12th LOGO

ISAAC GREGG, Company "A"


Transcribed by Bobby Jones.

Soldier, Isaac Gregg
Rank, Private
Company, "A"
Regiment, 12th W.Va. Vol. Inf.
P.O. Moundsville
State, W.Va.
Rates, $2 per month, commencing June 17th 1865
and $4 from August 23, 1882
Pensioned for Ch. Diarrhea

Name, Soule' & CO. - Fee, $25; Agent____
P.O. Washington, D.C. - Articles filed 6 of 12

Approved for Chronic Diarrhea
Submitted for admission Dec. 19, 1987; Thomas B Joslin
Approved for Chr diarrhea
2/18 to Aug. 23-82
4/18 thereafter-
ruling 97
Dec 22, 1887. Macauley, Legal Reviewer
J Ble Baxter, Med Ex'r, Baeeoch, Medical Reviewer
Dec 27, 1887, HgB, Re-Reviewer.
Dec 28, 1887, ____________Medical Re-Reviewer

Enlisted Aug 18th, 1862 ____service from ___
Mustered ________, 18__ 18__, to ___, 18__
Discharged June 16th, 1865 ____
Declaration filed June 29th, 1880 Not in service since June 16th Declaration, 1865

Alleges that he contracted, measles in Nov. 1872 and that while in prison he contracted diarrhea, and chills with fever. resulting in general debility.On affidavit filed April 1, 1881 alleges that he took cold and measles which settled all through him. Also alleges rheumatisum since disch'g claim for chronic diarrhea submitted for admission order May 1 of 1885. Full calls for measles, fever and ? and ? debility made this day Dec. 19, 1887 (can't read signature)


Claimant, Isaac Gregg
Rank, Private
Company, "A"
Regiment, 12 W. Va. Vol. Inf.
P.O., Pwhatan Point
County, Belmont
State, Ohio

Rate, $___per month commencing_____
No issue unless claimant elects No benefit Disabled by _____

Name, Soule' and Co. - Fee $ 10.00 , Agent _______ P.O., Washington D.C. - Articles filed none

Submitted for increase July 20, 1891. Approved for Renewal and increase under the general law for chronic diarrhrea from April 20/92. Disease of bladder and heart and rheumatism alleges results to ????
Sept. 11, 1895, Singletary Legal Reviewer

Miss Desha, Examiner
Approved for Chronic diarrhrea and resulting disease of rectum 6/18 from Nov. 20th 1895- no increase prior to said date - no special results - no benefit.
Dec. 17th, 189? Thos. Faehausonbaugh, Medical Reviewer

Enlisted Aug. 18, 1862
Discharged June 16th, 1865 Last paid to _____at $ 4.00
Pensioned June 17th, 1865, at $2.00, for Cronic diarrhrea and at $ 4.00 from Aug. 23, 1882 for same.
Original declaration filed June 29th 1880; alleged measles, diarrhrea, chills and fever resulting in general debility.
Affidavit filed April 1881, alleges cold, also rheumatism since discharge.
Pensioned under the Act of June 27, 1890 at $12 from Aug. 1891 for chronic diarrhrea, rheumatism, disease of heart and enlarged prostate.
Arrears allowed from _____, 18__ , to _____, 18__, at $______

Declaration filed March 6, 1888, Chronic diarrhrea
May 19, 1891, Chronic diarrhrea and disease of the heart and rheumatism resulting from (page ends)


I enlisted August 18th 1862 and we went to *(bekerng?) in october I had the measles and I caught cold with them and they settled all through me and hour doctor went a way with the regiment. I had another Doctor Dr. George gans who lived in moundsville came to *(bekerng? with another regiment he was a Surgent of that regiment and he didn't treat me with the measles and I came to *(buckhnon?) in December and I had diarrehrea the doctor treat me was a country Doctor I didn't know his name and he treat me and he give me leave of absence to go home when I went home the same

page2 Dr. bane? from Powhatan treat me in May 1863. I went to the regiment to Clarksburg then to Winchester where I was taken prisoner the 19th of June I went to richmon to helliland? and I was sick with the diarrhrea and the rebel doctor treat me in July I came to annapolis in 63 with the diarrhoea that treat me he cald it chronic diarrehrea his name was Dr. royal then after that I had the fever and ague bout a weak I wasn't able for dutty and I was transfured may 1864 to Washinton and I and I had the diarrharea at Washington D C and I was transfured from thire to U.S. general hospital summit house Philadelphia PA In june I had the diarrhaea fever and ague while I was thire the Doctor that treat

page 3 me I don't know his name and I was transferred to the U.S. ???? Hospital west philadelphia ???? ward of bead 12 and I wasn't able for duty in 64 I went to the regiment in 65 I had the diarrhea in murland to richmon near richmon in 65 I went to --- rocks sick not able for duty.

*unable to make out name.