JOHN QUINN, Company "B"

Submitted by John Quinn, descendant.

From a family history by IGNATIUS J. QUINN, son of John Quinn.

     John Quinn was murdered in camp at Centerville, Virginia by comrade James Vandergriff (also Vandegriff) on 22 Dec 1862. Vandergraff "broke jail" and eventually settled in California. According to the family history, the killer was allowed to escape because he was a cousin of the captain. Farabee was captain during that period of time.

     John Quinn was born at Donaugh Moor, Ireland, County Tyrone. His parents were Amos Quinn and Lavinia Madden. Amos died when John was very young and Lavinia married a man whose named was pronounced "Reddy." With him, she had nine children.

     As a young man, John left Ireland and came to the United States. In Philadelphia, he met Mary Kelly who became his wife at the St. Michael's Church in that city.

     John owned a "Rope Walk" near Mary's family but shortly after they were married, a man named Dan Donohugh came to Philadelphia to buy hemp rope for his rope walk in Pittsburgh. Donohugh persuaded John to sell his business and become a partner in his business in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh. John and Mary moved in 1853 but John received only rope maker's wages, not a share of the profits. John sued Donohugh and won a judgement against him, only to discover that Donohugh's assets were all in his wife's name.

     Shortly before the war began, John went to Wheeling to find work in the ropemaking trade. He was there for only a short time when the war started and he enlisted in Company "B," 1st (W) Virginia Cavalry.

NOTE: Service Record (National Archives) gives middle initial as "I" not "T," as shown in the W. Va. Adjutant General's Records.