Miss Mary E. Reid graduated January 1, 1898 from the Deaconess Hospital and Allied Maternity Hospital School of Nursing, Cincinnati, Ohio. She came to Charleston, West Virginia in October 1898 to open the first hospital school of nursing in the city, the Thomas Hospital School of Nursing, later named the Charleston General Hospital School of Nursing. She served as Superintendent of Nurses for two years.

     Miss Reid also established and directed West Virginia's first Nurses' Official Registry from November 1907, to August 1, 1933, when she was forced to resign on account of ill health. In addition to her registry duties, she was instructor of a class of junior nurses in the McMillan Hospital from 1912 to 1924. She was the author of Bacteriology in a Nutshell which reached eleven editions during the years from 1904 to 1931, and which was widely used as a textbook in many countries. Miss Reid passed away January 7, 1939 after a long illness.

Source: "A History of Nursing in West Virginia," published by the West Virginia State Nurses' Association, circa 1940. Material compiled by Mary E. Reid, R.N.; edited by Mrs. Margaret J. Steele, R.N.