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The Circumstances Under Which the Twelfth Was Organized - The Character of the Men Composing it - The Organization.

March to Clarksburg - Marches and Operations in West Virginia in the Fall of '62 - Incidents.

The Movement into the Shenandoah Valley - Stationed at Winchester Under Gen. Milroy - Moved to Berryville - The Capture of Capt. LaPole - Joke on Sergt. Porter - From Berryville to Clarksburg - The March Through Charlestown.

The Battle of Winchester - The Retreat - The North Mountain Girl - Halted at Bloody Run, Pa. - Marched to Bedford - Left Bedford for Loudon - Milroy's Men Capture - One of Lee's Trains and Many Prisoners - Marched to Hagerstown - Anecdotes - Marched to Sharpsburg - Thence to Martinsburg.

Col. Klunk's Resignation Accepted - Troops Pass from the Army of the Potomac to Grant - An Incident about Van and Tom - Capt. Bristor's Capture of Spy - Capt. Moffatt's Capture of Gilmore's Men - Lieut. Blaney's Observation - An Incident Concerning Adjt. Caldwell - Mrs. Bengough a Prisoner - Her Story.

An Attack Expected - March to Maryland Heights - Incidents - Brigaded with the Thirty-fourth Mass. - A Move up the Valley - Incidents - The Return - Incidents - Followed by Early -Threatened Attack at Harper's Ferry - Moved to Cumberland, Md. - Comrade Haney's Story - Gens. Kelly and Crook Captured.

Under Gen. Sigel - March to Beverly, via Webster - March back to Webster - The Story of the Camp on the Rebel Farm - The March up the Valley - Two of Company C Captured - The Battle of New Market - Gen. Sigel's Letter - Corpl. De Bee's Scout - An Incident - Comrades Miller and W. C. Mahan as Prisoners - Their Stories.

Sigel Relieved - Hunter in Command - The Lynchburg Campaign - The Battle of Piedmont - List of Killed and Wounded - Marched to Lynchburg - Anecdote - The Battle - The Retreat to the Kanawha - Hunter's Loss of Artillery on Way - The Men Hard Pressed for Food.

Back in the Valley - Threatening Early on His Retreat from Washington - Battle of Snicker's Ferry - Marched to Winchester - Battle of Kearnstown - Our Retreat via. Martinsburg and Sharpsburg to Halltown - An Incident - R. W. Mahan's Prison Trials - A Large Army Concentrates at Halltown - The Wild-goose Chase Into Maryland.

Sheridan in Command - The Move up the Valley - The Twelfth Charges Rebel Skirmishers - Sheridan Retreats to Hailtown - Early Demonstrates Against Him - Early Withdraws - Sheridan Moves to Charlestown - The Fight at Berryville - Grant's Visit to Sheridan - The Battle of the Opeguon -Anecdote of Sheridan - Battle of Fisher's Hill - Pursuit of the Enemy up the Valley Destruction by Sheridan - He Falls Back to Strasburg - Battle of Tom's Brook - Our Brigade Starts for Martinsburg - Mosby Attacks an Ambulance Guard - The Twelfth Starts for the Front - Early Shells Thoburn's Camp - The Battle of Cedar Creek - The Twelfth on the Way to the Front -Sheridan on His Ride - Col. Thoburn Killed - Capt. Phil Bier Killed - The Twelfth Marches to Cedar Creek - Thence to Newtown.

The Army Moves Back to Kearnstown - Early Pillows Far as Middletown - Sheridan's Cavalry Drives the Rebel Cavalry - Early Returns to New Market - Anecdotes - The Twelfth Moves to Stephenson's Depot - Salutes for Gen. Thomas's Victories - The Twelfth Sent to the Army of the James - Put into the Twenty-fourth Corps - The Opposing Pickets - Lieut. Co. Northcott's Resignation - The Sinking of Rebel Gun Boats - Rebel Deserters - The Peace Commission - Grant Reviews Our Corps -Gen. Turner Commands the Division - It Moves to Aid Sheridan - Asst. Surg. Neil's Lecture.

Part of Our Army Crosses the James - The Second Division at Hatcher's Run - The Capture of Fort Gregg - The Enemy Evacuates Richmond and Petersburg - The Pursuit - The March to Cut off Lee's Retreat - An Incident - The Second Division and One Other Were the Infantry Forces Cutting off the Retreat - The Surrender - Both Armies Cheer - Lieut. McCord - The Col. and Citizen McLean Talk - An Incident - Marched to Lynchburg and Back - Thence to Richmond - Some of the Boys Presented with Medals - Mustered Out - Sent Home - Memorial - Conclusion.