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From History of the Pan-Handle, West Virgina, Brant & Fuller, 1890.


Company I - Recruited at Hancock County, WV
(Page 427)

     Out of this regiment, which was recruited in the counties of Hancock, Brook, Ohio, Marshall, Marion, Taylor and Harrison, company I was from this county. The regiment was organized at Camp Willey, Wheeling, W. Va.
     Officers - John Henry Melvin, Captain; Milton B. Campbell, first lieutenant; William Hewitt, second lieutenant; A. J. L. Kerr, first sergeant; James Porter, sergeant; James Aten, sergeant; Joseph Hewitt, sergeant; Thomas B. Bernard, sergeant; Marion M. Cullen, corporal; John S. Brobeck, corporal; Robert Ramsey, corporal; Sylvanus H. Debee, corporal; Samuel Beal, corporal; Andrew O. Apple, corporal; Van B. Bernard, corporal; Samuel Halstead, corporal; George S. Simpson, musician.
     Privates - James M. Abrams, Alex B. Allison, John W. Allison, Isaac N. Cullen, James Y. Campbell, John W. Flowers, William Fernsworth, John L. Harper, Wm. W. Haney, Wm. G. Allison, James Allison, Wm. H. Allison, Samuel H. Cullin, John M. Dornan, George W. Goddard, Alex. Hineman, John V. S. Harper, Sylvester B. Jenkins, Richard O. Allison, Peter P. Allison, Benton Applegate, W. B. Campbell, R. H. Fernsworth, Jacob Geer, Harvey Howard, John G. Hunter, W. C. Mahan, Samuel H. Miner, John C. Morrow, Henry Quear, Harper McRalston, David H. Snowden, W. W. Stewart, Milton H. Thayer, Charles A. Geer, James Swearingen, J. Bailey, George H. H. Bird, Alfred Finney, Andrew Jackson, George W. Pees, John M. Thorn, Thomas Wasson, Wheeler Hobbs, Isaac H. Miller, Jacob Quear, Joseph B. Durbin, Joseph Scott, John G. Allison, George W. Moorehead, Robert W. Pugh, John Ridinger, James R. Snowden, John A. Scott, Samuel Troup, George B. Mackey, R. H. Brown, Thomas W. Bradley, John R. Baxter, Jesse Bailey, Peter Herbert, James W. Owens, David H. Russell, James Wilson, W. H. Baxter, W. M. Hukill, W. W. Swearingen, Jos. R. Lyons, Andrew Dougherty, Charles Graham, W. E. Goddard, Morgan H. Miller, Daniel Pugh, W. B. Robb, Robert Snowden, Alex. Swearingen. Silas Wilkinson, Martin L. Carson, W. A. Scott, Joseph; John S. Bailey, Cyrus Caldwell, William Jewell, David M. Patterson, C. H. Ross, I. M. Young, D. W. Cochran, W. W. Allison, Samuel B. Stewart, Wm. Beal, Wm. Thompson, John W. Greer, W. H. H. Jones.
     Immediately after the organization of this regiment, it was ordered to Clarksburg, Va., which place was then threatened by rebel forces, on a raid into Western Virginia. A detachment of four companies was ordered to Beverly on the 2d day of September, and on the 4th of September, the remaining companies were ordered to Buckhannon, Va. The detachment under command of lieutenant-Colonel Northcott, marched from Beverly to Webster, thence to Clarksburg, joining the regiment on the 1st of October, at Buckhannon. A slight skirmish took place at Strasburg. From this place they moved to Winchester, Va., reaching that place on the 23d of December, 1862, and there remained until the 26th of March, 1863, when it was ordered to Berryville, Va., and from thence on the 10th of May, to Clarksburg, W. Va. Here the regiment remained until the 2d of June, and then by orders, returned to Winchester, and there participated in the engagement at that place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of June, when the command of General Milroy was attacked by the army of General Lee, then on his raid into Maryland and Pennsylvania. The regiment lost heavily in this engagement. The next engagement in which this regiment took an active part, was at the battle of New Market, on the 15th of May. The regiment formed a part of the army in the Shenandoah Valley, under command of General Hunter, and was in the Lynchburg campaign. In the battle of Piedmont, Va., this regiment, commanded by Colonel Wiliam B. Curtis, behaved with great gallantry, being the first to enter the rebel works, and captured a number of prisoners, and on the following day participated in the engagement at that place. The enemy being in superior force and strongly fortified, the army began its retreat and arrived at Parkersburg on the 5th of July.
     In July and August, it participated in the campaign of General Crook, against Early, in the Shenandoah Valley, and was at the battle of Snicker's Ferry, July 18th, Winchester on the 24th, and at Cedar Creek, August 12th. The regiment participated in none of the subsequent battles in the Valley, but accompanied the army in all its campaigns. It afterwards was ordered to the army of the Potomac. It was mustered out on the 16th day of June, 1865.

Company K - Recruited at Brooke County, WV
(Pages 448-449)

     List of Company K, Twelfth Regiment West Virginia Infantry Volunteers, showing its condition on the 3d day of December, 1864, together with a complete record of the changes that have taken place since its organization. Mustered into the United States army, August 30, 1862, for three years.
     Captain - John B. Jester, promoted captain November 1, 1863.
     First Lieutenant - John A. Briggs, promoted second lieutenant April 20, 1864.
     Sergeants - Thomas H. Marks, Rowland F. Craig, George A. Baxter, W. B. Wells, Edward J. Smith.
     Corporals - Alexander McConnahea, Benjamin Harvey, Joseph E. Harding, Richard Mahan, John M. M. Roberts, William Rush, George Glass, Albert Caldwell.
     Privates - Robert Arbaugh, Rufus J. Burgoyne, Elias L. Britt, Martin V. Brownlee, Daniel Baxter, James E. Brownlee, William A. Billingsly, James Cupples, John B. Cariens, David Cornelius, Jonathan Cox, Thomas Degarmo, David S. David, John B. Everett, John W. Fenwick, John Freshwater, John J. Glass, John W. Green, John B. Gilchrist, Henry M. Hall, John H. Hendricks, Lewis C. Hall, Marshall Hays, Samuel Hindman, John H. Haney, Wm. C. A. Houston, Eugenius Hunt, John Kimmins, Jacob Knipple, McKendra Kelley, Philip Lucas, Joseph Marsh, George W. Maxwell, Jacob McCormick, Arthur F. McNally, William McHugh, James E. Montgomery, Charles E. W. Mason, Nathaniel Nelson, H. C. Plattenburg, William Philips, James A. Perkins, James M. Pepper, Gabriel Robinson, Anson W. Robinson, Jesse Robinson, Martin J. Roberts, Clemens Speidel, Hugh Scott, Benjamin Stock, W. H. H. Smith, Matthew Swan, George Strong, Stephen S. Sears, Clarence A. Smith, George W. Tetter, Joseph H. Williams, Wm. Pleasant Wise, George W. Williams.
     Bugler - Harvey H. Young.


     Captain - Thomas White, resigned August 1, 1863.
     Sergeant - H. C. Kimberland, disability, 1863.
     Corporals - Bazel B. Lee, disability, 1863; Augustus C. Hall, disability, 1863.
     Privates - Wm. T. Kelley, disability, 1863; John Keith, disability, 1863; James Smith, disability, 1863; John Thompson, disability, 1863; Joseph S. Amey, disability, 1863.


     Privates - Joseph R. Fleming, at Romney, W. Va.; Leonard C. Hall, at Cumberland, Md.; William Paden, at Romney, W. Va.; Robert Homer, at Winchester, Va.; Joseph A. Davis, at Clarksburg, W. Va., Robert D. Sims, at Berryville, Va.; Derias Wright, at Moorefield, W. Va.; Joseph Plummer, at Annapolis, Md.; Wm. C. Holbritter, killed at Piedmont, W. Va.; Albert White, killed at Piedmont, W. Va.; James White, killed at Lynchburg, Va.


     John Algoe, 1864; Eli Adams, 1864 - returned afterwards; Isaac Crooks, 1864; James E. Fleming, 1864.