Had Medical Training in Wheeling
(Cabinet Card owned by Marjorie Potter.)

     John Black (Sr) married Lydia Ann Smith 12 Feb 1839, Allegany Co, MD. They moved from Maryland to Marion County, (W) Va in the early 1860s and John Black, Jr. was probably born there.

     By the time John Black, Jr. was a Medical Student, the family was residing in Wheeling, W. Va. They lived in close proximity to Dr. A. S. Todd and perhaps John studied under him. Sometime before the 1900 Census, Dr. John Black had moved to Pueblo, Colorado.

1850 Census, Allegany County, Maryland
BLACK, John, 48, $1500, Hotel Keeper, IRE
BLACK, Lydia Ann, 30, PA
BLACK, Francis J., 11, MD
BLACK, Joseph C., 6, MD
BLACK, Patrick, 5, MD
BLACK, Augustine, 3, MD
BLACK, Lydia A., 1, MD
(Plus boarders)

1860 Census, 7th District, Glover's Gap, Marion County, WV
BLACK, John, Merchant, 58, $3500, b IRE
BLACK, Lydia Ann, 40, b. PA
BLACK, Francis J., 20, Farm laborer, b MD
BLACK, Joseph C., 16, Farm laborer, b MD
BLACK, Patrick, 14, Farmer, b MD
BLACK, Augustine, 12, b MD
BLACK, Lydia A., 10, b MD
BLACK, Catherine, 8, b VA
BLACK, Margaret, 4, b VA
BLACK, John, 2, b VA
BLACK, Mary V, 8 months, b VA

1870 Census, Mannington Twp, Marion County, WV
BLACK, John, Farmhand, 69, $500, b IRE
BLACK, Lydia Ann, 49, Keeping House, b PA
BLACK, Patrick, 24, Farmer, b MD
BLACK, Catherine, 18, Without occupation, b WV
BLACK, Margaret, 14, Without occupation, b WV
BLACK, John, 12, At Home, b WV
BLACK, Mary V, 10, At home, b WV
BLACK, Henry, 8, At home, b WV

1880 Census, Ohio County, WV
1484/5963 (Two numbers away from Dr. A. S. Todd)
BLACK, Lidia, Widow, 58, Keeps House, PA PA PA
BLACK, Patrick R, Son, 34, Street Car Driver, MD IRE PA
BLACK, Kate, Dau, 28, Works in Tailor Shop, VA IRE PA
BLACK, Margaret, 24, Works in Tailor Shop, VA IRE PA
BLACK, John, 22, Son, Medical Student, VA IRE PA
BLACK, Mary, 20, Dressmaker, VA IRE PA
BLACK, Henry, Son, 18, Nail Feeder, VA IRE PA

1900 Census Pueblo, CO
Dr. John Black, 40, Single, WV IRE WV
-----, M. C. or M. E., Aunt, PA IRE IRE

1910 Census Pueblo, CO
BLACK, John, 51, Married 10 years, Physician, WV IRE PA
BLACK, Catherine, wife, 40, No children, IL IRE IRE

1920 Census Pueblo, CO
BLACK, John, 60, Physician, WV IRE PA
BLACK, Katherine, wife, 52, IL IRE IRE
DONLEY, John W., 60, Brother-in-law, IL IRE IRE
RITSON, Nellie, 26, Servant, CO Austria Austria

Message from NANCY, nkprince@aol.com, 3/13/2010:

"My uncle's family lived in Beulah, a small mountain town about 30 miles west of Pueblo. His great grandmother was Jane Goss Myrick Fulton. Family story has it that she acted as the local "vet" and became very sick after having been bitten by a sick calf while she was caring for it. The family who was nursing her feared for her life and sent a neighbor into town in a snow storm to fetch the doctor, but he arrived too late. I found a bill from Dr. J. A. Black in the probate file that confirms that he attended Jane in her final illness in 1888, and another bill from Mr. Hughlett, the neighbor who rode into town for the doctor.

"I've also discovered that Dr. Black was in Pueblo county as early as 1884 when he assisted the coroner with an autopsy. Dr. J. A. Black, industrial surgeon, was president of Pueblo County medical society in 1912-1913, and his house in Pueblo at 102 W. Pitkin is on the National Historic Register.

"John A. Black and Katharine C. Donley obtained marriage license #5747 in Pueblo County on June 4, 1901."