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Transcribed by Patricia Sexton.


According to his pension application, filed 22 May, 1912 in Riley Co, Kansas, Leander ALLEN was born 25 April 1841 at Moundsville, West Virginia. On the 12th day of August 1862, he enrolled as a Private in Corporal Company B, 12th Regiment of West Virginia Infantry and was honorably discharged at Cumberland, MD on 12 May 1865. At the time of his enrollment, he was described as being 5 feet 11 inches tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, light hair and was a farmer. He was a pensioner under certificate No. 886123.

Correspondence from pension file of Leander ALLEN

Greenleaf, Kan.
Department of the Interior

I am writing for Information Regarding the pension of Leander ALLEN, Deceased. he Died on the 27th of Oct. 8 days before he would have Received his pension. he leaves a Dependent Sister + a Paralytic Bro. The Sister is 78 yrs of age + the Bro is 70. both were Dependent on him. I have been appointed Executor of his affairs + would like to obtain Information from you how to Proceed to get what was due him for them. I have been Informed that Old Soldiers were Entitled to $80.00 for Funeral Expenses in addition to what was due them at time of death.
Please answer at your earliest Convenience.

Oblig yours Truly
William A. Priest, Exctr
Greenleaf Kansas
(Box 692)

November 22, 1917,

Mr. William A. Priest
Box 692
Greenleaf, Kansas


Replying to your communication of the 6th instant in the case of Leander ALLEN, certificate 886223, you are informed that the pension accrued to the date of the soldier's death is not an asset of his estate, and you as executor thereof have no interest whatever in it. There being no widow, or child or children under the age of 16 years surviving at the date of the pensioner's death, the accrued pension is payable only as reimbursement of the expense of his last sickness and burial, in the event he did not leave sufficient funds with which to meet such expense.

The Federal Government makes no allowance for defraying the expense of the pensioner's last sickness and burial, other than to the extent of the accrued pension, and then only as above described. The fifty dollars referred to is probably the amount that is allowed by the state of Kansas for defraying the funeral expenses of indigent soldiers, and for further information on the subject you are referred to your County Commissioners.

The dependent brother and sister being over the age of 16 years, there is no law whereunder they can be pensioned.

Very respectfully,



Aug. 4, 1917
Nov. 14, 1917
To the Chief, Finance Division

You are hereby notified that check # 5359423 for $90- dated Nov. 4, 1917 in favor of LEANDER ALLEN, post-office GREENLEAF KANS, Certificate # 886123, Class Act May 11, 1912. Section 4 has been returned to this office by the Postmaster, Box 581 with the information that the pensioner died 27 Oct. 1917and said check has this day been canceled.

Very respectfully,
Guy O. Taylor, Disbursing Clerk.