Submitted by Dr. William L. Baran

     Martin Carroll was born 19 Dec 1843 in East Finley, Washington County, Pennsylvania to Thomas Carroll and his 1st wife Sarah Donley. Thomas was son of James Carroll and Margaret Marshall, and grandson of Robert Carroll Sr. and his wife Mary Margaret Bell. Martin is listed in the 1850 East Finley Twp., Washington County, Pa., Census as 8 years born in Pa. His mother died 14 December 1845 and was buried in the Carroll Cemetery, located on the family Homestead in East Finley (Now Morris Twp), Greene County. He is again listed in the 1860 East Finley Twp., Washington County, Pa. Census as Carrel Martin, 17 years, born Pa., with his 5 siblings and Mary Campbell 16 yrs old. His stepmother Margaret, nee Kimble, was listed as 23 years old. He married 1st Amanda Craw and had three children. 2nd he married Catherine A. Benoy and had 5 children.

     Martin V Carroll died 16 Jan 1928 at Upland, Jefferson Twp, Grant County, Indiana. He is buried in Jefferson Cemetery, Lot 28, section B. with his wife Catherine A., nee Benoy. (* Carroll, Martin; 1st West Virginia Cavalry; died 1/16/1928 aged 84 yrs. 22 days. Burial at Jefferson Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana. Source: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ingrant/CWB.html)

National Archives

C 1 Cav. W.Va. Martin Carroll Pvt, Co. B Reg’t Virginia Mounted Vols. (This organization subsequently became Co. B. 1 Reg’t West Virginia Cavalry) Age 18 years appears on Company Muster-in Roll of the organization named above. Roll dated Wheeling Va., Sept. 19, 1861 Mustered–in to date Sept. 19, 1861. Joined for duty and enrolled: When Aug 6, 1861 Where Washington PA for a period of 3 years.

Remarks: Accepted Aug 23, 1861
Card numbers 22 returns.
Present Aug 6 1861 thru Sept & Oct 1863.
Apr 30, 1863 to Aug 31 1863 Absent Remarks: Detached as hosp. At Hanover, PA
Martin Carroll Pvt, Co. B 1 Reg’t West Virginia Cav. Appears on M and D Roll of Veteran Volunteers of the organization named above. Roll Dated New Creek, W Va., Jan 1 1864 When enlisted Dec. 23, 1863 When mustered in Jan 1, 1864 Remarks 24th West Findley, Washington Co., Penn. Remustered as Vet Vol under G.O. 191 War Dept. Series of 1863.

Declaration of Recruit. I, Martin Carroll desiring to VOLUNTEER as a Soldier in the Army of the United States for the term of Three Years, do declare, that I am twenty One years and 0 months of age; that I have never been discharged from the United States service on account of disability or by sentence of a court-martial, or by order before the expiration of a term of enlistment; and I know of no impediment to my serving honestly and faithfully as a soldier of three years. Given at New Creek Station West Va the 23rd day December 1863. This soldier has hazel eyes, fair hair, fair complexion, is five feet six inches high.

Jan & Feb 1864 absent; Remarks: Vet furlough Rec’d, Bounty $60 due 2” Bounty $50.

Appears on Returns as follows:
July 1863 (Co. B 1 Reg’t Va Cav.) Absent hospital nurse
Aug 1863- Absent in Hospital at Hanover, PA
Sept 1863 Absent in Hospital at Culpeper W. VA
Oct 1863- Absent orderly Brig orders
Nov. 1863 Absent orderly ID Gen. Davis
Feb to Apr 1865 (Co. B 1 reg’t W VA Cav) absent at Remount Camp Pleasant Valley MD.
Martin Carroll Pvt. Co. B 1st Reg’t West Virginia Cav. Age 21 years appears on a Detachment Muster-Out Roll if the organization named above. Roll dated New Creek West Va. Dec. 31, 1863 Muster-out date Dec. 1, 1863 last paid to Oct. 331, 1863 Am’t for cloth’g in kind or money adv’d $1

Remarks Discharged by virtue of reenlistment as Vet Volunteer under the provisions of GO no. 191, series of 1863 from the War Dept.

Company Muster Roll for Sept & Oct 1864 present Remarks Pay due for horse and eqpts from Feb 1 1864 to May 30 1864

Martin Carroll Pvt. Co. B 1 Reg’t W. Va Cavalry age 20 years Appears on Co. Muster-Out Roll dated Wheeling W. Va. July 8 1865 Mustered-out date July 8 1865 last paid to Dec. 31 1864. Due soldiers $19.84 Bounty paid $210 due $190.00 Remarks Vet.

RELATIONSHIPS: Martin V. Carroll was a cousin of:
Rebecca Jane Carroll wife of James Parker Allum; Thomas Maxwell Carroll; Robert H. Carroll

John F. (Fleming) Gunn was a cousin through Simon Smith Carroll’s wife Mary Jane Gunn’s brother, William Gunn. Simon Smith Carroll was the son of James Carroll and Mary Carroll. James being the son of Edward Carroll brother of Robert Carroll Sr. and Mary was the daughter of Robert Carroll Sr.