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JOHN L. STAMM, Company "D"

John Lawrence Stamm & Catherine Watson McKean
Wedding Day, 1867

(Photos provided by Jody Torbett Green, granddaughter.)

From records of the Adjutant General's Office, compiled by the West Virginia State Archives:

John L. Stamm - resident or enrolled at Wheeling, W.Va.; 20; mustered in 25 Aug 1862 at Wheeling, W.Va. Farmer born Lancaster County, Pa. Mustered out 16 Jun 1865 at Richmond, Va.


Transcribed by Linda Fluharty.

Act of June 27, 1890
Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, D.C., January 15, 1898.

Certificate No 911102

In forwarding to the pension agent the executed voucher for your next quarterly payment please favor me by returning this circular to him with replies to the questions enumerated below.
Very Respectfully,
H Clay Evans, Commissioner

First. Are you married? If so, please state your wife's full name and her maiden name.
Answer. Yes. Catherine Thompson Stamm. McKean.

Second. When, where, and by whom were you married?
Answer. Feb 14, 1867, at Wheeling W.Va., Rev John Moffat.

Third. What record of marriage exists?
Answer. Recorded in County Court & 2nd Presbyterian Church Register.

Fourth. Were you previously married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death and divorce.
Answer. No-

Fifth. Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth.
Answer. Yes. JOHN March 14th 1867, ISABELLA Oct 2nd 1869, CLARK May 22nd 1872, GEORGE Feb 24, 1876, CLARA March 21, 1881, KATHERINE April 20th 1887, CAMILL July 27th 1891.

Date of reply, June 4, 1898

April 25, 1906
Hon. N. B. Scott
United States Senate

My dear Senator:--
     In response to your inquiry of the 23rd instant, received the 24th, relative to the claim for increase of pension under the act of June 27, 1890, certificate number 911.102, of John L. Stamm, who served in Company D, 12th West Virginia Infantry, and whose address you give as 1205 Market street, Wheeling, West Virginia, I have the honor to advise you that it awaits the certificate of medical examination by the board of surgeons at Wheeling, West Virginia, the order for which was issued April 7, 1906.

Very respectfully,
(No Signature), Commissioner

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D.C., January 2, 1915

Sir: Please answer, at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below. The information requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your widow or children. Use the inclosed envelope, which requires no stamp.
152 1/2 15th Street
Wheeling, W.Va.

Very respectfully,
GM Saltzgaber, Commissioner

No 1. Date and place of birth? Answer. Feb 16, 1842. Lancaster Co Pa.
     The name of organizations in which you served? Answer. 12th W.Va. Vol. Inft.

No. 2. What was your post office at enlistment? Answer. Wheeling, W.Va.
No. 3. State your wife's full name and her maiden name. Answer. Katherine Thompson McKean Stamm

No. 4. When, where, and by whom were you married? Answer. Wheeling, Feb 14, 1867. Rev. Dr. Moffat Sr.

No. 5. Is there any official or church record of your marriage? Yes.
     If so, where? Answer. Co. Court & Sec. Presby. Church.

No. 6. Were you previously married? If so, state the name of your former wife, the date of the marriage, and the date and place of her death or divorce. If there was more than one previous marriage, let your answer include all former wives. Answer. NO.

No. 7. If your present wife was married before her marriage to you, state the name of her former husband.........(etc.) BLANK.

No. 8. Are you now living with your wife, or has there been a separation? Answer. I am living with my first and only wife.

No. 9. Do you have any children? Answer.

John Stamm (twin) - Oct 14, 1867
Tom Stamm (twin) - Oct 14, 1867 - Dead
George Stamm - Feb. 24, 1876 - Dead
Clark Stamm - May 22, 1972
Isabell Seachrist - Mar 2, 1869
Clara Dobbins - Mar 21, 1882
Catherine Torbet - Apr 20, 1887
Camille Wendle - July 27, 1891

Date Mar 29, 1915
(Signature) JOHN L. STAMM

Declaration For Pension
Act of May 1, 1920

State of West Virginia, County of Ohio, ss:
     On this 7th day of April A.D. 1922, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the county and State aforesaid, JOHN L. STAMM, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is 80 years of age, and a resident of WHEELING, county of OHIO, State of WEST VIRGINIA; and that he is the identical person who was enrolled at Wheeling West Va, under the name of JOHN L. STAMM, on the 12" day of August 1862, as a Private, in Co "D" 12" West Va. Infantry Vols in the service of the United States, in the Civil war, and was Honorably Discharged at Richmond, Va., on the 16th day of June 1865.
That he also served in NO OTHER SERVICE.
That his personal description at enlistment was as follows: Height 5 feet 5 inches; complexion, DARK; color of eyes BROWN; color of hair BROWN; that his occupation was FARMER; that he was born FEB 16th 1842, at LANCASTER COUNTY PA.
That he requires the regular personal aid and attendance of another person by reason of NEARLY BLIND, NEARLY DEAF, HARDENING OF ARTERIES, ENLARGED PROSTATE GLAND, KIDNEY & BLADDER TROUBLE. NO TEETH, GENERALLY BROKEN DOWN and PAST 80 YEARS OF AGE.
     That he is a pensioner under Certificate No. 911.102. That he has applied for pension under original No. DON'T REMEMBER
     That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provisions of the Act of May 1, 1920.

Claimant's signature - JOHN L. STAMM
Claimant's address - #606 North Huron St, Wheeling, West Va.

Witnesses: Mrs Catherine (Illegible) (wife?) - #606 North Huron St. Wheeling, West Va.
Owen Sullivan - #17 9th Street, Wheeling, West Va.
07 April 1922
Wm W Rogers, Notary Public

Wife's Affidavit
State of West Virginia, County of OHIO, ss:
     In the matter of the application to increase pension of JOHN L. STAMM, Co "D" 12" West Va. Infantry Vols. Certificate 911.102
     On this 7th day of April one thousand nine hundred and 22 personally appeared before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County and State, duly authorized to administer oaths CATHERINE T. STAMM aged 71 years, a resident of WHEELING, in the county of OHIO State of WEST VIRGINIA, whose Post Office address is 606 NORTH HURON STREET WHEELING WEST VA.
     That I have been well and personally acquainted with JOHN L. STAMM for 57 years, and that I am his wife. Nearly blind and deaf. Suffers with kidney and bladder trouble, also arteries, very few old teeth, lives on soft food, not able to do work. Stays about hosue, generally broken down, I know what I say to be true from carring for him, its dangerous for him to be out alone as he can not see well enough, he required the aid and attention of another person, most of the time.

(Stamped Apr 8, 1922)

Information from Death Certificate

Date of Death - September 30, 1932 @ 5:25 p.m.
Place of Death - Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia
Full Name - John Lawrence Stamm
Residence - 59 - 14th Street
Personal & statistical particulars - male, white, widowed
Husband of - Katherine McKean Stamm
Date of Birth - February 16, 1842
Age - 90 years, 7 months, 14 days
Profession - Bank messenger; retired 1920 after 50 years
Birthplace - Lancaster, Pa.
Father - David Stamm, born Pa.
Mother - Susan Lawrence, born Pa.
Informant - Mrs. Clara Dobbins, Wheeling, W.Va.
Burial - Greenwood Cemetery, Oct. 3, 1932
Undertaker - R. T. McCoy, Wheeling, W.Va.
Filed Oct 3, 1932 - W. H. McClain, M.D.
Principal Cause of death - Left broncho pneumonia
Contributary cause of death - Carcinoma left cheek & Lip