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This file was compiled by Marian Kowalski:

A Biography of William Finley Wallace

Submitted by Ricky L. Carpenter, GYSGT USMC Retired.

     Private William Finley Wallace served with Company B 12th Regiment West Virginia Infantry from 8 Aug 1862 until his Honorable Discharge on 16 June 1865. He was reported missing in action at New Market, May 15, 1864. He served time as a prisoner of war at the infamous prison at Andersonville, Georgia. He survived it and was exchanged before the war's end in Savannah, Georgia on 12 Nov 1864.

     After the war, William returned to his home in Businessbough, Ohio and was married to Nancy Irwin. They had two sons, Allen Grandville Thurman Wallace and Lawrence Kester Tucker Wallace. He worked as a cooper, according to the 1870 census records.

     William F. Wallace left this life on 25 Feb 1917; he was preceded in death by his eldest son, Allen, and a grandson, Guy F. Wallace. They are all buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Belmont County, Ohio, on the far right side of the cemetery from the entrance closest to the fence line. William's military marker has the wrong died date on it. The correct date is the one stated above; the date on the plaque is 3/17/1904, which is incorrect. [Note from Linda Fluharty: Marian Kowalski's file indicates that his death occurred 26 Nov 1903. She provided the death record.]

     I do not know a lot about my Great Great Grandfather. However, I do remember my Grandfather, Russell Lee Wallace, William's Grandson, telling me stories about how he would go to the local store (in Bussinessbough, Ohio where he lived before his fatherís death) and the old Civil War veterans would be gathered around the pickle barrel telling war stories. I am assuming, but I think one of these Old Soldiers was his own Grandfather, William Finley Wallace. Russell served in the US Army himself for ten years and served in Panama during World War II, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant before he was honorably discharged.

     I am a very grateful Great Great Grandson & Grandson!

NOTE: This soldier received a government pension, certificate #98.008. Following his death, his widow received a pension, certificate #579.659. These files are available at the National Archives.