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Submitted by Colleen McManus.

Andrew Martin Jackson Roberts was my great, great grandfather. He was born January 4, 1830 to William and Rebecca Roberts in Brooke County, West Virginia. He died in November of 1874 in a coal mine accident, leaving behind his wife, Rosetta Deighton Roberts and 6 children.

NOTE: He was called "Jackson" Roberts in the 1850 census of Brooke County, at which time he was twenty years of age and living with his parents, William and Rebecca, and his siblings. - In the 1860 census he was listed as A. J. Roberts, a collier, and was married to Rosetta, age 22. They had a son, Franklin, 3, and a daughter, Mary B., 8 months. Also in the home was Rosetta Hodgins, 47, born in England. - In 1870, M. J. Roberts is still found in Wellsburg, Brooke County, with his wife. Franklin from 1860 was named Jno. F. and was 14 years old; Mary B. was 11. Three more children, Sarah R., 9, Wm. D., 7, and Samuel, 2, were also in the family. - In 1880, Rosetta was living in Wellsburg with six of her children; Mary B. was not in the home but Frank, Sallie (Sarah), William and Samuel were. A son, Dick, 8, and a daughter, Mattie, 7, were added to the family after 1870.