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Hardesty's History of Harrison County, West Virginia.

     Alstorpheus W. Fittro - son of Samuel and Cecilia (Hardman) Fittro, and Sarah A. Byrd, daughter of Abraham and Catherine (Hull) Byrd, were united in marriage in Harrison county, West Virginia, October 8, 1863. Both were born in Harrison county, his birth on the 23rd of July, 1839, and August 21, 1840, her natal day. In the home established by their marriage are one son and one daughter, and death has taken a son from them. These children were born Charles C., July 25, 1864; Willie E., July 29, 1866, died may 6, 1882; Mary V., June 25, 1868. A. W. Fittro is a farmer of Clark district, and is filling satisfactorily the office of superintendent of the poor. His post office address is Clarksburg, Harrison county, West Virginia.

     Samuel H. Fittro (brother of Alstorpheus) - is one of the substantial farmers and stockraisers of Clark district, and was born in Harrison county, April 17, 1855. In this county, in 1882, he wedded Ella, daughter of David and Catherine (Foster) Lang. She was born in Washington county Pennsylvania, March 2, 1858, and came to Harrison county with her parents in 1867. Her father was born February 4, 1816, in Glasgow, Scotland, and her mother was born March 17, 1819, in Blasbough, Germany. Samuel and Cecelia (Hardman) Fittro were the parents of Samuel H. They were born in Harrison county, the former January 31, 1808, and the latter January 24, 1809. The brothers and sisters of Samuel H. are: Andrew J., born December 3, 1829, lives in Clarksburg; Margaret, September 27, 1831, and Martha, October 12, 1833, live in this district; Mary E., November 9, 1835, lives at Cherry Camp, this State; Joseph H., November 21, 1837, died March 28, 1839; Alstorpheus W., July 23, 1839, whose sketch precedes this; Prudence A., February 8, 1841; Oliver J., May 3, 1843 - these three live in this district; Virginia C., October 23, 1845, lives in Albion, Illinois; Missouri L., December 16, 1847, lives in this district; Columbia, twin of Missouri L., lives in Doddridge county, this state; Susan A., March 10, 1851, lives in Clay district. Samuel H. Fittro's postoffice address is Clarksburg, Harrison county, West Virginia.