Transcribed by Linda Fluharty.

Declaration For Invalid Army Pension

State of INDIANA, County of HOWARD, ss:
     On this 25th day of DECEMBER, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-FIVE, personally appeared before me, JOHN W. COOPER Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for the County and State aforesaid, NATHANIEL P. RICHMOND, aged 42 years, and a resident of KOKOMO, County of HOWARD, in the State of INDIANA, who being duly sworn according to the law, declares that he is the identical NATHANIEL P. RICHMOND who enlisted in the service of the United States at WHEELING County of OHIO and State of WEST VIRGINIA, on the 7th day of SEPTEMBER, 1861, as a COLONEL FIRST CAVALRY Regiment VA VOLS, in the War of 1861, PROMOTED COLONEL SEPT 6TH 1862 and honorably discharged at WASHINGTON D.C. on the 18th day of MARCH, 1863: that while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of duty as a soldier, while serving in Brig Genl Buford's Cavalry Brogade in the State of Virginia in the month of August, 1863, from exposure he contracted piles which became chronic. That on the 12th day of June 1863 affiant again enlisted in the service of the United States at Washington D.C. as Colonel of the first Cavalry Regiment of Virginia Vols in the War of 1861 and was honorably discharged at Headquarters Cavalry Corps. Army of Potomac in the field, in Virginia, on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability, on the 11th day of November 1863 - That while in the service last aforesaid and in the line of duty as a soldier and during an engagement at a place called Raccoon Ford on the Rapidan River in the state of Virginia in the fall of 1863 affiants horse stumbled and fell severely injuring affiant in the right hip and small of the back and that his back & hips are permanently weak and lame and the piles continue to afflict him to a great extent. Received no hospital treatment except in the field - That he was appointed and mustered as Colonel in Hancock's Corps about March first 1865 & was discharged May 29th 1865.
He has not been in the military or naval, marine or civil service of the United States since the 29th day of May, 1865. Since leaving the service he resided mostly at or near KOMOMO IND. His occupation has been FARMER & LAWYER.
When enrolled he was a LAWYER & FARMER. And for the purpose of prosecuting his claim he hereby appoints P. H. Fitzgerald, of Indianapolis, Indiana, his attorney in fact, with full power of substitution, and with authority to receive his Pension Certificate.
     His post office address is KOKOMO, County of HOWARD, State of INDIANA.

Signature of N. P. Richmond

Affidavit by Surgeon H. Capehart

This affidavit was sent to Clerk of Belmont CFo Ohio for his certificate on April 11, 1881. As I am informed by Dr. Capehart, for some rason it was not certified by the clerk until May 25th 1881, and did not reach me until May 38th 1881. In the mean time - about the 1st of May 81, Dr. Capehart made another affidavit & I forwarded that to the department. Afterwards receiving this I have since retained it in my possession.
N. P. R.

State of Ohio
County of Belmont
Martins Ferry, Ohio 4/8th 1881

     In the matter of Invalid Claim No. 212.716 of Nathaniel P. Richmond. I do hereby certify that I was late surgeon of 1st Regiment West Virginia Cavalry Volunteers in 1862 & 1863 and am acquainted with Nathaniel P. Richmond who was an officer in said regiment. (Lieut. Colonel and Colonel) in 1862 & 1863.
     In the summer of 1862 he suffered frequently and at times severely with "piles" for which I treated him in camp and on the march. In the month of August, 1862 whilst on a reconnoisance to the Rappahannock River, Virginia and the day following an action between our cavalry and the enemy, at "Kelly's Ford," Lt. Col. Richmond's sufferings from piles were so extreme as to render him unable to ride his horse and he was by my order transported in "Ambulance" with the column until he was relieved. He was the Senior Officer with the Regiment which fact often impelled him to duty when he was totally unfit for the saddle and this I think contributed largely to the inveterate and chronic nature of his malady. With proper rest and treatment he might have been cured.
     In the fall of 1863, Colonel Richmond's horse fell with him "Raccoon Ford" of Rapid Ann River" and threw him heavily; bruising his hip, and testicles and severely consussing the lower part of his spine. These injuries received whilst on the line of his duty totally disqualified him at the time for the discharge of his duties as a cavalry officer in the field. Whilst suffering the pain and depresion incident to his ailment and injuries. He tendered his resignation as an officer of the Regiment, was converged to the rear, and he turned to his home in the State of Indiana.
     My knowledge of the above facts is obtained from the following source, being Surgeon in charge of the Regiment and Brigade at the time. I had personal knowledge and recollection of the care and treatment of said officer. And furthermore that I have no interest, direct or indirect, nor concern in the prosecution of a pension claim in the case of said officer.

H. Capehart Late
Surgeon & Col. 1st West Va. Cavalry
& Brvt. Maj. Genl. US Vols.

M. C. Mitchell, Justice of the Peace.

Act of May 11, 1918
Declaration for Pension

State of ARKANSAS, County of HOT SPRINGS, ss:
     On this 7 day of OCTOBER. A.D. 1918 personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the county and State aforesaid, NATHANIEL P. RICHMOND who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is 85 years of age, and a resident of MALVERN, county of HOT SPRING. State of ARKANSAS; and that he is the identical person who was enrolled at INDIANAPOLIS, IND, under the name of NATHANIEL P. RICHMOND, on the -- day of April, 1861, as a SECOND LIEUTENANT in E Company, 13 Regiment - INDIANA VOL INFANTRY in the service of the United States, in the CIVIL war, and was honorably discharged at KOKOMO, IND, on the 11 day of NOVEMBER, 1863.
That he also served as Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel of 1ST WEST VIRGINIA CAVALRY REGIMENT.
That he was not employed in the military or naval service of the United States otherwise than as stated above. That his personal description at enlistment was as follows: Height, 5 feet, 7 inches; complexion, LIGHT; color of eyes, BROWN; color of hair, LIGHT; that his occupation was LAWYER; that he was born July 26, 1833, at INDIANAPOLIS, IND.
     That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: KOKOMO, IND. November 1863 to 1882. MALVERN ARKANSAS April 1882 to present.
     That he is a pensioner under certificate No. 203891.
     That his post-office address is MALVERN, county of HOT SPRING, State of ARKANSAS

Signed by Nathaniel P. Richmond
Attest L. K. Sallenberger
W. Morton Carden, Notary Public

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D.C., Nov 5, 1918
referred to
The Adjutant General, War Department,

requesting a report of any additional military and medical history of the soldier, such as the records may now afford, including all absences without authority, arrests and confinements, with dates of beginning and ending of each; if court-martialed, the findings, sentence and date of promulgation, and when restored to duty, personal description and all ages not shown in reports herewith returned. If soldier had other service, the same information relative thereto is desired, he alleges he enlisted April 1861 as a 2nd Lt in E 13 Ind Inf.
Certificate No. 203891
Name Nathaniel P. Richmond
Service Lt Col and Col 1 WVa Cav
Signed by Commissioner(Illegible)

War Department
The Adjutant General's Office.

Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions.

Nathaniel P. Richmond, Co E, 13th Reg't Ind Inf. age 27 (says "not found" for remaining physical description)
was enrolled April 25, 1861, and honorably discharged Sept 17, 1861 his commission being vacated on that date by reason of m/i as Lieut Col of 1 WVa Cav.
From m/i 1861 to discharge 1861, he held the rank of 2 Lieutenant. Was mustered in June 19, 1861 to date April 25 1861 to fill an original vacancy and the rolls in file for that period do not show him absent. Other records show him absent from July 2, 1861 or aide to Rosencrans.

In the case of N. P. Richmond (name not borne as Nathaniel P. Richmond) Field & Staff, 1 W.Va Cav on the roll Oct 31, 1861, presence or absence is not stated; Feb 28, 62', next roll on file, absent, "In Gen. Rosencrans Div;"
April 30, '62, presence or absence not stated;
Aug. 31, '62, present
Roll Dec. 31, '62 present
(No roll for Mar & Apr '63)
June 30, '63, present.
On a record dated Jany 31, 1863, he was reported "Absent in arrest, awaiting court martial since Dec 31, '62."
A record dated June 12, 1863, shows age 29.
No other age found.
Personal description not shown.
Nothing additional to the foregoing and the former statement relative to military record.
Nothing additional relative to arrest or confinement. No record of trial.