Transcribed by Laurie Birks Dean.

Claim of Officer or Soldier for Invalid Pension.
The State of Pennsylvania, County of Greene, SS.

     On this fourteenth day of December, 1867, pesonally appeared before the Clerk of the Common Pleas of Greene Co. a Court of Record within and for said county, Jeremiah Riggs aged twenty seven years, a resident of Rickkets (?) Township, in the county of Greene, and State of Pennsylvania, who being first duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Jeremiah Riggs, who enlisted in the service of the United States, at Jacksonville, in the County of Greene, and State of Pennsylvania, on the sixth day of August, in the year 1861 as a private in Company B, commanded by Captain Farabee (?), in the First Regiment of Virginia Mounted Volunteers, commanded by Col. Copeland (?), in the war of 1861, and was honorably discharged on the 31st day of December, 1863, as will appear by his certificate of discharge herewith presented, and re-enlisted in the same Company on the 23rd day of December 1863 & was discharged on the 8th day of July 1865.

That while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty, he was wounded at Warventon (?) Junction on the 3rd day of May 1863, by a gunshot wound or pistol. That the ball entering his chest just below the left nipple, which ? through to the right shoulder from which the ball was ? in ? of which his lungs are ? affected & blam deprived of the ? ? to make a livelihood by labor.

     That since leaving the service he has resided at Greene County, in the State of Pennsylvania, and his occupation has been that of a Farmer.
     He makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the Invalid Pension Roll of the United States, on account of the disability above stated.

Jeremiah Riggs

     Also, on the same day, personally appeared Frances Drake and Wm. S. Drake, residents of said County of Greene County, Pa. persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who, being by me duly ..............

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This is to certify that Jeremiah Riggs a private of Co. B 1st Va. Vol. Cavalry was wounded at Warventon Junction on Orange and Alexander R. R. on the 3rd day of May, 1863, in an engagement with Mosbeys ?, the ball entering about an inch above the left nipple and was extracted from the right shoulder he was treated for two months in Fairfax Hospital was then moved to Mount Pleasant hospital at Washington, D. C. Was discharged from active service for five months.
Samuel Grim late
1st Lt. Co. B 1st Va. Cav.

Sworn and subscribed before me this 2nd day of May, 1898.............

Surgeon's Certificate
State: Pennsylvania     County: Greene
Post Office: Waynesburg, 1875

     I hereby certify, that I have carefully examined Jeremiah Riggs, who was a private in Co. "B" 1 Regt. Va. Vols. in the war of 1861 and was granted an Invalid Pension under Certificate No. 91, 912 to be paid now at the Agency in Pittsburg, Pa. by reason of alleged disability resulting from gunshot wound in heart, which he states to have been received in the line of duty while he was in the military service of the United States.
     In my opinion the said Pensioner's disability, from the cause aforesaid, continues at one half $4 per month.
     A more particular description of the Pensioner's condition is subjoined:
     Height, 5ft 9; weight, 144; complexion, light; age, 33; respiration, 20; pulse, 80
This pension was granted for disability the result of a gunshot, the ball entering the left breast, an inch and a half below the nipple lodging near the right shoulder ? of the internal vicera is the result accompanied with constant cough, which continues to render him unfit more than half his time to perform the duties pertaining to manual labor.

Thos. C. Hawkins
Examing Surgeon

For Increase of Invalid Pension.
State of Iowa
County of Mahaska, SS.
     On this Fourth day of March, 1885 personally appeared before me a notary public, in the County and State aforesaid Jeremiah Riggs aged 42 years, a resident of the County of Mahaska State of Iowa who being duly sworn, according to law, deposes as follows, to wit:
     I am a pensioner of the United States, duly enrolled at the Pittsburgh Pension Agency at the rate of 8 Dollars per month, by reason of disability incurred in the military service of the United States while a member of Company "B" Reg't of 1st W. Va. Mounted Vols., and my present physical condition is such that I believe I am entitled to receive an increase pension. I am now disabled in the following manner, to wet:
"Gun shot wound left - breast -" upon which I claim an increase of pension.
     It is with full power of substitution that I hereby appoint J. B. Cralle, of Washington, D. C., my true and lawful Attorney to prosecute my claim. My Post-Office address is Leighton County of Mahaska State of Iowa and the number of my certificate 91,912.

Jeremiah Riggs
(Claimant's Signature)

     Also, personally appeared Francis McGlumphy residing at Oskaloosa and William Taylor residing at Rose Hill..............

Francis McGlumphy
William Taylor
(Signature of witnesses)

Declaration for an Increase of an Invalid Pension.
State of Iowa, Mahaska County, SS.
On this 15 day of May, 1912 Personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the county and State aforesaid, Jeremiah Riggs, age 71 years, a resident of, and whose Postoffice address is Oskaloosa County of Mahaska State of Iowa, who being duly sworn according to law, declares he is a pensioner of the United States, enrolled at the Des Moines Pension Agency, at the rate of ......... dollars per month, Certificate No. 91,912, by reason of ..........in the Military Service of the United States while serving as a member of Co. B Reg't. 1", WVa. Vols. Cavalry and was honorably discharged from said service, on July 8, 1865.

That he enlisted in said service on or about the 6 day of Aug., 1861 and served in said service until 8 day of July, 1865.

That he was born on the 10 day of May, 1841, in County of Greene, State of Penn., and is therefore........years old.

That his Post Office address is No. 246 (?) 4th Ave., Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa.

Jeremiah Riggs
(Signature of Claimant)

     Also personally appeared before me, at the time and place aforesaid S. W. Jones and Fairy Linsley of Oskaloosa, Iowa, whom I certify to be creditable persons, who, being duly sworn according to law, each for himself, say that they saw Jeremiah Riggs, Oskaloosa, Iowa, sign the foregoing declaration in their presence; and that they believe he is the identical person he represents himself to be. They further swear that neither of them have any interest in this claim, and that they are not concerned directly or indirectly in its prosecution.

S. W. Jones
Fairy Linsley

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 18 (?) day of May, 1912...............

Accrued Pension
Certificate No. 91 912     Last Issue July 1, 1912
Pensioner Jeremiah Riggs     Act May 11, 1912

Date of death, February 2, 1915
Claimant, Catharine Riggs, Widow
602 5th Avenue, West, Oskaloosa,
Mahaska County, Iowa

Certificate was filed February 10, 1915.

No attorney
Submitted Adm. July 30, 1915

Declaration for Widow's Pension
State of Iowa, County of Mahaska, SS:
     On this 8 day of February, one thousand nine hundred and Fifteen (1915), personally appeared before me, a Notary Public, within and for the County and State aforesaid Catharine Riggs, aged 66 years, a resident of Oskaloosa County of Mahaska, State of Iowa who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of Jeremiah Riggs, who enlisted under the name of Jeremiah Riggs, on the ....day of August, 1861, as a pvt. in Company B in the 1st Regiment of WVa. Cavalry and served at least ninety days in the late War of the Rebellion, in the service of the United States, who was HONORABLY DISCHARGED in year 1865, and died February 2, 1915. That he was not employed in the military or naval service otherwise than as stated above.

That he was never employed in the military or naval service of the United States after the day of July, 1865. That she was married under the name of Catharine Graham to said Jeremiah Riggs, on the 18 day of August, 1867 by.................at Greene County, Penn. there being no legal barrier to such marriage; that she had not been previously married; that her said husband had not been previously married.

That she has not married since the death of the said Jeremiah Riggs.

Catharine Riggs
(Claimant's signature)

General Affidavit
State of Iowa, County of Mahaska, SS:
     In the matter of Catharine Riggs, widow of Jeremiah Riggs, dec'd, late Company "B", 1st Regiment, W. Va. Vols., 91912 Cavalry.
     On this 11 day of February, 1915, personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths F. M. McGlumphy aged 67 years, a resident of Oskaloosa in the County of Mahaska, and State of Iowa whose Post-office address is same place well known to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declared in relation to aforsaid case as follows:
     I am well acquainted with claimant, Catharine Riggs, and her husband, Jeremiah Riggs, now dec'd, and know both of said persons from boy and girlhood to date of death of said soldier, Jeremiah Riggs, I served with him in same organization, Co. "B", 1st Reg., W. Va. Vols., Cavalry during war of Rebellion - hence know their manner of life well.
     Neither of said persons were married prior to their marriage August 18, 1867 in Green County, Penn. I know that they lived together as husband and wife from said date, August 18, 1867, without divorce or legal separation until date of death of said soldier, February 2, 1915, in Oskaloosa, Iowa. I attended his funeral February 6, 1915 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

F. M. McGlumphy
(Signature of Affiants)

Hamilton's Funeral Home Lee Hamilton
520 East Ninth Street

Mrs. Emma French
246 Ewing Apts., 9th Locust
Des Moines, Ia.     Sept. 18, 1934

Catharine Riggs, deceased; 2410 1/2 E. Grand Ave.     Pension No. W.C. 794-633

Aug. 18
Embalming $25
Hearse to Oskaloosa, Iowa $29
Opening grave Oskaloosa, Iowa $10
Services $25
Box $7
Casket & sales tax $169.74
Total $265.74

Sept. 18
Paid $60.07 asset
Balance $205.67