JULIUS LESAGE, C. S. Sergeant, Company "G"

Submitted by John W. Coffey

     Julius Lesage (Jules-François-Marie Lesage), born 14 July 1811 in Paris, France, was the eldest son of Michel-François Lesage. He came to the United States in the early 1830s, reportedly after service with the French army in Algeria. He first settled in New York where he established a business as a manufacturer of wallpaperhangings and hatter’s boxes. In 1835 he married fellow French émigré Mary (Marie-Madeleine)Bellemère. She was born 15 August 1804 in France, either Paris or Romilly-sur-Seine, Aube. (She died 26 January 1882 in Lesage, Cabell County, WV and is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Ironton, OH).The couple had three sons, two surviving to adulthood. In 1850 Julius moved his family west, intending to join a French utopian socialist colony at Nauvoo, IL. However, the Ohio River steamboat on which he and his family were traveling was waylaid with engine problems in the vicinity of the present city of Huntington. Impatient with the repairs, Lesage abandoned his westward plans and bought land on the south bank of the river at what became known as Lesage’s Landing, and later simply Lesage. There he built a farm and mill. When war broke out Lesage sided with the Union, organizing a company of Home Guards and skirmishing with the Confederate Border Rangers. In August 1861 he was ambushed by Confederate partisans butsoon recovered from his wounds. On 26 September 1861 at Ceredo, (West) Virginia, Lesage and his son Joseph enlisted in the regular Union army and both were assigned to Company G, First (West) Virginia Cavalry. Lesage entered service as a private and left as a commissary sergeant.However, medical disabilities (including his previously noted wound) resulted inan early honorable discharge on 19 June 1862. Returning home, Lesage attempted to organize a company of Cabell County Scouts “for the purpose of protecting our selves against the rebels.” His efforts failed “for want of the number required.” After the war Lesage resumed farming and operating his mill.Unfortunately,a peaceful old age was not for him. In 1873 he abandoned his wife and eloped to Paris with the 18-year-old daughter of a French immigrantfamily settled on the Lesage farm. He and LouiseThéodorine Paulus settled in Malakoff, a suburb of Paris, where Louise gave birth to a son. Julius Lesage died in Malakoff on 17 December 1888.

Children of Julius Lesage and Mary Bellemère:

Francis JuliusLeSage, b. 5 August 1836, New York, NY; d. bet. 1892-1900, Cabell Co., WV. He served with the 3rd WV Cavalry.

Joseph Achilles LeSage, b. 3 October 1838, Philadelphia, PA; d. 28 January 1892, Huntington, Cabell Co., WV. He also served in Company "G" of the First West Virginia Cavalry.

Leo Horace Lesage, b. 4 February 1842, New York, NY; d. 9 April 1843, Paris, France.

Child of Julius Lesage and Théodorine Louise Paulus: Jules Théodore Lesage, b. 3 March 1874, Malakoff, France; d. unknown.



Certificate of Disability for Discharge

Julius LeSage of Captain Thomas Winters Company (G) of the 1st Va Regiment of United States Cavalry Vol was enlisted by Captain Thomas Winters of the 1st Va Regiment of Cavalry at Ceredo Wayne Co Va on the 26th day of Sept 1861 to serve 3 years. He was born in Paris France ...is Forty four years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, Dark complexion, Brown eyes, Dark hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Miller. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 50 days. Disease of Mr. LeSage, is Rheumatism and Dimness(?) of the eyes. Also suffers from wound received from service.

Station: Genl Hospital Alexa Va.
Date: May 20th 1862
Thos Winters Capt., Commanding Company

I certify that I have carefully examined the said Julius Lesage of Captain Winters Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of Chronic Rheumatism ....(illegible) side, one inch above the crest of the Ilium, which he says was caused by a bullet. It does not materially injure him.

Jno. E. Summers.
Surgeon, USA

Discharged this 19th day of June 1862, at Genl Hosp Alexa Va.
By command of General Wadsworth


Pension Office,
Mch 19, 1885
No. 532.730
Julius Lesage
"G" 1" W.Va. Cav
Capt. Cabell County W.Va. Vols.

     I have the honor to request that you will fuirnish from the records of the War Department a full report as to the service, disability, and hospital treatment of JULIUS LeSAGE, who, it is claimed, enlisted Sept 26, 1861, and served as Private in Co. "G" 1" Regt W.Va. Cav. and was honorably discharged at Gen. Hos. Alexandria, Va. June 19, 1862.

     While serving in Co. "G" 1" Regt W.Va. Cav, he was disabled by rheumatism from exposure to cold rains, in Va., May 1862. Also while Capt of Home Guard of Cabell C.H. W.Va. while on road from Sage's Landing W.Va. to Barboursville, by G.S.W. of left hip and ball lodging in rt hip & leg, Aug 1861 and was treated in hospitals of which the names, locations, and dates of treatment are as follows: At Alexandria, Va., from May 1, 1862 to June 19, 1862.

Please search regimental hospital record.

Very respectfully,
John C. Black