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     William W. Allison, is named in the following biography of his family:

     James Allison, a son of Jonathan Allison, deceased, was born in now Hancock county, W. Va., October 2, 1809. He has followed farming as his vocation. At present he owns 606 acres of land in Grant District. He married Sarah Pugh, daughter of Peter Pugh, November 25, 1830. They settled on the farm where they are now living. They reared a family of eight children, Jonathan J., Sarah Ann, Nancy Jane, Peter P., Adaline, James W., Charles and William W., who served six months in the war of 1861, in the Twelfth Virginia Regiment, and died at Winchester, May 13, 1863. Peter P. Allison served nearly three years in the war of 1861, in the Twelfth Virginia Regiment.

From History of the Pan-Handle, West Virgina,
Brant & Fuller, 1890; pages 448-449.

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.