12th LOGO

NEWTON B. ANDERSON, Private, Company "F"

Submitted by Robert K. Anderson.

Newton Barnes Anderson was born on April 22, 1846 and died December 29, 1904. He was 5'9", had dark hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion. He married Katherine Rebecca Kerr on January 13, 1870 and they had five children. He was mustered into service August, 1862 and mustered out June, 1865. He was only 16 years old when he enlisted. He lived on Country Club Road in Fairmont, Marion County and supervised the property of Governor A. B. Fleming. He lived on the Governor's land which he later bought from the Governor. Newton was a farmer and a carpenter.

Submitted by Sharon Sprouse Bramhall.

Memorial to Company "F"

"Soldiers Memorial"
Newton Barnes Anderson, Private, WV 12th, Co. F.

     This ornate 16" x 20" Soldiers Memorial, apparently printed before June 20, 1863, when the State of West Virginia was formed, is entitled "SOLDIERS MEMORIAL" with a cameo of George Washington between the two words, set in the center at the highest point. American flags are draped on either side. Below is the focus point of the artwork, a woman with her left hand to her forehead, as if in grief, while her right hand holds a torn Constitution. On each side of her is a smaller picture depicting battle scenes. Below these are three scenes: (1) a soldier's farewell (2) in battle (3) soldier welcomed home. Between these three scenes are oval photographs of two statesmen, unidentified. At the bottom of this memorial it says: "Mustered into the United States Service on August 26, 1862 at Wheeling, Virginia by Major B. H. Hill." In very tiny print at bottom right it says: "Entered according to an Act of Congress in the year 1865 by Whitney & Anderson in D___ " The names below were transcribed by Mary Virginia Sprouse, great-granddaughter of N. B. Anderson, listed second among the privates. The memorial was given to her by Newton B. Anderson's son, Brooks Anderson in 1985.

Note: Some names are not listed aphabetically on the memorial, as if they were added later. Can anyone identify the two statesmen pictured?


Privates: Remarks:

Anderson, Robert R.
Anderson, N. B.
Arnett, Jonathan
Amos, William
Brummage, D.D.
Billingsley, John F.
Barnes, Silas
Bowers, J.D.
Brown, Francis M.
Conaway, Henry
Dudley, W.
Dragoo, W.B. - deceased
Davis, Henry S.
Evans, A.C.
Evans, William L.
Floyd, James F.
Faucett, James
Fletcher, D.F.
Fleming, William A.
Fisher, Fred
Grubb, Benj.
Hobbs, E.N. - discharged
Hawkins, Samuel
Hayhurst, Eli - hospital nurse
Hibbs, Thomas W.
Hall, William S.
Harr, Rufus E.
Hawkins, William
Hill, Minchel
Houston, John G.
Hibbs, Wm. W.
Hawkins, Alexander
Hall, John
Hall, George
Heiskill, R. L.
Jemison, J. F.
Keller, J.C.
King, J. W.


THOMAS H. HAYMOND, 2nd, resigned

1. L. Cole Floyd (note: this name was cut off in photo)
2. Dun'n Cunningham
3. W. B. Birmingham
4. Francis M. Wells
4. Simon F. Shore
5. F. H. Pierpont, Jr. - promoted to Serg't. Maj.

1. Samuel Moran
2. Hiram E. Jones
3. Reason D. Hite
4. Wm. Johnson
5. Joshua Shaw
6. Eli L. Parker
7. John L. Goodwin
8. Calvin J. Lough

Richard Wells, Jr.
John M. Thorn


JOHN B. KLUNK, Colonel
SAMSON P. BRYAN, 1st Ass't. Surg.
FREDERICK H. PATTON, 2nd Ass't. Surg.

Francis H. Pierpont, Serg't. Major
David B. Fleming, Q. M. Sergt.
William A. Scott, Com. Sergt.
George Hammond, Pr_ Musician
Charles M. Odbriks, Ho_ Steward

Privates: Remarks:

Layman, Jacob - Discharged
Lough, Newton
Lough, H. T.
Little, Thomas A. - Teamster
McDonald, John I.
Martin, Thomas - Hospital nurse
Mercer, John W.
Musgrave, John C. - Wagoneer
Musgrave, Job - Wagoneer
Morris, Josephus - Pioneer
Morrow, B. F.
Morgan, E. D.
Monroe, Josiah
Monroe, Riley
Nuzum, Z. K.
Pitzer, John F.
Ritchie, John S.
Rice, Isaac H.
Robison, Elwin T.
Rex, Francis M.
Snodgrass, Eugenius
Shaffer, James T.
Stephens, S. S.
Stewart, J. M.
Sturm, E. E.
Smith, Craven
Satterfield, Eli
Shroyer, A. M.
Sheets, John - discharged
Toothman, U. W.
Upton, A. S.
Vandergrift, Marshall
Wells, R. D.
William, Eli
Wallace, Ezra
Zann, James I.


By Sharon Sprouse Bramhall.

X= Newton B. Anderson & wife, Catherine Rebecca Kerr

     Newton Barnes Anderson, one of nineteen children of Henry Anderson, was born in Marion County, (West) Virginia on April 22, 1846. Henry, a Maryland native, brought his wife & four children (all born in Pennsylvania) to Marion County from Pennsylvania about 1837. Five more children were born, including Newton. When Newton was around four years old, his mother, Ann (Hannan?), died, and in 1853, his father married Hannah Minear, and ten more children were born! Children of Henry Anderson were (by Ann): James F., Nancy C., John J., William S., Enos M., Mary A., Newton Barnes, Elizabeth E., Jehu Festus; (by Hannah): Rachel Helen, Daniel L., Henry Fillmore, Anabel, Charles, George Franklin, Sarah J., Iva Nora, Milinda M., Levi M.
     It was interesting to note in reading Newton B. Anderson's Civil War pension papers that his age was the same upon entering AND leaving service - "18 years old"! When he volunteered for the Union Army at Fairmont on August 4, 1862 - he was barely sixteen. Coming from a family of 21 people, it is not difficult to understand why Newton chose to leave home early! His description was recorded in his pension records: 5'9" tall, brown eyes, dark hair & dark complexion. A photograph of him in his 50's, reveals him to be broad boned, strong, and fit - attributes of the master carpenter he became.
     Young Newton Anderson was assigned to the 12th WV Infantry, Company F., where he served over three years. His company first went to Winchester. Notes from muster rolls indicate he was present, but sick with dropsy in April of 1863. He was back in Clarksburg & Grafton by May & June. Perhaps because of his youth, in July & August of that same year, he was on detached duty as a teamster; while his company marched to Hagerstown, Martinsburg, and Charlestown, he was detailed to guard duty in Wheeling, for November & December 1863. But by January of 1864, he was back with his company in Harpers Ferry and was apparently at the battle at New Creek. From April - June, their company marched through Cumberland, Webster, and Beverly. In New Market, they particpated in the battle between Siegel and Breckenridge. July & August of 1864 found them at Snickers Ferry & Kearnstown, and on September 19, 1864, they were in the Battle of Opequon. By March 1865, the WV 12th was transferred to the Army of the Potomac, 24th Army Corps, assigned to the 3rd Brigade under Col. William B. Curtis. When they two forts were taken - Whetsworth and Gregg - under the observation of General U. S. Grant - the colors of the 12th Regiment were the first placed at one of the forts. At "age 18" (really age 19) - on June 16, 1865, Newton B. Anderson was honorably discharged in Richmond, Virginia. The whereabouts of his Civil War medal is unknown.
     In 1870, Newton B. Anderson married Catherine Rebecca Kerr (1852-1907), daughter of Amos and Rebecca (Vincent) Kerr, in Greene Co. PA, and they raised their five children, Anna Virginia Seaton, Lucy Emma Snider, Lola Mae Tetrick, Harry Brooks Anderson, and Charles Elsworth Anderson, near the present Presbyterian Church, at 1407 Country Club Road, Fairmont. Newton managed the large estate of West Virginia Governor A. Brooks Fleming. The Anderson house, which sat on "91 poles of land on Goose Run", was situated upon a portion of the Fleming estate which, in later years, was sold & deeded to Catherine Anderson. On December 29, 1904, at age 58, Newton Anderson died at this home. He was pensioned by Certificate No. 801,344, under the Act of June 27, 1890, and received $8 a month. He and his wife are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Fairmont.