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     Thomas H. B. Lemley, age 24, mustered in July 18, 1861, at Morgantown, Monongalia County, W.Va. He re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer Feb 24, 1864, at Martinsburg, W.Va., under Gen'l Order #191, War Dep't Series of 1863. He was promoted from 1st Sergeant to 1st Lieutenant when 1st Lt. Nimrod N. Hoffman mustered out. Lemley was commissioned Nov 12, 1864 and was discharged by order Major General Crook (date unknown).

     The genealogy of Thomas H. B. Lemley is found on the Marshall County WVGenWeb site (owned by this writer):

Generation 1. - David Lemley came from Southhampton, England with 5 sons and 3 daughters in 1723 to Philadelphia, Pa. He died in 1757 in Chester County, Pa.

Generation 2. - George Lemley was born in 1742 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa. He died on June 11, 1813 in Greene County, Pa. and was buried in Shriver-de-Frise Cemetery, Greene County. He served in the First Battalion, Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolutionary War. George was married to Eva Catrina Yoho (daughter of Johannes Yoho and Susannah Catherine Lau) in 1762 in Greene County, Pa.

Generation 3. - John Lemley was born in 1764 in Washington County, Pa. He died in 1840 in Greene County, Pa. According to the Pennsylvania Archives 6th Series, Vol. 3, page 1376, Payroll Service, John Lemley served in the Indian Wars from Oct 4 to Nov. 3, 1786. He was married to Barbara Livingood on April 3, 1827.

Generation 4. - Peter Lemley was born in 1798. He married Mary (Unknown)

Generation 5. - Thomas H. B. Lemley was born about 1837 in Greene County, Pa., the son of Peter and Mary (unknown) Lemley. He was married to Eunice M Haymond, daughter of Augustus & Rebecca Haymond, on December 28, 1865. Thomas died on August 22, 1906 in Ravenswood, Jackson County, W.Va. - He was appointed the County Clerk of Jackson County in 1885. - He applied for and received a government pension; his wife also received a pension following his death. - The children of Thomas H. B. Lemley were Ernest H. and Edith A. In the 1880 Census of Jackson County, W. Va. Thomas is listed as a druggist.