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Pearl Family of Maryland & Higgins Family of Ireland


Back row: Clarence Pearl, b. Mar. 1899; Charles Pearl, b. July 1881; Mary Angela Pearl, b 25 Dec 1886 (dau. of Wm. A. & Mary Alice Higgins Pearl); William A. Pearl, b. Oct 1876; Bertha Pearl, b 18 Feb 1898 (dau. of Ed & Lucy); Sarah Pearl, (dau. of Ed & Lucy); Edmund Benedict Pearl, b 16 May 1872.

Middle row: Dora Pearl, b Aug. 1879; John Walter, b 6 Nov 1906 (son of Wm. Andrew & Mary Alice Higgins Pearl); Anna Katherine Pearl, b 22 Mar 1902 (dau. of Wm. & Mary Alice); John James Pearl, b 1836; Mary Higgins Pearl, b 12 Oct 1882; Lucy Crozier Davis Pearl (Ed's wife), b 22 Jan. 1870; Arthur Wayne Pearl, b 15 Jun 1902 (son of Ed & Lucy).

Front row: Charles Patrick Pearl, b 6 Mar 1909 (son of Wm. & Mary Alice); Francis Raymond Pearl, b 7 May 1911 (son of Wm. & Mary Alice); James Higgins Pearl, b. 10 Dec 1913 (son of Wm. & Mary Alice); Gertrude Pearl, (dau. of Ed & Lucy); and Marie Pearl, b 14 Aug 1906 (dau. of Ed & Lucy).



Robert Pearle, born in Calvert County, Maryland c 1685, was the "son of a negroe slave" and probably her white master. In the Eighteenth Century, Robert, formerly known as "Mulatto Robin," became one of the wealthiest planters in Maryland during the colonial era.

Researchers of the family of Robert Pearle are indebted to Dr. Mary Clement Jeske, who became interested in Robert Pearle's life. She wrote an article, "From Slave to Slave Owner: The Life of Robert Pearle of Maryland," published by the Maryland Historical Society in Maryland Historical Magazine, Spring 2008. Her meticulous research and excellent writing tell the story of his family, but she also provides the invaluable historical context, including the important issue of the evolution of slavery.

Dr. Jeske, as well as descendants of Lawrence Pearl, believes that Lawrence was a grandson of Robert Pearle. We are hoping to find out which of Robert's sons Lawrence descended from.


Peter Higgins, and at least some of his children, came from Ireland (probably County Cork) about 1866. Patrick Higgins and John Higgins raised their families in Marshall County, West Virginia, where Peter died in 1881.

Was a younger Peter Higgins of Belmont County, Ohio another son of Peter Higgins? - To date, most of our Higgins research has focused on the family of Patrick Higgins, who married Irish immigrant, Bridget (also Brigid) Johnston, in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1871.

Additional Higgins information will be posted in the near future.

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