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     According to the Service Record at the National Archives, Joshua Coulter, age 25 at enlistment, was born in Monroe County, Ohio. However, his first descriptive roll lists him as being born in Wheeling, Va. and his occupation was "Boatsman." He was 5' 8", had dark complexion, dark eyes and dark hair.

     There is a note with his file from August 4, 1888 stating "The charge of desertion of June 11, 1862 is removed. He was CAPTURED at Port Republic, Virginia, June 9, 1862. Paroled at Aikens Landing, Virginia, September 7, 1862. Reported at Port Delaware September 17, 1862. Sent to Camp Parole, Maryland, December 22, 1862. Sent to regiment via Aquia Creek, January 5, 1863. He was again CAPTURED at Gainsville, Virginia, June 14, 1863. Confined at Richmond, Virginia, June 30, 1863. Paroled at City Point, Virginia, July 2, 1863. Reported at College Green Barracks, Maryland, July 3, 1863. Sent to & Reported at Camp Parole, Maryland, July 5, 1863. Sent to (illegible) depot, Washington DC, Sept 24, 1863. Reported at Camp Chase, Ohio, October 22, 1863. Transferred to Regt, October 31, 1863."
May 1864- AWOL in dismounted camp
June 1864- AWOL at Camp David, Maryland
July-December 1864- Absent at dismounted camp
January-May 1865- Detached with the Pioneer Corps


Compiled by Linda Cunningham Fluharty

     JOSHUA COULTER was born October 27, 1838, in Beallsville, Monroe County, Ohio, according to his government pension application at the National Archives. He was the son of Andrew Coulter, born in Pennsylvania, and Phoebe Workman, born in Ohio. Andrew (1808-1885) and Phoebe (1814-1902) were married in Belmont County, Ohio, February 2, 1832. Andrew's parents were Andrew Coulter (1776-1840) and Elizabeth West (1785-1840).

1850 Census, Switzerland, Monroe County, OH
Andrews Coulter, b abt 1808
Phebe Coulter, b abt 1824
Andrew Coulter, b abt 1834
William Coulter, b abt 1836
Joshua Coulter, b abt 1838
Jesse Coulter, b abt 1840
Abrom Coulter, b abt 1842
Harrison Coulter, b abt 1844
Sarah E Coulter, b abt 1846
Phebe Coulter, b abt 1848
Margaret Coulter, b abt 1850

1860, Sunsbury, Monroe County, Ohio
(Joshua not found)
Andrew Coulter, 52, Farmer, b Pa.
Phoeba Coulter, 47, b Ohio
William Coulter, 28, Farmer, b Ohio
Jess Coulter, 19, Farmer, b Ohio
Abraham Coulter, 18, Farmer, b Ohio
Harison Coulter, 15, b Ohio
Sarah Coulter, 14, b Ohio
Phoba Coulter, 11, b Ohio
Margaret Coulter, 10, b Ohio
John H Coulter, 7, b Ohio
Amos Coulter, 5, b Ohio
Nancy Coulter, 4, b Ohio
Elisabeth Coulter, 75, b Delaware

     There were related Coulter families, born in Ohio, residing in Marshall County, West Virginia, in 1850 and also in 1860.

     In 1850, in Marshall County, William W. Coulter(1806-1882), a brother of Andrew Coulter (1808-1885), lived in Marshall County with his wife, Anne Workman, and their children, which included sons Elijah and Andrew, both of whom later died during the Civil War. William and family had moved to Putnam County, (W) Virginia before 1860.

     In the 1860 census of Marshall County, was Andrew Coulter, a brother of Joshua Coulter. ANDREW COULTER, born in August 1834 [per 1900 Census], served as a soldier in the 12th West Virginia Infantry from August 20, 1862 to June 16, 1865. The wife of Andrew Coulter was Mary E. Wilson. In 1860, their children were Martha E., William and David.

     It was in Marshall County, West Virginia that Joshua Coulter married RACHEL "MARIA" RIGGS on March 8, 1864:

Coulter J, 25, b Monroe Co, OH, s/o A & Phebe, married Riggs, R M, 18, b Washington Co, PA, d/o A & Hannah - 8 MAR 1864 - [Bk C3, page 180, Marshall County, West Virginia Marriage Records.]

     Joshua Coulter and Rachel Maria Riggs had one child, a son, HANSEN COULTER, born in 1866. In March 1867, Rachel Maria Coulter died, burial place unknown. Also unknown is the whereabouts of Joshua and Hansen, and the family of brother, Andrew, in 1870.

     Joshua Coulter married FRANCES "FANNY" LENT HOLLINGSWORTH, born in Missouri, on March 4th or 5th, 1868; there were no children from this marriage, according to the statement of Joshua in his pension file.

     Meanwhile, Joshua's parents, Andrew, Sr. and Phoebe, were still in Monroe County, Ohio in 1870.

1870, Sunsbury, Monroe County, Ohio
Andrew Coulter, 62, Jour Carpenter, b Pa.
Phoebe Coulter, 56, Keeping House, b Ohio
William Coulter, 33, Jour Carpenter, b Ohio
Jesse Coulter, 30, Jour Carpenter, b Ohio
Abraham Coulter, 28, School Teacher, b Ohio
Harrison Coulter, 26, School Teacher, b Ohio
Phoebe Coulter, 22, Helps Mother, b Ohio
John H Coulter, 17, Day Laborer, b Ohio
Amos Coulter, 15, Attending School, b Ohio
Margaret Coulter, 20, Helps Mother, b Ohio
Elisabeth Coulter, 86, Lives With Son, b Pennsylvania

     Joshua was not found in either the 1870 or 1880 census records. However, HANSON was living with his grandparents in Putnam County, West Virginia in 1880:

1880, Union District, Putnam County, West Virginia
Andrew Coulter, 72, Farmer, b PA DE DE
Phoeba Coulter, 66, Wife, Keeping House, b Ohio
Phoeba Coulter, 32, Dau., At Home, b Ohio
Maggie, 30, Dau., At Home, b Ohio
John H Coulter, 17, Son, At Home, b Ohio
Amos Coulter, 25, Son, At Home, b Ohio
Hanson Coulter, 14, Grandson, At Home, b Ohio

     Joshua W. Coulter was found in the Veterans Census of 1890, residing in Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri:
Private H; Vet W.V.; 13 Feb 1864; 8 Jul 1866; 1 yr. 5 mos. 5 days.

     In the 1900 Census of Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri, Joshua (looks like Julius) Coulter, a 61 year old painter, born Oct 1838 in Ohio, parents born in Ohio, was found with his wife of 32 years, Fannie, 53, born in Missouri, her father born in Kentucky and her mother in Missouri. Fanny had given birth to six children and four were living at that time. [This information is in conflict with the statement of Joshua in his pension application. It is in the realm of possibility that this is not them.]

     At the time of the 1910 Census of Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri, Joshua Coulter, 71, married twice, was found with his wife of 30 years, Fanny, 63, born in Missouri. Joshua was a House Painter and Fanny had given birth to NO children.

     In the 1910 Census of Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, HANSON D.[DAVIDSON] COULTER, a 41 year old painter, is found with Anna, his wife of twenty years. She had given birth to six children, five of whom were still living: Ivy [Iva], 19; Ruhania?, 15; Zollie?, 11; Beulin?, 11?; Frankin, 2?. - Anna was Anna May Dean, the daughter of Albert and Elizabeth (Hayes) Dean, both born in West Virginia, and found in Putnam County in 1880. According to her death record, Anna died of a ruptured appendix on February 13, 1917.

     In the 1920 Census of Charleston, Bula?, 13, and Franklin Coulter, 12, grandchildren, were living with Albert and Elizabeth Dean. The whereabouts of Hanson is not known. - Iva married John C. Jacobs and resided with her family in Charleston, Kanawha County, with her family. At the time of the 1930 Census, her father, "H. Coulter" and her brother, Franklin, were living in her home.

     Mrs. Joshua W. (Frances L.) Coulter, born June 16, 1846, died December 12, 1915 in Lafayette County, Missouri, according to the Higginsville Advance, December 25, 1915.

     In 1920, Joshua Coulter, b Ohio, age 81, Widower, was residing at the Central Branch, National Home for Disabled Soldiers, Jefferson, Montgomery County, Ohio.

     On South Patterson Street, Maxton Township, Robeson County, North Carolina, May Jones, 23, born in West Virginia, was found in the 1920 Census. She was the wife of Walter A. Jones, 28, a farmer born in North Carolina. At that time, they had a daughter, Virginia M., age 13 months. Also in the home were Walter's siblings, Lillie May, Mary and Linwood. - May Jones was probably "Ruhania," the daughter listed with Hanson Coulter in the 1910 Census, above; she is later listed as "May R."

     According to his pension file, the death of Joshua Coulter occurred on January 8, 1923, in Maxton, North Carolina, where he was staying with his grandaughter, MAE COULTER JONES. His death record has not been found at the county courthouse. However, in Joshua Coulter's pension application file is a handwritten letter from his granddaughter, Mrs. Mae Coulter Jones of Maxton, NC, to the Bureau of Pensions. She stated: "My grandfather died here at my house Jan. 8, so am writing to have his pension checks discontinued. His certificate number is 567,612, name Joshua Coulter. - I am sending a statement of expenses during his illness and death as I have been told the government would help with same. I would appreciate it very much if it is possible to do so as the lot at cemetery and other necessary articles took all the poor old fellow had. - Respectfully, Mrs. Mae Coulter Jones, RFD, Maxton, NC."

     On one page, she noted two charges: 1) To Dr. E. G. McMillan, $20; 2) To Dr. J. O. McClelland $5. On a separate paper, notarized by A. J. Steed, Notary Public, L. A. McClean signed this statement: "To L. A. McLean 1-8-23 casket & funeral expence Joshua Coulter $70.00."

     Walter A. Jones, an Advertising Salesman, and his wife, May R. [Is she Ruhania? listed in 1910?], had moved to District 4, Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina by the time of the 1930 Census. They were found on South Main Street with their children, Virginia M., 11, and Meddie D., 6. Walter's sister-in-law, presumably May's sister, Vivian? E., age 15, lived with them. If the information is correct, this child would have been born a couple years before the death of their mother, Anna Dean Coulter, in 1917. Reading the name as "Vivian" is a guess because the name is illegible. However, a Vivian Coulter, born in 1915, died in Rowan County in October 1930.


Grave of Joshua Coulter, Maxton, North Carolina

Submitted by Jane Hersch, Maxton Historical Society.