Submitted by Wm. Patrick Graham.

Reuben H. Lucas - Son of Eli and Martha (Barker) Lucas, the former deceased, but the latter still living (1894), was born in Belmont County, O, Oct. 28, 1829, and has resided here ever since. Hannah A. Cooper, who became his wife in this county October 1867, was born here in 1848, of parents, Jonah and Hannah (Dilley) Cooper, both deceased. They have had issue, Albert M., Elizabeth A., Ella L., Cynthia, Lucinda C., Alice, Cora and Robert E. Comrade Lucas enlisted at the age of 31 years at Wheeling, W. Va., March 4, 1864, as a private in Co. D. 1st W. Va. Cav., 3rd Div. He was off duty six weeks in 1865 on account of fever and ague. He fought at Winchester and several skirmishes, receiving an honorable discharge at Wheeling, W. Va., July 16, 1865. His grandfather, Chas. Lucas, served in the Revolutionary War. Four of his brothers, John and Jacob, served in 1st and 2nd W. Va. regiments, and Samuel and Charles in Ohio regiments: all living. His wife's father, and two brothers, Artemus and Tobias Cooper, were in the late war: the latter two died in service. Comrade Lucas may be addressed at Aladonia, O.

This is from a family owned book, Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen, published in 1892 by H. H. Hardesty. -- Presented unedited.