EMORY B. SAER, Company "A"

Submitted by Gary A. Cadle, gr-gr-nephew.

     Emory Brammell Saer was born 31 Jul 1842 in Morgantown, Monongalia County, (W)Va to Josiah Wesley Saer and Joanna Sterling Saer. Other siblings were William Maxwell Saer (2nd Penna. Heavy Artillery, Company I), Beckwith H. Saer (1st W.Va. Calvary Companies A & G), Mary Ellen Saer (Jordan), Delia Saer (Powell), Nancy Saer (Huffman) and Annamelia Saer (died as child).

     Emory enlisted on 22 June 1861 to serve in the 1st Cavalry and was discharged as a Private on 12 Sep 1864. On 18 Jul 1863 at Wytherville, Va., "his horse being shot and throwing him violently forward over the horn of his saddle in such a manner as to cause a severe rupture, and it also sprained or injured his back permanently" (General Affidavit by Joseph Beaver, who served with him). This injury occured while making a charge to destroy a railroad. After this injury, he had to wear a truss. His horse died in this incident.

     On 19 May 1867, he was married to Elizabeth Huffman in Hocking County, Ohio. They had no children. Emory was 5' 7", fair complexion, sandy hair with blue eyes.

     Emory died 27 May 1904 at the Soldiers & Sailors Home at Sandusky, OH. He was buried at this home. His cause of death is listed as Apoplexy Car. Asthenia.

     The Civil War medal of Emory Saer, awarded by the state of West Virginia, is owned by Gary Cadle.