Haskins' Hospital, Wheeling, W. Va.
Class of 1911

Submitted by George P. Miller.

     Emma Beall Coppage, 1911 graduate of the Nursing School at Haskins Hospital, was my great grandmother’s younger sister. Emma Beall Coppage was born to Richard Taylor Coppage and his second wife, Marinda Lyon(s) at Middlebourne, Tyler County W.Va., in 1866. My great grandmother, the eldest child of this marriage, was Marinda J. Coppage, born Jan. 1862 at Middlebourne, and known thru life as "Jennie."

     My great grandmother, Jennie Coppage, married in the early 1880s George Harrison Marshall (1840-1895), a Civil War vet and blacksmith. They settled in Wheeling, living on Coal St. from the late 1880s to the mid-1890s. Emma Beall Coppage possibly never married. About 1890 she was living with her widowed mother, another sister and brother Charles, at 422 Main St., Wheeling. In the early 1900s, Miss Emma lived for some period of time with her widowed sister, Jennie Marshall – I believe it was on Wheeling Island. Jennie lived in Brooklyn NY for a short period in the late 1920s/ealy 1930s, then stayed for a short time in Cleveland circa 1934, and then relocated to Martins Ferry, Ohio where she died in the mid-1940s. I have no knowledge of Emma Coppage after the World War I period.

     From the Wheeling city directories (I don’t have all the years):

1890, 1891 – Miss Kate Coppage, boards, 422 Main, is listed. She was a sister of Emma.

1892, 1893 – Mrs. Marinda Coppage, widow, res 422 Main, 3d story, is listed heading the household. Also listed are Miss Kate Coppage, Charles K. Coppage and Miss Emma Coppage – these are a sister and brother to Emma, and Marinda, the widow of Richard Taylor Coppage, is Emma’s mother.

1896 - Mrs. Marinda Coppage, widow of R. T., res 422 Main, 3d floor, heads the family. Miss Emma B. Coppage and Miss Minnie B. Coppage are listed as boarders at 422 Main, 3d floor.

In 1904, 1905, 1906, Miss Emma B. Coppage is shown as boarding at 104 Zane. This is the residence of Mrs. Jennie M. (Coppage) Marshall, the widow of George Harrison Marshall and older sister of Miss Emma.

1911, 1912 – Miss Emma B. Coppage, nurse Haskins Hospital

     Miss Emma probably appears in later city directories, but I don’t have the information from them.

     The next notice I have of Miss Emma is in the obit for my g-grandmother, Mrs. Jennie M. (Coppage) Marshall. The newspaper clipping, like most from my family, is unidentified and undated – but I believe that it came from the Martins Ferry, Ohio newspaper, sometime in 1945. It says she died on a Friday evening at her home, 505 Crawford St., Martins Ferry, at the age of 83 (b. January 1862, d.1945=83 yrs.) and her husband, George H. Marshall died 49 years earlier – he died in late 1895 and is buried in the Weeks Cemetery at Bridgeport, Belmont Co., Ohio. Obit also says Jennie Marshall came to Martins Ferry from Wheeling in 1919. Survivors include 2 daughters, Mrs. Clara Tice and Mrs. Irene Menkemeller, both at home (Martins Ferry), a son Clyde Elmer Marshall of Woodsdale, and 3 sisters, MISS EMMA COPPAGE and Mrs. William Bigler, Columbus, and Mrs. Minnie Allison of Albright, W.Va., also 10 grandchildren (5 overseas with the military) and 18 great-grandchildren.

     I don’t know for sure how to interpret the obit concerning Miss Emma. I think it means that Emma AND her sister, Mrs. Bigler are both living in Columbus. If she wasn’t married by the mid-1940s when she was in her late 70s, I guess she remained single all of her life, and she probably would have lived with or very close to other members of the Coppage family. It is probable that there were no Coppages in Wheeling by the 1940.

     An additional note. My grandmother, Emma Irene (Marshall) Menkemeller was named for her aunt, Emma Coppage, and Irene was a practical nurse who ran a small “old age” home for several years in Shadyside, Ohio – this would have been in the late 1940s/very early 1950s. When the requirements got to be too burdensome, she closed the home and then went to work as a nurse at the hospital in Bellaire, Ohio. She commuted via bus between Martins Ferry and Bellaire for years until she retired.

1870 Census, Ellsworth District, Tyler County, West Virginia
Richard Coppage, 65, b VA
Marinda Coppage, 35, b VA
Jane Coppage, 9, b VA
Elizabeth Coppage, 7, b VA
Emma B. Coppage, 4, b WV
Catherine Coppage, 2, b WV

1880 Census, Ellsworth District, Tyler County, West Virginia
Richard Coppage, 75, Plasterer, VA, VA, VA
Marinda Coppage, 45, Wife, Keeping House, OH, PA, WV
Marinda J., 18, dau, At home, WV, VA, OH
Mary E. Coppage, 16, WV, VA, OH
Emma B. Coppage, 14, WV, VA, OH
Katie A. Coppage, 12, WV, VA, OH
Charles K. Coppage, 6, WV, VA, OH
Minnie B. Coppage, 2, WV, VA, OH

1900 Census, Washington District, Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia
Marinda Coppage, head, b May 1836, 64, 7 child./5 living, Carpet Weaver, OH, PA, WV
Emma B. Coppage, dau, b Feb 1866, 34, Single, Book Binder, WV, VA, OH
Minnie B. Coppage, dau, b Apr 1872, 28, Single, Milliner, WV, VA, OH

1910 Census, Haskins Hospital, Eoff Street, Wheeling, West Virginia
Emma B. Coppage, nurse, 30, Single, WV, WV, WV, Attendant

1920 Census, Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio
William H. Bigler, 54, OH, Ger, Ger
Katie C., wife, 52, WV, VA, OH
Emma B. Coppage, sis-in-law, 54, WV, VA, OH, Nurse State Hospital

1920 Census, Columbus State Hospital, Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio
Emma B. Coppage, employee, 47, WV, VA, WV, Attendant

1930 Census, Columbus State Hospital, Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio
Emma B. Coppage, Employee, 60, Single, Attendant RN, WV, VA, OH