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This site, dedicated to the 12th West Virginia Infantry, is presented to provide a comprehensive history and genealogy of this Regiment that served so valliantly in the Civil War. More than a thousand men comprised the Companies that were formed from Brooke, Hancock, Harrison, Marshall, Marion, Ohio & Taylor Counties in West Virginia.

The HISTORY is found in the online book, "HISTORY, TWELFTH W.VA. INFANTRY, 1861-1865," compiled by WILLIAM HEWITT and published in 1892. It is the "inside story" of this regiment and provides a vivid description of the struggles in the daily lives of the soldiers. The book used here was originally owned by PHILLIP MAC. PELLEY of Sherrard, West Virginia, a veteran of the 12th.

Adding GENEALOGY is the further objective of this project. In the 135 years since the Civil War many descendants have resulted and, when possible, a genealogy file of "Descendants Of (soldier)" will be provided. Other information will include transcribed pension/military files, biographies and photos.

YOU can participate by providing transcribed pension/military files, photos, biographies and "Descendants of" genealogy files. If you have an ancestor (or other relative) who served in the 12th, please help with this project by sharing what you have. If you have not obtained the pension/military file, please consider doing so!

If you do NOT have a relative from this Regiment, you can "ADOPT A SOLDIER," meaning that you can order and transcribe a pension/military file and do some fundamental research on the soldier.

Inevitably, there will be CONFLICTS and CONTRADICTIONS in and among the various files - - some are already apparent. Every effort will be made to present the best information possible.

I hope you will enjoy this presentation - - and I welcome your participation.

Linda Cunningham Fluharty