Kessler Hospital, Clarksburg
Class of 1902

Submitted by Elizabeth Smith, Aloha, Oregon (November 2003)

     Mary Alice Lamb was born in West Virginia about 1877. She is listed in the 1880 census as three years old. She was the daughter of John A. and Mariah Riddle Lamb to whom four girls and three boys were born.
     In 1937 the newspaper The Clarksburg Telegram wrote an article about Mariah, who by then had reached the age of 87. A quote from the piece reads---"The third member (of the family) is Miss Mary A. Lamb of Bridgeport, a registered nurse, who was a member of the first training class of the old Kessler hospital in Clarksburg in 1902, the first regular hospital in Harrison County and the forerunner of the present Union Protestant hospital."
     Mary Alice never married. She and her sister Ida had their mother, Mariah, living with them at the time of the article.