CHARLES A. ARMSTRONG, 1st Lieutenant, Company "D"

Submitted by Jean Moore Scarlott.

  • Armstrong, Charles A. 1st Lt. Co. D. 1st Reg. W.Va Cav.
  • Enlisted; East Richland, Belmont County, Ohio 15th Aug. 1861; for 3 years aged 23 years
  • Commissioned 2nd Lt. by Gov. F.H. Pierpoint.
  • Mustered in Wheeling, Va. 1 Oct 1861 Mustered out March 11, 1864
  • Mustered in Wheeling, Va. 12 March 1864; promoted from 2nd Lt to 1st Lt. aged 25 years.
  • Captured 10 May 1864 at Dublin, Va. confined at Richmond, Va.
  • Sent to Salesbury, N.C. 2 Oct. 1864.
  • Paroled at James River, Va. 22 Feb. 1865
  • Reported 25th Feb 1865 rejoined unit 28 Feb. 1865
  • Mustered out; 8 July 1865
  • Returned to Martinsville (Martins Ferry) Belmont County, Ohio
  • Shot and killed Aug. 18, 1865 in a bar room fight in Martinsville, (Martins Ferry) Belmont County, Ohio. Shooting reported in Belmont Chronicle Aug. 24, 1865, St Clarisville, Ohio.
  • A headstone was ordered for Charles A. Armstrong and supplied by S. G. Bridges; contract dated Nov 29, 1879 to be placed in Walnut Grove Cemetery, Martins Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio.
  • No headstone with this information can be found in the cemetery.
  • There is a headstone for Charles A. Armstrong, 15 Oh Inf. 1839-1918 in Walnut Grove Cemetery.

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