Springer Data


1850 CENSUS:

#541 Springer, Eveline, 55-F, MD
Virginia, 19-F, VA

#191 Springer, Samuel, Farmer, 24-M, VA
Elizabeth, 21-F, VA
Angenora, 10 months-F, VA

#204 Springer, Uriah, Farmer, 54-M, VA
Lydia, 50-M, PA
David, Farmer, 19-M, VA
Ann, 17-F, VA
Sarah, 14-F, VA
Susanna, 12-F, VA

1860 CENSUS:

#390 Springer, David, Farmer, 29-M, PA
Ellen, 28-F, PA
John, 6-F, VA
Sophia, 4-F, VA
Angeline, 4-F, VA
Sarah, 3-F, VA
Eunice, 2mo-F, VA

#391 Springer, Samuel, Farmer, 32, VA
Elizabeth, 31-F, VA
Angemima (Angenora), 11-F, VA
Lydia, 9-F, VA
Alpheus, 4-M, VA
Maria, 3-F, VA
William J., 6 months-M, VA

#409 Springer, Urias, Farmer, 65-M, PA
Lydia, 62-F, PA
Susan, 18-F, VA
Samuel, 11, VA

#1024 Springer, Eveline, 65-F, VA
Virginia, 28-F, VA

#1142 Springer, Z. S., Farmer, 34, VA
Cassa A., 29-F, VA
Eva, 5-F, VA

1870 CENSUS, Green District:

#107 Springer, Ellen, 38-F, VA
John, 16-M, VA
Sophia, 15-F, VA
Phoebe A., 13-F, VA
Sarah E., 12-F, VA
Alexander, 8-M, VA
Samantha B., 6-F, WV
Elzina, 4-F, WV

#108 Fluharty, Jones, 23-M, VA
Angenora, 28-F, VA
Sidney C., 1-M, WV

#109 Samuel Springer, 47-M, VA
Elizabeth, 41-F, VA
Lydia, 18-F, WV
Alpheus, 16-M, WV
Anne M., 13-F, WV
William, 10-M, WV
Lewis, 6-M, WV
Mary E., 3-F, WV

#110 Fluharty, David, 46-M, VA
Susan, 28-F, VA
David S., 9-M WV
William H., 1-M, WV

1870 CENSUS, Magnolia District:
#211 Springer, Evaline, 74-F, MD
Virginia, 40-F, VA

#212 Springer, Zadock S., 45-M, VA, Clerk of Board of Supervisors
Anne, 40-F, VA
Evelina, 10-F, WV
Edith D., 8-F, WV
Mary M., 6-F, WV
Haddy V., 4-F, WV
Minnie M., 3-F, WV
Elizabeth, 1-M, WV
(Boarders, Jones, Jane S., 65, & Joseph C., 32)

1880 CENSUS:

G018 Springer, Apheus, 25-M, Works on farm, VA VA VA
Virginia, 20-F, VA PA VA

G018 Springer, Elan (w) 48-F, VA VA VA
John, single, 26-M, son, Farmer, VA VA VA
Sophia, single, dau, VA VA VA
Sebe A., single, 23-F, dau, VA VA VA
Alexander, single, 18-M, son, VA VA VA
Samantha R., 15-F, dau, WV VA VA
Elzena, 14-F, dau, WV VA VA

G018 Springer, Samuel, 54-M, Farmer, VA PA PA
Elizabeth, 52-F, VA VA VA
William J., single, son, works on farm, VA VA VA
Lewis, 16-M, son, WV VA VA
Mary E., 13-F, dau, WV VA VA
Zadock S., 9-M, son, WV VA VA

R018 Springer, S. (see Long, S.J.)

E016 Springer, Eva, (w) 83-F, MD
Virginia, single, 49-F, dau, VA PA MD

G023 Springer, Samuel, 30-M, Farmer, VA VA VA
Rachel, 28-F, VA VA VA
Westley, 7-M, son, WV VA VA
Ida F., 6-F, dau, WV VA VA
John E., 3-M, son, WV VA VA
Ora M, 1 mo.-F, dau. b. May 1880, WV VA VA

E017 S. Z. (probably Z. S), 56-M, VA PA PA
Ann C., 50, wife, VA VA VA
Edith, single, dau., VA VA VA
Mary, 16-F, dau., WV VA VA
A. V., 14-F, dau., WV VA VA
Minnie M., 13-F, dau., WV VA VA
Lizzie E., 11-F, dau., WV VA VA


Alex Springer, 28, Wetzel Co. WV, married 21 June 1890 (at Frederick Wayne's), Amanda Wade, 19, Wetzel Co., WV.

John Springer, 31, Wetzel Co. WV, married 2 Nov 1884, Eunice E. McAlister, 22, Wetzel Co. WV.

Angenora Springer, 19, Ohio, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married 1868, J. J. Fluharty, 21, Wetzel Co., s/o Henry & Sarah.

Anna Marie Springer, 21, Wetzel Co., WV and Peter Wilson, 24, Monongalia Co., WV ...License issued 22 May 1875.

Edith D. Springer, 23, Wetzel Co., WV, and James W. Bradshaw, 34, Guernsey Co., OH...License issued 25 June 1885.

Elzenia Springer, 22, Wetzel Co., WV, married 1 Sept 1887 (at John McKimmie's), Marion Morris, 21, Wetzel Co., WV.

Hattie Springer, 26, WV, married G. E. Liller, 25, WV, 19 Oct 1892.

Louis Springer, 26, Wetzel Co., WV, married 20 Dec 1891, Lavina J. Gorby, 17, Wetzel Co., WV.

Lydia Springer, 21, Wetzel Co., WV, married 21 April 1872 (at James McAllister's), William McAllister, 19, Wheeling, WV.

Samuel Springer, 22, Wetzel Co., WV, married 28 April 1872 (at C. B. Swisher's), Rachel M. Swisher, 21, Wetzel Co., WV.

Seba Springer, 24, Wetzel Co., married 16 June 1881, John C. Wiley, 26, Monongalia Co.

Selby Springer, 19, Wetzel Co., WV, married 17 August 1890, Ellen Kidder, 19, Washington Co., OH.

Sophia Springer, 28, Wetzel Co., WV, married 27 Nov 1884, Stephen Brown, 24, Wetzel Co., WV.

Susan Springer, 21, Tyler Co., WV, d/o Uriah & Lydia, married 26 April 1861, David Fluharty, 36-w, Tyler Co., WV, s/o William & Mary.

Mary Springer, 23, Wetzel Co., WV, married 2 March 1890, John Herron, 29, Wetzel Co., WV

W. M. Springer, 63-w, Delaware, res. Wetzel Co., WV, married 7 July 1896, Nancy Belch, 47-w, Doddridge Co., WV, res. Wetzel Co., WV.

Mollie Springer, 18, Wetzel Co., WV, married 30 Dec 1900, Lloyd Carrell, 34, Wetzel Co., WV.

Ellen Springer, 30-w, b. Monroe Co., OH, res. Wetzel Co., WV, took out license with Alexander L. Cochran, 53-w, Wetzel Co., WV.. No return. In 1901 records.


19 July 1891, Francis Springer, male, 0-2-2, s/o Z. S. & Ellen.

9 Oct 1881, E. Springer, female, 85-0-0, d/o S. & J. Selby.

Nov 1884, Samantha Springer, 21-2-0, d/o David & Elenor.

28 Oct 1877, Sarah Springer, 20-8-11, d/o D. & E.

29 May 1863, Maria Springer, 68-0-0, d/o Levi & Nancy

1 Mar 1858, male, 0-0-1, s/o Z. S. & Cassa Ann.


Uriah Springer was granted 25 acres of land in Tyler Co., WV on 10 May 1839 on Reader Run of Fishing Creek.(For his military service?)

Wetzel County deeds show land sales in 1860 with Uriah, David, and Samuel Springer. (David and Samuel listed as Uriah's sons in Wetzel County Genealogical Soc. Newsletter Nov 1991, and in Wilson Shepherd Family info.)



Allen Bell..son of Samuel and Annie (Deems) Bell, was born in Ritchie county, now West Virginia, May 5, 1831. His mother died in Ritchie county, and his father in Jackson county, W.VA. In the county of his birth Allen Bell wedded Sarah Springer, who was born in Wetzel co., March 9, 1831..They have been the parents of ten children. The oldest is married and lives in this county, and rest are at home, except one whom death has taken. These children were born; Lydia Ann, April 5, 1854, Daniel, nov. 12, 1868, George, Nov. 2, 1859, Frank, June 6, 1861, Sisco, Jul 9, 1868, Ulysses, Jan. 11, 1870, Albert, Jan. 9, 1872, Marcellus, Apr. 1, 1877, Iola, Jul. 26, 1881, David, Jul 11, 1865, died Apr. 1, 1874. ..Uriah and Lydia (McDaniel) Springer were the parents of Mrs. Bell. They settled in Wetzel county in 1822, and are now deceased. Allen Bell elisted in the 11th W.Va. Infantry, Oct. 9, 1862, and served until the close of the war, participating in all the hardships and battles of that regiment. About 1850 he settled in Wetzel co, and he makes his home in Green district, where he owns 150 acres of land. His post office address is Pine Grove, Wetzel co, WV.

See Hardesty's sketch of JAMES HARRIS, husband of Elizabeth Springer.


1830 CENSUS:

William Springer, 2 M 0-5, 1 M 30-40, 1 F 0-5, 1 F 30-40.

1840 CENSUS:

Eveline Springer, 1 F 40-50, 1 F 10-15, 1 F 5-10.

Uriah Springer, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 10-15, 1M 40-50, 2 F 0-5, 1 F 5-10, 1 F 10-15, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 40-50.


William Springer married Evelinah Selby, 14 Aug 1821.

Zadok S. Springer married Cass A. Davis 16 Feb 1853.



Job Springer died 15 Nov 1874, age 81.
Parents: John & Barsheba
Wives: Phebe & Rebecca.

Barsheba Springer, age 81 years, born PA, d/o Richard & Phebe Merryfield, mother of Job, died 3 June 1859.

Rezin Springer, s/o Job & Phebe, h/o Sarah, died 15 Oct 1869, age 31 years.

Sweden Springer, s/o Job & Phebe, h/o Hannah, died 30 Oct 1876, age 45-3-0.


Hannah Springer, d/o Job, married Manassa McGee 24 Dec 1851.

Hanna Springer, 22, d/o Dennis & Jane, married Edgar C. Vincent, 20, Monongalia Co., 23 April 1857.

Ruhamma Springer married Zadoc Nuzum 26 Oct 1842.

Alpheus Springer married 23 Dec 1848, Mary Griffith, d/o Leander.

Job Springer married 11 Oct 1842 Rebecca Bartlett.

John Springer, 22, Monongalia Co., s/o D & J., married 9 Apr 1863, M. L. Summers, 20, Marion Co., d/o J. B. Ross.

John J. Springer, married 1 Feb 1849, Ruth Nuzum, d/o George.

John J. Springer (w), 28, Marion, s/o Job & Phebe, married 15 June 1854, Rebecca Dodd, 22, Marion, d/o Elza & Agnes.

R. Springer, 24, Marion, s/o J. & P., married 25 Dec 1862, S. Thomas, Preston Co., d/o E. & P.

S. H. Springer, 30, Marion Co., s/o Dennis & Jane, married 18 Dec 1861, Louisa J. Ross, Marion Co., d/o Andrew & Allison

Sweeden Springer, 25, Marion Co., s/o Job & Phoebe, married 31 July 1856, Hannah L. Thomas, 17, Monongalia Co., d/o Richard & Hannah.

Zaccheus Springer, 23, Marion, s/o Dennis & Jane, married 9 Nov 1865, Christiana McKinney, 19, Marion, d/o Michael & Jane.


14 Mar 1855, Elzy Springer born to John & Rebecca.
26 Oct 1858, Job Springer born to John J. & Rebecca.
11 May 1857, John Allen Springer born to Alpheus & Mary Anne.
30 Mar 1855, Percival Springer born to Alphius & Mary.
12 Apr 1857, Virginia Springer born to John I. Rebena (John & Rebecca?).
23 Apr 1857, William F. Springer born to Sweeden & Hannah.



Pricket, James and Springer, Mary... 7 April 1795


7th West Virginia Muster Roll (Union Army)
Springer, Samuel,Company Unknown, Mustered in, Wheeling, W. Va.

The name Uriah Springer appears on two rosters, hand-written by Capt. James Cochran, Company Commander, for the years 1836 and 1837. Capt. Cochran, of Wetzel County, WV, was commissioned, on 2 March 1839, as Major of the 154th Regiment of the Infantry of the Line, in the Twentieth Brigade, Third Division of the Virginia Militia.


Hannah Springer, born 13 August 1804 Monongalia Co.; died after June 1880 Fortville, Hancock Co., IN; married David STAATS on 25 May 1826. Hannah was a daughter of John Springer and Bathsheba Merrifield. John (born 15 April 1756) was a son of Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett.(Submitted by Pam Robinson)


RITCHIE COUNTY, WV MARRIAGE BOOK: Sarah Jane Springer, 18, Wetzel County, d/o Uriah and Lida, married 2 July 1854, Allen Bell, 19, born Wood, residing Ritchie, s/o Samuel and Ann.

Death record of Samuel Springer from Wirt County, WV Clerk; died 29 Jan 1903. Living in Wirt County at that time was Samuel's daughter Anne Marie, married to James Harris (once married to Elizabeth Springer, sister of Samuel). Did Samuel move there after Sarah Elizabeth's death, when his own health was failing?

From Don Norman's Histories.

Children of Dennis and Ann (Prickett) Springer.
(1). Josiah, b.Dec 23 1737 (Kathleen Rizer has Dec 28 1737), d.Aug 22 1785, m. Nancy Ann Jenkins Small
(2). Hannah, b. Sep 3 1739 (Kathleen Rizer has 6 Nov 1739), m. James Jolliffe 1760
(3). Zadoc, b. Mar 30 1742, m. Mary -------
(4). Levi, b. May 4 1744, d. Mar 26 1823, m. Ann Gaddis 1768
(5). Drusilla, b. May 9 1745/46, d. Aug 1796, m. Zacquill Morgan Sep 5 1765
(6). Dennis Jr., b. Jun 23 1748, d. Apr 6 1823, m. Elizabeth Small
(7). Jacob, b. Jul 9 1750, d. Jun 16 1825
(8). Nathan, b. Dec 2 1752, d. Jan 2 1831, m. Lydia Wilson, m. Mary Sophia Rice, m. Hannah McDaniel 1776
(9). Uriah, b. Nov 18 1754, d. May 18 1839, m. Sarah Crawford, m. Lydia McDaniel (THIS MUST BE WRONG...unless there were 2 Lydia McDaniels who married Uriah Springers.)
(10). John, b. Apr 15 1756, d. Dec 23 1816, m. Bathsheba Merrifield
(11). Job, b.Apr 23 1758

The following family is a slight possibility for the family of our Uriah Springer, b. abt. 1796, VA. (One of the census' says PA, but most say VA/WV.) AND, there is a William. Could it be the William who married Evelinah Selby in Tyler County and then lived in Wetzel near Uriah?

Kathleen Rizer has William b. 1784, the FIRST child of Uriah & Sarah Crawford Springer (She was previously married to Major William Harrison). However, in Sarah's will, written in 1827, she leaves son, William G. Springer, and step-brother John Harrison, in the care of the 4 other Springer siblings. At their advanced ages at that time, there must have been a reason that William & John weren't able to live independently.

Tri-County Researcher, July 1993, published the "Appraisement Bill of the Personal Property of William Springer", deceased 12 Sept 1833. In this article, it is stated that William and Evalinah Selby Springer were married in Tyler County 14 Aug 1821; they had emigrated from Sweden to Christiana, Delaware; from Delaware to Berkeley Co., WV and then to Monongalia Co., WV, probably before 1770.

Uriah Springer, s/o Dennis Springer & Ann Prickett, born 18 Nov 1754, Frederick Co., VA, died 1826 near Connellsville, Fayette Co., PA, buried Dunbar Twp., Fayette Co., PA, Chestnut Hill C. His wife was Sarah O. Crawford, born 1754 Berkeley County, WV, died Sept 1835 Dunbar Twp., Fayette Co., PA.

(1) Matilda, b. 1780-90
(2) Anna, b. 1780-1790
(3) William G., b. abt 1784 (FHC has 1793)
(4) Crawford, b. 1792 PA
(5) Uriah, b. 1799, PA, d. 1883

Sources: (1) Family History Center FAMILY GROUP RECORD, (Submitted by LDS member) call # 1761125 (2) Kathleen Rizer.