Granville W. "Ephriam" & Prudence (Gibson) Wyatt
With daughter, Margaret Louisa.

Submitted by Phyllis Dye Slater, great-granddaughter.

     Granville W. "Ephriam" Wyatt, the son of Samuel and Louisa (Butcher) Wyatt, was born in Illinois on August 31, 1841. Samuel (May 31, 1815-Feb 8, 1866) and Louisa (Mar 4, 1820-Feb 9, 1893) were married in Braxton County, W.Va. on June 22, 1837 and later lived on Cain's Run in Reedy, Roane County. Samuel's grave stone states that he died in a boiler explosion at a saw mill. Louisa Butcher was daughter of Valentine Jefferson and Maryann (Teter) Butcher.

     Granville was married three times: (1) Prudence Gibson (Certificate); (2) a widow, Sarah (Sheppard) Sims; (3) Martha Jane Adams.

     Before 1850, the Wyatt family went from Braxton County, W.Va. to Olney, Illinois, along with the Gibson family. Granville's father came back to Reedy and then Granville must have gone back to Illinois to get Prudence Gibson, as they were married there on June 27, 1863.

     Granville only had one child, Margaret Louisa Wyatt, born while Granville and Louisa were still in Illinois. She always remembered the trip back to West Virginia in a horse and wagon when she was a child.

     Margaret Louisa married George A. Dye. George said he knew his wife, Margaret Louisa Wyatt, all her life. His family also lived on Cain's Run in Reedy. Margaret was raised by her grandmother, Louisa Wyatt, after her mother died in child birth with a second child.

     Granville W. Wyatt died March 9, 1907 and is buried in Good Hope Cemetery, Cain's Run, Roane County, W.Va. His parents and daughter are also buried there.

     From the newspaper in Reedy, Roane County, called "The Pointer":

Ephriam Wyatt 66, of Two Runs, died March 9, and was buried at the Good Hope Cemetery. He leaves a wife and one daughter, Mrs. G. A. Dye of Cain's Run.

National Archives Pension Application

Transcribed by Linda Fluharty.

Affidavit of Granville W. Wyatt
April 23, 1902

State of West Virginia
Wirt County ss:

     In the matter of Granville W. Wyatt.

     On this 23 day of April A.D. 1902 personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid county, duly authorized to administer oaths, GRANVILLE W. WYATT the claimant aged 61 years a resident of near LUCILE WIRT CO WEST VA whose Post Office address is LUCILE WVA and who being duly sworn in relation to aforesaid case declares as follows: I enlisted in the services of the U.S. in August 1861 in Co. C. 1st W.Va. Cavalry, at ELIZABETH, WIRT CO WVA and sworn into the service under CAPTAIN HILL, Cap. Hill of Co C 1st W.Va. Cav, and drew my clothes, equipments and rashions from the Co, and served in said Co more than 4 months at Elizabeth Wirt Co W.Va., and then was sent on detached duty, as guide, for the aid of the 9th W.Va. Inf. to Roane Co., W.Va., Spencer. I remained at Spencer Roane Co W.Va. with the 9th W.Va. Inf. and served the U.S. employed at hawling campwood by order of the officials of the 9th W.Va. Inf. until sometime in April 1862, at which time a part of the Regt. of the 9th W.Va. Inf. removed to Guyandotte West Va and I continued with that part of the Regt. that went to Guyandotte W.Va. as teamster by order of the officials. In the late spring or early summer of 1862 I with the 9th W.Va. Regt. removed to Gauley River or Bridge near Camp Piatt and remained there with the Regt. till sometime in Aug. or Sept. 1862, at which time I was granted an acquittal from the Regt. by COL. SKINNER, just before or at the time he resigned in favor of I. H. DEVAUL, the Co C. 1st W.Va. Cav. was ordered to Clarksburg to be mustered in the services of the U.S. while I was on detached duty at Spencer, Roane Co, W.Va., as above stated, therefore I was not with the Co when it was mustered in the service and was not mustered in with the others, nor at any time afterward, for reason of being detached away from the Co.

     My name was not placed on the pay roll by some neglect of the officers so I never received any pay for my services for the U.S. from the time I enlisted at Elizabeth Wirt Co W.Va. Aug 1861 to the time I received my acquital in Aug. or Sept. 1862. Nor have I received any part of the amt due me since that time. My name is GRANVILLE W. WYATT but I often went by a nick name being called EPHRIAM WYATT so that GRANVILLE W. WYATT and EPHRIAM WYATT are one and the same person. I consider myself disabled to pensionable degree for the following reasons, I was thrown from a horse and received injuries of the Dorsal Vertebrae, and troubled with urinary troubles, and neuralgia of the head, and stomach trouble and dislocation of right thumb.

     I further declare that I have interest in case and am concerned in its prosecution.

Granville W. Wyatt

     State of West Virginia County of Wirt ss:
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day by the above named affiant, and I certify that I read said affidavit to said affiant and acquainted him with its contents before he executed the same. I further certify that I am in nowise interested in said case nor am I concerned in its prosecution.

L. L. Baldwin
Notary Public
Wirt Co W.Va.
Address, Elizabeth, W.Va.

General Affidavit
State of West Va, County of WIRT, ss:

     On this 14th day of Feby, A.D. 1902, personally appeared before me Clerk of the County Crt in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths M. V. VERNON aged 61 years, a resident of REEDY RIPPLE? in the County of WIRT, and State of W.Va., whose Post Office is Reedy Ripple.....well known to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declare in relation to aforesaid case as follows: I am personally acquainted with the above named G. W. or Ephriam Wyatt have known him for 45 years. He served with Co C 1st West Va Cavelry in 1861 he was with the Co from August 1861 untill some time in Nov of the same year he drew his equipments from the Company. I was a Sergeant in the Co at that time.

I further declare that I have no interest in said case and am not concerned in its prosecution.

M. V. Vernon

(Claim Rejected)

War Department,
Record and Pension Office

     The name GRANVILLE W. WYATT or EPHRAIM WYATT has not been found on rolls of Co. C. 1st W.Va. Cavy or on rolls of the 9th W.Va. Inf.

By authority of the Secretary of War:
F. C. Ainsworth