MARTIN P. MOORE, Company "F"

Submitted by Curtis Robinette.

The Athens Messenger - August 6, 1863

Died - MOORE - Died in Parole Camp, at Annapolis, Md. on Friday July 24th, 1863, Martin P. Moore, in the 27th year of his age. He was a soldier of the First Virginia Calvary; and , after two years of faithful service, died as above, of congestion of the liver. His Chaplain writes, "He was respected and beloved by all who knew him. We all learned to love him, and each one strove to do all in his power for him in his last illness." He was not considered dangerously ill, till a few hours before his death, but suffered intensely during his last hours. His wife and a large circle of friends are left to mourn the priceless sacrifice thus laid on the county's alter.