Transcribed by Laurie Birks Dean from file provided by Linda Fluharty.

The State of Ohio
County of Belmont,

     On the 30 day of April 1875, before me a Justice of the Peace for and within said county personally came Dr. H. Capehart of lawful age a resident of Martineville in the county of Belmont and State of Ohio who being by me duly sworn, declares that he is a Physician of 27 years practice, that he is now and has been for 15 years well acquainted with Scott Liston, who was a private in Company "C" of the 1 Regiment West Va. Cav. Vols. that he was well acquainted with the said Liston at and before his enlistment. That he knows that at the date of the enlistment of the said Liston in December 1861 he the said Liston was of sound bodily health and was free from any injury or wound of his left leg or right leg. That he knows the said Liston was wounded in the left leg while he was serving with a detachment of the 1 W. Va. Cav. Knows he the said Liston was in the service of the ?, and some time after he was wounded, said Liston showed him his wounded leg, which was an indusive conlusion of the muscles of his left leg below the kneww having a very unhealthy appearance of the wound prior to his discharge from the U.S. The exact time & place he cannot recollect, & in August 1865 he again called his attention to his wounded leg this was at Bridgeport, Belmont County, he was then suffering with chronic Odema of the left lower leg with several layers indolent ulcers, and this day he has examined the same wound and finds it substantially to the same condition and from the nature of the said wound he knows that this has been a continuation of the same injury since he examined it prior to his discharge as aforesaid, that he has no interest in this claim.

H. Capehart, M. D.
Col. 1 W. Va. Cav. Vols.

Act of June 27, 1890
Declaration For Widow's Pension.

State of West Va., County of Ohio, SS:
     On this 10" day of April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five, personally appeared before me, H. C. Petermann a Notary Public within and for the county and State aforesaid Eliza C. Liston, aged 51 years, a resident of the City of Wheeling, county of Ohio, State of West Virginia, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of Scott Liston, who enlisted under the name of Scott Liston at Wheeling, W. Va., on the 2" day of December 1861, in Co. "C" 1" Reg't. West Va. Vol. Cavalry as a Sergeant, and served at least ninety days in the late War of the Rebellion, who was HONORABLY DISCHARGED December 10", 1862, and died Sept. 17", 1894. That she married under the name of Eliza C. Deitens, to said Scott Listron, on the 10" day of September 1866, by Rev. David Truman, at Wheeling, W. Va. there being no legal barrier to said marriage.

That she has not remarried since the death of the said Scott Listron.
That the names and dates of birth of all the children now living under sixteen years of age of the soldier are as follows:

Grace Anna, born Feby. 16", 1879 (this name is scratched off, but felt it useful to researcher)
Charles Edward, born June 7", 1884

That she has heretofore applied for pension and the number of her former application is 602,123.

That her post-office address is #38 - So. Huron Street Wheeling, County of Ohio, State of West Virginia.

Eliza C. Liston
(Claimant's signature)

W. B. Lukens
R. T. McNichols (?)

Applicant's Affidavit.

State of West Va., County of Ohio, SS:
     In the matter of Pension Claim #602,123 of Eliza C. Liston, Wid. of Scott Liston, Co. "C" 1"Regt. West Va. Cavalry
     On this 2nd day of January, 1896, personally appeared before me H. C. Petermann, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County duly authorized to administer oaths Eliza C. Liston aged 52 years, a resident of Wheeling in the County of Ohio and State of West Virginia well know to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declared in relation to aforesaid case as follows:

In compliance to order of December 24, 1895 say that I do not own or possess any real or personal property whatsoever, except the household goods left to me at the death of my husband Scott Liston, and I further say that I have no pecurring interest of any kind whatever except from daily labor and that I have no person who is legally bound to support me. I certify that all the statements made above were written in my presence, and only from oral statements I have made. The person to whom such oral statements were then made and who reduced them to writing was H. C. Petermann, Notary Public, the time was January 2d, 1896, and the place was Wheeling, W. Va. In making said oral statements, I did not use and was not aided or prompted by any written or printed statements or recited ? or dictated by any other person, and not attached as an exhibit to this affidavit.

Her Post-office address is #38 South Huron Street, Wheeling, W. Va.

Eliza c. Liston
(Signature Affiant)

General Affidavit.

State of West Virginia, County of Ohio, SS:
     In the pension claim Certif. #134,499 Scott Liston late of Co. "C" 1st Reg't. W. Va. Cavy.
     Personally came before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County and State, James Hammond, aged 70 years citizen of the Town of Wheeling, County of Ohio, State of West Virginia, well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, who, being duly sworn, declares in relation to the aforesaid case, as follows:

I have known Scott Liston 18 or 20 years for the last 4 or 5 years he has at least been confined to his Bed & Room from 6 to 8 months and of each year his wife, daughters & neighbors waited on him he not able to care for himself. I live about a Square & a half from him pass his house go into to see him, I have seen his leg it is a very sore leg he is not able to work at anything hardly able to get out when at his best and hobble along with a cain. His wife and daughters work for to support the family he has not earned anything for years, it would be impossible for him to get along without some one to wait on him as he could not care for himself alone. He worked as long as he could a good sober citizen no vicious habits, I know what I say from personal observation.

That his post-office address is #1 N. Huron St., Wheeling, State of West Virginia, and he further declares that he has no interest in said claim, and is not concerned in its prosecution.

James Hammond
(Sign full name.)