Submitted by Curtis Robinette,
grandnephew of First West Virginia Cavalryman, Hiram Robinett.

Robert H. Edwards was a lifelong friend of Hiram Robinett, both from Chauncey, Ohio. Edwards allegedly deserted at Gettysburg. He was arrested in Towsontown, Maryland on December 18, 1863 and spent most of 1864 in prison in Martinsburg, (W) Virginia. When arrested, he admitted to the desertion. In October/November 1864 he was Court Martialed by General Averill and exonerated of all charges. He received all of his back pay, including the $30 reward money and $5.04 transportation fee the Army had charged him and deducted from his pay.

Hiram Robinett died in 1868 and Robert, who had become a physician, died in 1870 of consumption, likely a result of the war. Robert was a year younger than Hiram."

MORE ABOUT ROBERT H. EDWARDS, compiled by Curtis Robinette.