12th LOGO

JOHN L. GOODWIN, Sergeant, Company "F"

Submitted by Chris Sisler.

Sheridan Field Hospital
Winchester Dec 21st 1864

Mr Dudley:
     Dear Sir: From all that I can gather concerning the noble and brave Sergt Goodwin; He must have perished at the place here to fore mentioned. I cannot learn anything positive about him; but the boys are all led to believe, from circumstances and a statement that a citizen made, (who lives near the place) that he now fills a soldiers grave. This citizen said, "that there was a man killed there, that was some kind of an officer, and another that was not". So you can readily judge, (as we only lost two men) that it must have been him. The company, all mourn his loss and greatly sympathize with his lady and friends in the loss of so gallant a husband and relative.

     I will endevor to write a few lines, in a sort of poetic stile, which will to some extent express the warm sympathy and love his comrads still retain to his memory: but in the onset, I will tell you truely that my pen and limited education, is not sufficient for the task.

     To the memory of Sergt John L. Goodwin Co. F 12th West Va. Vols. who was killed Aug 14th 1864, while trying to place a signal post on the top of Massanutton Mountain, near Strausburg Va.

To Massanutton mountains peak,
Our comrades brave had clambered;
O'er logs and brush, up rocky steep
To place a signal standard.

While resting there, the rebels came
In overwhelming numbers;
And drove them down the hill again,
From where our hero slumbers.

His voice rang out upon the air,
In accents loud and clear
"Keep up courage! Dont dispair!
We'll win or perish here!"

Our comrade thus did give command
Bove muskets loud, keen roar
While amid this gallant band
He fell to rise no more.

His body on this mountain high
Was left alone to slumber
But, his soul we hope is in the sky
Where cannons cease to rumble.

To his comrades, just speak his name
And a mournful sigh you'll hear
And while they tell you of his fame
In each eye will stand a tear.

Twas thus! he nobly died to save
Our Union and our laws.
For this! He fills a soldiers grave
Oh! what a noble cause.

Composed by: L. C. Floyd 1st Sergt. Co. F 12th W.Va.