National Archives Pension File

Transcribed by Linda Fluharty.

Declaration For An Original Invalid Pension

State of Ohio, County of Franklin ss.
On this 1" day of MAY A.D., one thousand eight hundred and NINETY-SEVEN personally appeared before me a DEPUTY CLERK of the court, a Court of record within and for the County and State aforesaid, CHRISTOPHER C. KREPPS who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical CHRISTOPHER C. KREPPS who was enrolled on the 18 day of APRIL, 1861, in Company RINGGOLD BATTALION PA CAV VOLS commanded by CAPTAIN JNO. KEYS and was transferred to 1st W.Va. CAV on the about 20 day of OCTOBER 1861. That his personal description is as follows: Age 24 years; height 6 feet, 1 inches; complexion FAIR; hair DARK; eyes BLUE. That whilst a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and line of duty at or near JAMES CITY in the state of VIRGINIA on or about the 31st day of JULY, 1862, HE WAS STUNNED BY LIGHTENING CAUSING PARTIAL PARALYSIS FROM WHICH HE HAS NEVER FULLY RECOVERED. ALSO CONTRACTED CHRONIC DIARRHEA FROM WHICH HE SUFFERED FOR MORE THAN A YEAR GREATLY AFFECTING HIS SYSTEM.

That he was treated in hospitals as follows: In Regimental Hospital in camp. Was not in any Regular Hospital but was treated in Field Hospital.
That he has not been employed in the military or naval service otherwise than as stated above he served as Capt. of Co F. 1st W.Va. Cav. up to Jan 1863.
That he has not been in the military or naval service of the United States since about 15 day of Jan. 1863.
That since leaving the service this applicant has resided in the Brownsville, Pa. (Fayette Co), now Columbus, Ohio (Franklin Co.) and that his occupation has been that of a FARMER.
That prior to his entry into the service above named he was a man of good, sound, physical health, being enrolled a FARMER. That he is now DISABLED AT TIMES from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor by reason of his injuries, above described, received in the service of the United States; and he therefore makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the invalid pension roll of the United States. He hereby appoints with full power of substitution and revocation, CHAS J. DONNELLY & CO. of WASH. DC his true and lawful attorneys to prosecute his claim. That he has NOT received NOR applied for a pension, that his place of residence is 1063 E. Long St. Columbus, Ohio and his Post Office address the same.

Signed Christopher C. Krepps
Witnesses: D. F. Pugh & W. W. Slemmons

War Department
Record & Pension Division
Respectfully returned by the Commissioner of Pensions
CHRISTOPHER C. KREPPS, Capt Keys Ringgold Cav. Pa Vols sub Co A Ringgold Battery Pa Cav was enrolled June 29, 1861. It has this day (July 22/97) been determined by this Dept from the records on file that this man was discharged Oct 16/61 under "X". From Enr to Dischag. he held the rank of Sergt. and during that period the rolls show him present except as follows: Oct 31/61 Por(?) a not stated remark By order he says of command General reported himself to H. Anisansel at Camp Carlisle. He was absent at the time on furlough. I have nothing official in his transfer.
Roll dated Jan 9/62 was absent on furlough and telegraphed me that by order of command Gen he had reported himself to H Anisansel
Feb 28/62 Transfd Oct 31/61

"X" S.O. #4 per 5, dated headquarters Dept of WVa, Oct 16/61, his having been commissioned as adjutant of 1st Va Cavy - a sergeant
Christopher Krepps F 1" Regt Va Mtd Vols, Is regarded by this office as having been mustered into service in the grades of 1" Lt. and Adjt and Capt (Co F) to date Oct 20/61 and Jany1 62 respectively (no original m.i. roll on file.)
He was transfd to Co F Jany 1 62 and dismissed the service the US Jany 1 of 63 per S.O. No 14 W.D.A.G.O. for neglect of duty in not properly caring for the Government horses under his charge.

From Oct 20 '61 to Jany 1 62 he held rank of 1" Lt & Adj - then Capt to Jany 1 of 63 and during that period the rolls show him present except as follows. Muster roll for Jany & Feby 62 first current roll on which borne present.
Subsequent to date of dismissal organ became 1" W. Va. Cavy. - Never(?) also borne as Christopher C. Krepps. No medical record found.

-- Aimsworth, Major & Surgeon, U.S. Army
Jul 23, 1897.
Commissioner of Pensions

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
(Stamped) Mar 13, 1915
Christopher C. Krepps
Columbus, Ohio

Please answer, at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below. The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your widow or children. Use the inclosed envelope, which requires no stamp.
Very respectfully, (Illegible) Commissioner.

No 1. Date and place of birth? Answer. Brownsville Pa Fayette Co Oct 17 - 1837
The name of the organization in which you served? Answer. Ringold Cavelry and also 1st West Va Cavelry Company F

No. 2. What was your post office address at enlistment? Answer. West Brownsville Washington Co Pa.

No. 3. State your wife's full name and her maiden name. Answer. Mary Elizabeth Rogers. Mary Elizabeth Krepps.

No. 4. When, where, an by whom were you married? Answer. April 29- 1862, California Washington Co Pa.

No. 5. Is there any official or church record of your marriage? A marriage certificate at my house.

No. 6. Were you previously married? Answer. No.

No. 7. (paraphrased) Was your wife previously married? Answer. No.

No. 8. Are you now living with your wife, or has there been a separation? Answer. My wife died May 16th 1911.

No. 9. State the names and dates of birth of all your children, living or dead. Answer.
Robert Brooke Krepps born June 12th 1864
Mary Belle Krepps Born July 26th 1865. Deceased
Samuel Allen Krepps Born Oct 1st 1866
Maggie Rogers Krepps Born March 2nd 1867 Deceased
Ada Christelle Krepps Born Sept 17th 1869
Anne Elizabeth Krepps Born August 26th 1871
Charles Christian Krepps Born June 1st 1874
John Ewing Krepps Born July 19th 1876
William Kinamon Krepps Born April 15th 1878

Date March 17, 1915
(signature) Christopher C. Krepps

Drop Report - Pensioner
Christopher C. Krepps
700 Linwood Ave
Columbus, Ohio

Accounting Division
The name of the above-described pensioner who was last paid at the rate of $75 per month to Mar 3 1932, has this day been dropped from the roll because of DEAD 3/12/32.