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DANIEL C. HALL, Company "B"

     Born in Belmont County, Ohio, Daniel C. Hall gave his age as 43 when he joined Company "B." However, he was apparently older than that and, like many of the older men, he lied about his age so he could serve in the war. According to the census records, which are consistent, Daniel's birth date was about 1806.

     Daniel Hall married Delila Williams 6 July 1837 in Marshall County, at which time he would have been about 31.

1850 Census, Marshall County, (W) Virginia
HALL (1219/1223)
Daniel, Farmer, 40-M, b VA
Delilah, 35-F, b VA
Mary J., 13-F, b VA
Ruth C., 11-F, b VA
Huldah, 9-F, b VA
Samuel, 3-M, b VA
Francis M., 3mo.-M, b VA

1860 Census, Marshall County, (W) Virginia
HALL (771/758)
Daniel, 54-wm, sawyer, b OH
Delilah, 45-wf, b VA
Mary J., 22-wf, b VA
Hulda A., 17-wf, b VA
Samuel, 12-wm, b VA
Francis M., 10-wm, b VA
Angeline, 7-wf, b VA

1870 Census, Buffalo, Putnam County, (W) Virginia
HALL (59/58)
Daniel C., 65, Farmer, $500, $291, b Ohio
Delila, 56, Keeping House, b VA
Francis M., 20, Attending School, b VA

1880 Census, District 109, Buffalo, Putnam County, (W) Virginia
HALL (177/178)
Daniel C., 74, Farmer, $500, $291, Ohio NY Ireland
Delilah, 64, Keeping House, WV VA VA
Mary J. Goshorn, daughter, 41, With Mother, WV, OH WV
Angelina, 18, Gr dau., At Home, WV WV WV
Melvin E., 12, Gr son, Works on Farm, WV WV WV
Cora A., 4, Gr Dau, WV WV WV
Daniel N., 7 months (b Oct), WV WV WV

     Daniel is not found in the 1890 Census of Veterans. His pension index card at the National Archives (on ancestry.com) is hard to read but it looks like he applied for his pension in Oct 1882 and received certificate #330941. Delila applied for a widow's pension in Oct 1886 (not sure) and was awarded certificate #283801.

     According to Timothy L. Keely, Daniel C. Hall is buried in the graveyard of the Old Bethel Church of Christ, on a ridge up 18 Mile Creek, between Dads Branch and Dunlap Branch (see Winfield topo map) about 5 miles east of the town of Buffalo, Putnam County, West Virginia.