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Thomas H. Trainer, Chaplain.

     Thomas H. Trainer - Among the framers of the first Constitution for the State, as the member from Marshall county, was the Reverend Thomas H. Trainer, whose name begins this sketch. He was born in January, 1820, in Augusta county, Virginia. After receiving the ordinary common school education of the day, he engaged in the occupation of a tailor, and pursued it conscientiously till in 1853, when he entered the Western Virginia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and has ever since retained connection with that vigorous and esteemed denomination. In the convention to form an organic law for the new State, which met in Wheeling, November 26, 1861, he was a willing and useful member. During the war he served as Chaplain of the Twelfth West Virginia Infantry. In the House of Delegates for the years of 1865-6, he represented Marshall county. As a pulpit administrator he possesses unusual power over an audience.

From Prominent Men of West Virginia.