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Licensed Practical Nurse
Trained at Reynolds Memorial Hospital Professional School, 1920-22

Submitted by Robert Lou McHenry, son.
(October 2003)

     Elizabeth McMillan McHenry, the daughter of John Oscar and Sabra Francis McMillan, was born May 8, 1903 on Dry Ridge, near Cameron, Marshall County, W. Va. Early in her life, the family moved to a farm in Calis, also in Marshall County. Elizabeth grew up doing farm work, such as milking, plowing, hoeing and whatever else needed to be done. Her father didn't have any sons, so all the girls had to do the work. The only son had died of polio in 1917 at the age of 12.
     When Elizabeth was eighteen, the family moved to Moundsville. They had to sell the farm because John was getting too old to run it. A year later, at age nineteen, Elizabeth started nurses' training at Reynolds Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Glen Dale. She dropped out of school before graduating so she could work and help support the family. This was about 1922. She later became an L. P. N. and took care of the elderly.
     For most of her life, she worked at Church's Dry Cleaning, owned and run by Anise Church who married her sister, Eula. Elizabeth did keep up her nursing license.
     Elizabeth was married twice, first to Clarence Birch, then to Lou McHenry. Their only child was Roert Lou McHenry.
     Elizabeth lived a long, and mostly healthly, life and passed away in July 1999, at the age of 96.