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Circa 1860

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NOTE: This image was found in a photo album that includes pictures of WHEELER, ROSE, BARCLAY and allied families of Brooke County and Ohio Counties in West Virginia and Jefferson (Louisville) and Trimble Counties in Kentucky (See Emily Hooper Rose). The families are connected in MANY ways. - The owner of the album was SALLIE V. BARCLAY, daughter of JOHN R. BARCLAY and MARY H. ROSE. Sallie and her family lived in Kentucky.


     Captain John Shallcross, a riverboat owner and captain, was born August 29, 1799 in Manchester Township, England. He was the son of Stephen and Tabitha Shallcross. He emigrated from England in 1813 and settled in Kentucky. On December 22, 1822, at Louisville, Kentucky, he married Mary Zane Lewis, born October 15, 1806 in Wheeling, (W) Virginia.(1)

     Mary Zane Lewis was the daughter of Jacob Lewis, born April 13, 1773, possibly in York County, Pennsylvania. Jacob's parents were Lewis Lewis, born in Wales, and Jane Dill, born about 1750 in Dillsburg, York County, Pennsylvania. The mother of Mary Zane Lewis was Mary Bradley, born in Philadelphia, the widow of Captain Richardson, who sailed for Algiers soon after his marriage and was lost at sea. Jacob Lewis and Mary (Bradley) Richardson were married at Wheeling, Ohio County, (W) Virginia in 1804. They moved to Kentucky about 1812-1813 and Mary died in Louisville on December 7, 1817. The parents of Mary Bradley were unknown Bradley and Alice Matthew. The second husband of Alice Matthew was William Zane; they married in Philadelphia and moved to Wheeling.(2)

     A letter in the DILL genealogy book (see sources), was written by Mrs. Marcia Hite of Louisville:

"Jacob Lewis, after 1800 found in Wheeling, Virginia, where he was interested in shipping flour on flat boats down the Ohio river as far as Fall's City, now Louisville, Kentucky. He often went down the river on these boats and in the front of a very old city directory, it speaks of Jacob Lewis hunting with Daniel Boone, then an old man."(3)

     Captain John Shallcross and Mary Zane Lewis had the following children, all born at Louisville:(4)

1. Mary Ellen Shallcross, b. 1824; d. 1844; m. William Pope Speed at Louisville, Ky.
2. Eliza Jane Shallcross, b. Feb 11, 1826; m. John Guier Scott, Oct 3, 1844 (Missouri Congressman)
3. John Wyatt Shallcross, b. May 24, 1828; d. Apr 30, 1890; m. Caroline Virginia Hyman
4. William Shallcross, b. Mar 13, 1830; d. Nov 1919; m. Mary Crutcher
5. Stephen Henry Shallcross, b. Jul 19, 1835; m. (1) Emily Aul, (2) Marcia Mims
6. Alice Zane Shallcross, b. abt 1838; m. James C. Mulholland, Jul 8, 1854
7. Jacob Lewis Shallcross, b. Apr 26, 1841; d. Apr 17, 1914; m. Isabelle Ehrman
8. Ada Shallcross, b. Sep 19. 1845; d/ov 23, 1924; m. (1) Willis Mullen, (2) Henry Clay Warren
9. Ellen Wyatt Shallcross, b. Aug 19, 1849; d. Dec 27, 1931; m. Ashley McKinley, Oct 26, 1868

     In 1850, the family is found in the census of 2nd District of Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky: CENSUS RECORD

     Another letter written by Mrs. Marcia Hite, contained the DILL genealogy book (see sources):

"Mary (Lewis) Shallcross was a linguist, speaking French and was a student of Latin and Greek. She had auburn hair and milk white skin; was small of stature, wearing a child's size shoe no. 13. She twelve children and dressed them all in white. Her husband Captain Shallcross was the owner of steamboats running from Louisville to New Orleans. He was absent from home so much she assumed all responsibility for the family and slaves even to the ordering of her husband's hats and cigars."(5)

     Mary Zane (Lewis) Shallcross died in 1851.(6)

     As disasters occurred on the water, maritime safety became an important issue. John Shallcross was assigned as one of the first United States Supervisory Steamboat Inspectors in 1852.

     From the "Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1848-1852:"

MONDAY, August 30, 1852.

To the Senate of the United States:

I nominate Robert L. Stevens, of New York; Samuel Hall, of Boston, Massachusetts; Hiram Barton, of Buffalo, New York; Davis Embree, of Saint Louis, Missouri; Benjamin Crawford, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; John Shallcross, of Louisville, Kentucky; Peyton H. Skipwith, of New Orleans, Louisiana; John Murray, of Baltimore, Maryland; George W. Dole, of Chicago, Illinois, to be supervising inspectors of steamboats.


Executive Chamber, 30th August, 1852."

     Captain Shallcross died in August 1866.(7)

     It is not known at this time if a familial relationship exists between Captain John Shallcross and the Shallcross family in Wheeling. However, since other Shallcross men were in the riverboat business, it seems likely. For information about the Wheeling Shallcross families, CLICK HERE.

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