12th LOGO

JAMES BURCH, Company "B"

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

From Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen by H. H. Hardesty, 1898:

BURCH, JAMES M. - son of Richard T. and Isabel (McHenry) Burch, was born March 2, 1827, in what is now Marshall county, West Virginia. His parents died in the county of his nativity, and in that county he was married December 4, 1851. On that date Harriet N. Mayhall became his wife, and the children of their wedlock were born: Margaret A., June 1, 1853; Emily C., February 7, 1855; Thaddeus S., November 18, 1857; Allison N., April 1, 1858; Richard H., February 16, 1860; McClellan, December 16, 1866; Minnie W., June 19, 1869 - these children are all living in their parents' home. Timothy and Margaret (Giles) Mayhall were the parents of Mrs. Burch. She was born in Marshall county, March 18, 1826, and in that county both her parents died, her father in 1863, and her mother in 1872. In the war between the States, James M. Burch served from August 13, 1862, until June 16, 1865, in Company B, 12th West Virginia Infantry. He was in the battle of Winchester, and a number of minor engagements, and from exposure and hardships lost his health while in the service. March 31, 1869, he took up his residence in Wetzel county, and in Centre district he is engaged in the pursuits of agriculture. His post office address is Milo, Wetzel county, West Virginia.