St. Mary's Hospital, Clarksburg
World War II

Submitted by Phyllis Arnett Vines
(November 2003)

     Miss Underwood was a St. Mary's Hospital nurse who was in WWII. The list shows two: a Margaret and a Nelle. If my memory serves me, it would have been Margaret. She is in her uniform (in NC I think) and she was expecting to go overseas.
     She was my mother's nurse at St. Mary's (Clarksburg, WV). I was too young to call her anything but Miss Underwood. By the time the picture was received, my mother and I had moved to Washington, D. C. and we were working for the government during WWII. Miss Underwood's sister gave the picture to my aunt, Opal Rymer, of Mannington, WV, specifically to send to my mother, which she did. My mother was Lavina Ruth Rymer (Mrs. A. J. Arnett).