These nurses were at HASKINS HOSPITAL in Wheeling, around the turn of the 20th century. Some of their uniforms are identical to those shown in the picture on the cover of this site. The nurses in this picture appear to be new student nurses (no cap) with their superior, but the uniform is not the same as in the photo of the 1915 graduates of the School of Nursing at Haskins. If these nurses were students at Haskins, perhaps they modernized the uniform and cap by the time of the 1915 graduation.

     According to the information posted elsewhere about the schools, "This hospital was opened in 1895 by Dr. Thomas M. Haskins, and nurses were first graduated apparently in 1900. The school graduated its last class in 1915, the same year the hospital was closed. Records indicated that the school graduated an average of nine nurses per year during this period. At first a two-and-one-half-year course, it later became the standard three-year variety. Directors of nursing included Miss Bertha G. Mansfield, Miss Margaret V. Bell and Miss Bertha Blake."

     The nurses listed at Haskins Hospital in the 1900 Census, Webster District, Ohio County, W. Va. were: Edith McDaid, b June 1866, age 33, married 16 yrs.; Amanda Patterson, b Jan 1969, age 31, Single; Rae Dessell, b Apr 1877, age 23, Single; Agnes Gallegher, b Dec 1879, age 20, Single; Lou? Barnes, b Mar 1857, age 43, Single; Bertha Mansfield, b Nov 1845, age 54, Marital Status not known; H. H. Hathaway, b Aug 1878, age 22, Single.

     The nurses listed at Haskins Hospital in the 1910 Census, Webster District, Ohio County, W. Va. were: Lorena Harrold, 23, Single, b Ohio; Eithel Bostaph, 21, Single, b Pa.; Bessie Manning, 23, Single, b W. Va.; Bertha Mansfield, 47, Single, b N. Y.; Gertrude Warder?, 22, Single, b W. Va.; Eithel Lhor (Lohr), 21, Single, b Pa.; Lewella Ellis, 25, Single, b Ohio; Emma B. Coppage, 30, Single, b W. Va.; Mazura Hitty?, 20, Single, b Turkey 'Asia'; Thresa McAdams, 20, Single, b W. Va. - - Of these names, the nurses listed among the RNs 1907-1835 are: Bertha Mansfield, Dr. Rheamy's Cincinnati, 1898; Ethel Lohr, Haskins, 1910; Luella Ellis, Haskins, 1916 (This year is in conflict with the information that the school closed in 1915.); Emma B. Coppage, Haskins, 1911.