7 Dec 2004 - - Iíve looked at and enjoyed the contents of your pages on the Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia, and the material on Haskins Hospital at Wheeling. Good job!

The Will Menkemeller who had the pharmacy at Haskins Hospital was a relation of mine. My great grandfather was Charles Menkemeller, a 19th and early 20th century pharmacist of Wheeling, and my grandfather was Earl DeRolf Menkemeller, who became a chemist/pharmacist, working in New York and Asbury Park, NJ, before returning to Wheeling, where he died in the early 1950s.

The Emma B. Coppage, 1911 graduate of the Nursing School at Haskins Hospital, was my great grandmotherís younger sister. Emma Beall Coppage was born to Richard Taylor Coppage and his 2nd wife, Marinda Lyon(s) at Middlebourne, Tyler County WV, in 1866. My great grandmother, the eldest child of this marriage, was Marinda J. Coppage, born Jan. 1862 at Middlebourne, and she was known thru life as Jennie.

My great grandmother, Jennie Coppage, married in the early 1880s George Harrison Marshall (1840-1895), a Civil War vet and blacksmith. They settled in Wheeling, living on Coal st. from the late 1880s to the mid-1890s. Emma Beall Coppage possibly never married. About 1890 she was living with her widowed mother, another sister and brother Charles, at 422 Main St., Wheeling. In the early 1900s, Miss Emma lived for some period of time with her widowed sister, Jennie Marshall Ė I believe it was on Wheeling Island. Jennie lived in Brooklyn NY for a short period in the late 1920s/ealy 1930s, then stayed for a short time in Cleveland circa 1934, and then relocated to Martins Ferry, Ohio where she died in the mid-1940s. I have no knowledge of Emma Coppage after the World War I period.

I thought that I would provide a little info on Emma in case you are collecting biographical information on the nurses.

George in Glendale NY