Samuel W. Nester & Elizabeth Smith.

Leander Locke bought a small farm at the head of Scaffold Run, just outside of Spencer, on which oil was later found. The oil provided him with wealth never known in the Atkinson family before, even though he had previously sold off one half of the mineral rights for $500 to pay off the remaining debt on his farm. With his sudden wealth he bought several hundred acres of farm property on Middle Fork of Reedy Creek. He built a fine house and lived there with his wife until his death on February 14, 1942. Elizabeth died on March 13, 1951 in Reedy. Both are buried in Stony Point Cemetery, Reedy, Roane County, West Virginia.

Leander Locke Atkinson and Elizabeth Jane Nester had the following children:

     +i.    MARTIN ATKINSON (b. 26 Oct 1881; m. Mary Eunice Butcher;
                   d. 18 Jun 1955)
     ii.    Brown Atkinson (b. 16 Aug 1883; m. Esta M. Wilson;
                   d. 13 Feb 1948)
    iii.    Gertrude Atkinson (b. 22 Sep 1885; m. Cornelious Blair;
                   d. 11 Mar 1965)
     iv.    Alma Jane Atkinson (b. 22 Sep 1891; m. B. E. Lovell)
      v.    Clare Atkinson (b. 21 Nov 1895; m. H. Guy Lewellen; d. 15 May 1927)
     vi.    Floyd Atkinson (b. 23 Oct 1897; m. Isa Wolfe; d. 19 Apr 1968)



Nettie Florence Atkinson (George Templeton-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on August 27, 1869 in Washington County, Ohio. She was married to William Grant Cunningham on November 4, 1886 in Ritchie County, WV. William "Grant" Cunningham was born on November 10, 1865 in Marion County, West Virginia, the son of David Cunningham and Rebecca Bolinger.

Grant and Nettie moved from Ritchie County to Boggs Run, Marshall County, West Virginia about 1905, probably to work in the Wheeling Steel mill at Benwood.

of William "Grant" & Nettie (Atkinson) Cunningham & Descendants.

William Grant Cunningham - Died March 17, 1937

Former Truant Officer in Marshall County Succumbs Monday Evening

     William Grant Cunningham, 71, former truant officer in Union district, Marshall County, and a retired millworker, died Monday evening at 7:10 o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Tappe, Boggs Run Road, after a heart attack.
     Mr. Cunningham was well known in the Union District where he had made his home for the past 32 years.
     Born in Marion County, W.Va., a son of David and Rebecca Bollinger Cunningham, he had spent his early life there. For a number of years he was employed in the tube department, Benwood plant, Wheeling Steel Corporation. He retired a number of years ago and later was the Union District truant officer.
     Mr. Cunningham was a member of the Methodist Church. He was affiliated with the Concord Lodge, No. 19, I.O.O.F.
     Surviving are his wife, Nettie Atkinson Cunningham; two daughters, Mrs. William Tappe and Mrs. Cora McCardle, both of Boggs Run Road; eight sons, Elmer, John, Floyd, Herman and Harold, all of Boggs Run Road, James, of Wheeling, Elza, of Lynn Camp, W.Va., and Clyde Cunningham of Glen Easton, W.Va; 29 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
     The body was removed to the Tappe residence today from the Cooey-Bentz funeral home.
     Services will be conducted at the residence Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. A. R. Bennett, pastor of Benwood M. E. church, will be in charge. Burial in Mount Olivet cemetery is to follow.

Nettie (Atkinson) Cunningham - Died November 2, 1944

Mrs. Cunningham Taken By Death

     Mrs. Nettie F. Cunningham passed away at 10:50 o'clock Thursday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles McCardle of Boggs Run. She had been ill for the past three years.
     Mrs. Cunningham was born in Washington County, Ohio, August 27, 1869, the daughter of George and Agnes Britton Atkinson. She had resided in Boggs Run and vicinity for the past 39 years and was a member of the Methodist church. Her husband, William G. Cunningham, died May 17, 1937 and since that time she had resided with her daughter.
     Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. McCardle and Mrs. William Tappe, both of Boggs Run, and eight sons, Clyde Cunningham of Littleton, W.Va.; Elmer, Floyd, John, Herman, Elzie and Harold of Boggs Run; a brother, Clyde Atkinson of Newport, Ohio, 38 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.
     The body is at the South Side Kepner funeral home, pending completion of funeral arrangements. (Note: Buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Rt. 88, Marshall County, West Virginia.)

Nettie Atkinson and William Grant Cunningham had the following children:

     i.     David Cunningham (d. - infant)
    ii.     George Cunningham (d. - infant)
   iii.     Elmer Cunningham (b. Nov 1889; m. Temple Seck, Lou McNabb)
    iv.     Ivy Marie Cunningham (b. Mar 1893; d. 1910)
     v.     William Clyde Cunningham (b. 16 Jul 1894; m. Hazel Ott,
                    Florence Wychoff; d. 11 Nov 1958)
    vi.     Nellie F. Cunningham (b. 6 Jan 1896; m. William Tappe;
                    d. 30 Oct 1954)
   vii.     Cora "Coe" Blanche Cunningham (b. Jul 1898; m. Charles
                    McCardle; d. 1989)
 +viii.     HERBERT FLOYD CUNNINGHAM (b. Mar 1900; m. Edna Niedermyer,
                    OSSIE "MADGE" SHAFFER; d. 13 May 1977)
 +  ix.     JOHN WILBUR CUNNINGHAM (b. 17 Sep 1901; m. MARY ANGELA PEARL;
                    d. 13 May 1986)
     x.     James Leonard Cunningham (b. 1903; m. Delores Groves; d. 5 Oct 1994) 
    xi.     Herman Grant Cunningham (b. 15 Apr 1905; m. Alice Beever;
                    d. 14 Nov 1983) 
   xii.     Elzie Houston Cunningham (b. 12 Jun 1909; m. Ester Long; d. 1970)
  xiii.     Harold Willard Cunningham1 was born on June 12, 1913; 
                    m. Jennie Alley; d. 30 Jun 1982)

Martin Atkinson (Leander Locke-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on October 26, 1881 in the Scaffold Run-Colt Ridge area of Spencer, Roane County, West Virginia. Martin was a farmer and lived there until about 1910.

Martin married Mary Eunice Butcher October 26, 1901 and their first four children were born at a farm on Colt Run. The next six were born on Middle Fork of Reedy, about a mile North of Peniel. About 1920, they moved to a farm at Peniel, where their last three children were born and where Martin died on June 18, 1955. Mary Eunice Butcher was born on April 18, 1882 in Reedy, West Virginia and died on September 16, 1969. Both are buried in Spencer Cemetery, Reedy.

Martin Atkinson and Mary Eunice Butcher had the following children:

     i.     Ralph General Atkinson (b. 19 Aug 1902; m. Gladys Pauline
                      Ashley; d. 8 Nov 1986)
   +ii.     Oma Clemeth Atkinson (b. 25 Mar 1904; m. Hazel K. Roberts;
                      d. 3 May 1991)
   iii.     Orpha Myrtle Atkinson (b. 17 Oct 1905; m. Herbert Edward
                      Ashley; d. 25 Jun 1996)
    iv.     Oshel Gertie Atkinson (b. 12 Jul 1907; d. 14 Feb 1920) 
     v.     Walter Harlan Atkinson (b. 12 Apr 1909; d. 17 Feb 1910) 
    vi.     Hubert Lock Atkinson (b. 30 Jul 1912; m. Orla Virginia Boggs)
   vii.     Ona Elizabeth Atkinson (b. 15 Aug 1913; m. Olin Day (Happy)
                      Board; d. 24 Nov 1994)
  viii.     Blanche Idell Atkinson (b. 9 Aug 1915; m. Opie Nelson Board;
                      d. 14 Sep 1993)
    ix.     Marjorie Atkinson (b. 22 May 1917; m. & div. Foster Eugene
     x.     Eugene Atkinson (b. 4 Mar 1919; d. 10 Feb 1920)
    xi.     Martin Atkinson, Jr. (b. 1 Aug 1921; m. Dorothy Conley)
   xii.     Orda Quentin Atkinson (b. 10 Apr 1923; m. Martha Lee Rader)
  xiii.     Howard Calvin Atkinson (b. 9 Feb 1925; m. Irene Cottrell,
                      Doris Fisher)



John Wilbur Cunningham (Nettie Atkinson-6, George Templeton-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on September 17, 1901 in Ritchie County, West Virginia. When a small child he moved with his family to Boggs Run, Marshall County, West Virginia. His father and brothers worked at the Wheeling Steel plant in Benwood and he did, too.

of John Wilbur Cunningham

of John & Mary Angela (Pearl) Cunningham

He married to Mary Angela Pearl on August 29, 1921 at St. John's Church in Benwood, West Virginia. Mary Angela Pearl was born on July 2, 1904 in Benwood, the daughter of William Andrew Pearl and Mary Alice Higgins.

John and Mary lived at various locations on Brown's Run or Boggs Run for the rest of their lives. John's brother, Herman, lived on Boggs Run and their brother, Floyd, lived in Allendale, located at the top of Brown's Run. They all worked at the mill, raised their families and hunted and fished together.

In 1950, John and Mary bought 16 acres of land in Littleton, Wetzel County, for use as the family camp. Soon after, Floyd bought about 200+ acres that adjoined the land. John and Mary's son, Jack, bought the next hundred acres. All of this was called "The Farm" and the families shared many wonderful times there.

Mary (Pearl) Cunningham died on October 14, 1982. John Wilbur died May 13, 1986. Both are buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Wheeling, West Virginia.

John Wilbur Cunningham and Mary Angela Pearl had the following children:

     i.     Ruth Mary Cunningham (b. 7 Apr 1922; m. Lemar Ashworth Clarke;
                     d. Jun 1985)
   +ii.     JOHN WILLIAM "JACK" CUNNINGHAM (b. 1 Feb 1924; m.
                     Ruth E. Smith; d. 7 May 2000)
   iii.     Helen Cunningham (b. 9 Apr 1925; m. William McCormick; d. Jun 1995)
    iv.     Anna Mae Cunningham (b. May 1928; m. Shaffer Smith)

Anna Mae Smith, Helen McCormick, Ruth Clarke & Jack Cunningham, abt 1985.
(The last photo taken before Ruth died.)

Herbert "Floyd" or "Foxy" Cunningham (Nettie Atkinson-6, George Templeton-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born in March 1900 in Ritchie County, West Virginia. He married Edna Niedermyer and they had one child, Regina, who married Ray Nolte. Edna died about 1947 or 1948 and about 6 months later, Floyd married Madge (Shaffer) (Smith) (Hartlieb) Weithe, a widow, who was the mother of Ruth E. (Smith) Cunningham, wife of John William "Jack" Cunningham. Madge was also the mother of Shaffer Smith, who married Jack's sister, Anna Mae Cunningham.

Herbert Floyd Cunningham & Madge (Shaffer) Weithe
(abt 1970)

Floyd owned a large tract of land in Allendale, Marshall County, and had peach orchards, large gardens, grape arbors and all kinds of fruit trees. Floyd sold "lots" and his property was only a couple acres at the time of his death on May 13, 1977. He had emphysema and died in his sleep. Madge had Alzheimer's disease and eventually resided next door with her daughter, Ruth. But as the disease progressed, she was put in a nursing home where she died in about 1982 of gram-negative shock.

Due to his marriage to Madge, Floyd was the step-grandfather and also the grand uncle of the children of Anna Mae Cunningham and Jack Cunningham.

Oma Clemeth Atkinson (Martin-6, Leander Locke-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on March 25, 1904 in Spencer, Roane County, West Virginia. He worked hard on the family farm when he was young and had an eighth grade education and was a farmer most of his life.

Oma married Hazel Kathleen Roberts July 11, 1922, one day after her sixteenth birthday. They were married by a Reverand William Crow on Middle Fork of Reedy

Oma was a farmer and resided on Middlefork of Reedy Creek most of his life. He was the Superintendant of Roane County Farm (1929-33). He served as a Roane County Commissioner (1963- 1984).

Hazel K. Roberts was born on July 10, 1906 in Spencer, West Virginia (Stover Road) and died on August 27, 1971 in Spencer. She was buried in 1971 in Mt. Zion Cemetery at Peniel West Virginia, US 33. (Then I have the children listed)

Oma Clemeth Atkinson was married to June Adair Shouldis on December 28, 1971 in Ripley, West Virgina. June Adair Shouldis was born on January 11, 1917 in Parkersburg, West Virginia and died on June 2, 1985 in Reedy.

On May 3, 1991, Oma Clemeth Atkinson died. He was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery at Peniel West Virginia, US 33.

Oma Clemeth Atkinson and Hazel K. Roberts had the following children:

     i.    Charles Award Atkinson (b. 7 Aug 1923; m. Mildred Effie Lowe)
    ii.    Phyllis Irene Atkinson (b. 1 Nov 1925; m. William King)
   iii.    Lloyd Darrell Atkinson (b. 18 Oct 1927; m. Betty Lou Foster;
                 d. 29 Aug 2000)
    iv.    Billie Martin Atkinson, Dr. (b. 1 Nov 1931)
     v.    Rita Jean Atkinson (b. 23 Nov 1938; d. 23 Nov 1938) 

Oma Clemeth Atkinson was married to June Adair Shouldis on December 28, 1971 in Ripley, West Virgina. June Adair Shouldis was born on January 11, 1917 in Parkersburg, West Virginia and died on June 2, 1985 in Reedy.

On May 3, 1991, Oma Clemeth Atkinson died. He was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery at Peniel WV, US 33.



John William "Jack" Cunningham (John Wilber-7, Nettie Atkinson-6, George Templeton-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born on February 1, 1924 on Boggs Run, in Marshall County, West Virginia.

During World War II, he served in the U. S. Navy:

Enlisted 1942; served at Navy Operating Base, Palermo, Sicily. Ships: LST-4, USS DONNER, USS NEW YORK. Discharged 15 Oct 1945.

John W. "Jack" Cunningham

He was married to Ruth E. Smith, daughter of Orval Allan Smith & Ossie Madge Shaffer, on May 22, 1945 in Providence, Rhode Island. Ruth E. Smith was born on November 12, 1928 in McMechen, Marshall County, West Virginia.

After WWII, "Jack" & "Ruthie" lived for several months at his parents' house on Brown's Run and then they bought a house from Jack's uncle, Herman Cunningham, at the upper end of Boggs Run, Marshall County. Jack went to school for four years to learn to be a welder. He worked at the Saturn Foundry and Machine Shop, located for many years in Wheeling, but later moved to McMechen.

Ruth had only an eighth grade education but in about 1960, she graduated from the B. M. Spurr School of Practical Nursing at Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Glen Dale, West Virginia. She was a wonderful nurse and was devoted to her profession. She died on May 14, 1984 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while undergoing heart bypass surgery.

John W. "Jack" & Ruth (Smith) Cunningham

After Ruth's death, Jack had a close relationship for many years with (Sophia) "Jo" Tedesco. He was very active and went to the YMCA in Wheeling seven days a week to work out. He suffered fom Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a result of exposure to Asbestos during the war and in his profession. He also suffered from depression related to his war experiences but he refused treatment. He died alone at his apartment at the mouth of Boggs Run, on May 7, 2000. Both he and "Ruthie" are buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, off Rt. 88, Marshall County, West Virginia.

John William Cunningham and Ruth E. Smith had the following children:

          i.     Samuel Joseph Cunningham.  
        +ii.     LINDA LEE CUNNINGHAM  
        iii.     Lori Lynn Cunningham.  
         iv.     Lisa Jo Cunningham.  

Billie Martin Atkinson, M. D. (Oma Clemeth-7, Martin-6, Leander Locke-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born in 1931 in Middle Fork, Reedy, Roane County, West Virginia. He graduated from Spencer High School in 1949 and from Glenville State College in 1956. In 1965 he graduated from the West Virginia University School of Medicine. He completed his residency and internship and practiced as a Physician and Surgeon.

He married Phyllis Jean Fouty, who died March 27, 1981.

Dr. Bill M. Atkinson and Phyllis Jean Fouty had the following children:

     i.     Richard Alan Atkinson (b. & d. Nov 1952) 
    ii.     Gregory Brent Atkinson (Aug 12, 1957 - Jan 7, 2007)



Bill M. Atkinson, M.D., 82 of Little Hocking, Ohio passed away peacefully on April 26, 2014 at his residence surrounded by family and loved ones.

He was born November 1, 1931 on the Middle Fork of Reedy Creek at Reedy, W.Va. to parents Oma Clemeth and Hazel Kathleen Roberts Atkinson. He was the fourth of five children.

Bill was a 1949 graduate of Spencer High School. In 1955 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Glenville State College. Prior to attending WVU Medical School, he taught math in the area. Teaching remained a big part of Billís life. He loved to teach and encouraged so many people to pursue their educational dream(s).

He later attended West Virginia University where he graduated in 1965 with a Doctor of Medicine M.D. degree and completed his General Surgery Residency at Appalachian Regional Hospital in Beckley, WV (67-68) and Memorial Hospital in Charleston, WV (68-71).

Bill practiced medicine, specializing in general surgery in the Mid-Ohio Valley. He was the first Trauma Director for St Joseph's Hospital and was instrumental in developing the Trauma program for 11 county service areas.

During his career he served as President of Medical Staff at St Joseph's Hospital in 1976 and in 1984-85 he served as Medical Staff President at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital. Later, he served as Medical Director of Marietta Memorial Hospital until his retirement in 1996.

Bill was very active in the Medical community during his career. He was Past President of West Virginia State Medical Association and member of Parkersburg Academy of Medicine, Washington County Medical Society, Ohio State Medical Association, American Medical Association, and American College of Physician Executives. He was also a member of Pioneer Antique Power Association Inc. and Past Member of the Washington County, Ohio Republican Central and Executive Committee.

Billís service in many different capacities during his life all of which had one common goal: To better a person or the community's life. He will be sorely missed.

He is survived by his wife, Carolyn I. (Hoselton) Atkinson; brother, Charles A. Atkinson of Reedy W.Va., a sister, Phyllis I. Atkinson King of Ripley, W.Va.; several nieces and nephews, Susan J. Abdella of Belpre, Ohio, Sheryl Carpenter of Mineral Wells, W.Va., Sandra Carpenter of Belpre,Ohio, Ronald Atkinson of Vass, NC, Michael Atkinson of Denver, CO, Carrie Berzinski of Athens, Ohio, Jane Beth Page of Whispering Pines, NC, Randy Atkinson of Marietta, Ohio, Jim King of Ripley, W.Va., and Steve King of Ripley, W.Va.; 14 great nephews; 12 great nieces; and several great-great nieces and nephews.

Bill was preceded in death by his parents, Oma and Hazel Atkinsons; two sons, Gregory B. Atkinson and Richard A. Atkinson; one brother, Lloyd Darrell Atkinson; one sister, Rita Atkinson; and nephew, Chuck Atkinson.

Visitation and Celebration of life will be held at Lambert- Tatman Funeral Home 1305 Washington Blvd, Belpre,Ohio. Visitation will be Wednesday, April 30, 2014 from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. A Celebration of his life will be held 10:00 a.m. Thursday, May 1, 2014 at Lambert Tatman in Belpre. Following the Celebration of Life, a visitation will be held at Taylor Vandale Funeral Home at 206 Beauty Street Spencer, W.Va. from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. with graveside services following at Mt. Zion Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Billie M. Atkinson Scholarship fund at Glenville State College Foundation, 200 High Street, Glenville, WV 26351.

NOTE from Linda Fluharty, Sept 2014: Dr. Atkinson also had a daughter, BILLIE JO, born October 20, 1972, and died March 9, 1973.



Linda Lee Cunningham (John William-8, John Wilber-7, Nettie Atkinson-6, George Templeton-5, James H.-4, Charles H.-3, William-2, Cornelius-1) was born at North Wheeling Hospital in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia. She grew up on Boggs Run, Marshall County, West Virginia.

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