Submitted by Gina (Colson) Bare.

SAMUEL W. ATKINSON was born April 29th, 1839. According to family papers, he was not very "rugged" until he and his brother, Ewing T. Atkinson, enlisted in the First West Virginia Calvary when Lincoln made his first call for troops. He served 3 years and 11 months and was never in a hospital. The only blood he shed was a few drops from his little finger. His horse was eating grass and Samuel drew his head up just as a shot passed between the horse's withers. The shot grazed his hand. Samuel had Typhoid Fever about the time of the battle of Gettysburg. His command was near Carlisle, Pa. He was carried into a farm house to await an ambulance. When the lady of the house found he was a son of Margaret Trimble, she would not let them take him to a hospital, but insisted on nursing him herself. She was a very dear friend of his mother's. Samuel served under General Sheridan. His regiment was in the Battle of Winchester where Sheridan made his famous ride. He was also at Appomattox where Sheridan blocked Lee's retreat and caused his surrender. He was close enough to see Lee's surrender to Grant. -- (This story was written down by his daughter and passed down.)