MYRTLE DUKE was an avid fan of the early cast of the Jamboree, sponsored by the WWVA Radio Station in Wheeling, West Virginia. From the 1930s through the early 1940s, she carefully preserved her Jamboree memorabilia in albums that kept most items in like-new condition.
     The Jamboree began in Wheeling early in 1933 as a WWVA radio broadcast of country songs, called "Jamboree." The show was very popular and soon, live Jamboree performances were held on Saturday nights at the Capital Theater in Wheeling. Eventually, outdoor Jamborees were held. - For more about the Jamboree History see Jamboree USA.
     Most of the stars pictured in Myrtle's albums are probably gone, but her wonderful pictures remain and tell a story of this important piece of Wheeling's history.


  • Rusty, Slim & Curley
  • Blaine Smith
  • Pete Cassell
  • Gene Autry
  • Benny Dunbar, Blue Ridge Mountaineers
  • Sons of the Pioneers
  • Glenn Riggs
  • Blaine & Cal Smith, Rusty Hiser, Hillbilly Lou, Billy Steed
  • Hoosier Hot Shots
  • Ma Perkins
  • Carson Robison & The Buckaroos
  • The Border Riders
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brother Cy & Sunflower
  • Mr. and Mrs. Froggie Cortez
  • Curley Sims' Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Doc Williams
  • WWVA Staff
  • "Texas Bill" Thomas
  • Frankie More, Log Cabin Gang
  • Big Slim, Happy Ranch Gang
  • Joe Barker, Chuck Wagon
  • Curley Miller, Doughboys
  • Lew Childre, The Buckeyes
  • Froggie Cortez, Dolph Hewitt, Sunflower, Joey, Brother Sy
  • Chief Red Hawk, Quarantine, Brown Eyes, Johnny Hill, Toby Stroud
  • Jimmie Hutchinson, Willie Whistle, Little Shirley, Sonny Day, Bill Jones
  • Bennie Kissinger, Buckeye Sam, Mr. Pooch, Buckeye Stanley, Buckeye Julius
  • WMBS Jamboree Cast
  • (1)Cowboy Loye - (2)Fiddling Sheepherder
  • (2)Curley Miller & His Plough Boys - (2) Fiddlin' Dale Cole "Tee Bone"
  • Hickory Nut Club
  • (1) Indian Bill - (2) Joe Barker & His Chuck Wagon Boys
  • Slim Mays
  • (1) Georgie Porgie Boys - (2) Mom Smith
  • (1) Jack Armstrong (2) Betty Fairfield
  • (1) Quarantine - (2) Gibe Gill - (3) Jack & Betty
  • Jack Armstrong
  • Sheepherder, Curley Mitchell, Radio Dot, Betty, Jake Taylor, Custer Allen, Etc....
  • WLW Boone County Jamboree
  • Hugh, Linnie, Shug & Lonnie
  • Ray Myers & Cowboy Loye
  • (1) Ozark Mountaineers - (2) Arizona Rusty - (3) Elmer - (4 & 5) Hank Keene
  • Just Plain John, Custer Allen, Cowboy Loye
  • (1) Border Riders - (2) Smiley, Ted Grant, Buddy Starcher, Linnie
  • Big Slim
  • Uncle Ezra
  • Quarantine
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    There may be a few pictures not related to the Wheeling Jamboree.


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