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Lemuel Rosier's great-great grandnephew, Herbert W. Neeland, describes a medal in his possession that belonged to the soldier: "It has a blue piece of cloth at the top, then a small, curved plate, with his name on it - L. C. Rosier - Then on two little hooks, or round holders, is a medal. It has "Co.H 12th INF. WVa. Below the inscription is what looks like a "Star of David" - six points with an 8 in the middle of the Star. Then a &, with a "Heart", with the number 24 in the middle."

According to Civil War Collector, David Aeberli, "This is most likely a post Civil War ladder badge. The 6 pointed star is the 8th. corps (Army Of Susquehanna) - the heart is the 24 corps. The 12th was in the 8 corps and transferred to the 24th corps (Army Of The James) from Dec 64 to Jun 65."

Herbert's mother, Pauline L. Neeland, recalls visting the Rosier farm in Grafton, Taylor County, W.Va. when she was a child. She states that Lemuel never married. She had maintained possession of the medal, as well as the original discharge, until she gave them to Herbert.